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  1. Neither in support or attack of the Aviar theory: I'd like to point out that there's a few cosmere powers have some form of investiture-sense, and showing up on First of the Sun with such could be enough to instantly realize the value of Aviar—no need to venture further or go find information the old-fashioned way.
  2. So is it common thought that such things with both hard and soft pronunciations ("g", "ch", "c") are written as read or as pronounced? i.e. "Gene" would have the same "g" as Evgeni or would it use the J glyph? Or did Isaac just assume your pronunciation? (Or google it)
  3. That's Lit fam Get it? Cause it's a flame?
  4. The real questions is: How early will Argent be getting in line this time? lol
  5. Or perhaps, dying and, instead of the beyond, going to Hell? Going to... Damnation?
  6. This piggybacks off of the manifestation of surges outside of the "powers" themselves theory I touched into yesterday during our discord conversation, @Blightsong I have this question on my list as well so +1 vote for it! But I also expand upon it with a "Kaladin draws people to him and, in the case of Bridge 4 and his spear squads especially, seems to form them together into strong groups. Does this play into the fact that windrunner squire groups are so large and is it an effect of their interaction with gravitation and adhesion: the the forces of nature relating to bringing things together and binding them?" It's all pointed at pinning down Radiant Resonances and the cross-effect of their surges both with Stormlight-fueled powers and how the surges and personalities interact. I'll be bringing it up on the OB tour as well, so if we don't get an in-depth answer here, no worries, @Lurcher, the Shallan question alone is a strong one with lots of potential.
  7. I think the secondary factor of our conversation—the one that explored the reasons WHY the Heralds are insane—is almost as important as to the manifestations of their insanity, @Argent. I'll let you expand upon it in public forum if you'd like to here, but if the Heralds' cognitive selves have similar "presence" across the Realms that spren do (as we were discussing the intelligence/sapience leaking into the Physical vs the Cognitive.) then the lack of the bond and their continued existence on the Physical well beyond their "allotted time" could deteriorate their minds further and further the longer they "stay." If their "selves" are/were as bonded to their attributes (mini-intents, as I say) as we assume in the foundation of this obsession theory, then it would make sense that their insanity towards or away from those attributes is related. As a mind is diminished (or deteriorates) in the Physical, only they strong links remain—as we see in the Nahel Bond spren who manifest as "dumbspren" but latch onto their attributes and then grow along that bond to bring more of their mind to bear. The Heralds are the exact opposite—they are losing their mind and devolving towards less and less sane minds with only their Divine Attributes strong enough to continue to leak through... In this case as imprinted "broad strokes" on their deteriorating minds, manifesting in obsessions either for or against.
  9. mistborn

    Since this got resurrected, I'll chime in with a new view on the locomotion: @GoodM You've probably seen or actually played Lone Echo/Echo Arena and experienced their locomotion systems. I think something could be used inside Mistborn to great effect and align with the lore of Steel/Iron while avoiding nausea. If you use their mechanic of push/pull and have Steel/Iron take the place of the thrusters, you could mimic their movement and justify it by "throwing coins" when a player pushes a direction. Similarly, being able to "grab" a blue line and pull yourself along with with Iron gives you more utilization and movement options. Their locomotion is an excellent system, and gives a lot of insight as to what causes nausea and how to avoid it. The fact that Mistborn has in-canon justifications for midair pushing and pulling gives you some options to explore in implementation. Good luck with real life and work! Looking forward to seeing any and all progress you're willing to commit to this! Sidenote: If it's built in Unity it can be run as a standalone on either Oculus or Vive, it just depends if the dev implements control schemes for both setups or if you have to run it through a middle-man like reVive or FakeVive.
  10. I grow bored at times, and occasionally random lulzy-conversations spark some interest into that boredom.
  11. WELL FINE THEN! Lol, I wish I had an eidetic copy of the WoBs... Would make posting so much easier. Even if false, some of the references were misleading. And we DO know that Isasik is named after Isaac, even if Nazh is Isaac's actual character.
  12. I'm thinking Isasik, Dalinar's Ardent cartographer is also Nazh. There's little behind it except that Nazh's map in the book is a copy of the one Shallan makes on the Shattered Plains, and that Nazh is Isaac's character and Isasik is named after himas well. Just based on the tone used in the map commentary, it feels right.
  13. It's nowhere near perfect, true. But it's also just a theory of mine, only based on currently-available info. The fact that the epigraph kinda says that Ishi/Bondsmiths created and "enforce" the Oaths lends credence I didn't even initially think about. Sure the Parshendi don't have a nahel bond, but there is some kind of bond between them and spren. The theory relies on, naturally, the currently unexpounded-upon Bondsmith powers and that they can affect spren and the cognitive and bonds overall in some way. But it *makes sense* otherwise. Most theories are based on logically-researched evidence, but I'll admit this initially cropped up for me based on literary and character evidence, the rational was built backwards from that (I know! Finding evidence to fit an argument! Scientific faux-pas!) You realize/find out that there is no such thing as peace by force. If your army exists, the other will always come back. The only way to stop the mutually-cyclical apocalyptic battles is to get rid of both sides? That sounds exactly like the type of play an honorable man would make. Much better to live in a de-militarized peace than in constant combat.
  14. X-post from my comment on your reddit post: I see the Melishi epigraph as a whole, where all of it is required to understand it. "Solve the voidbringer problem" we know was solved by creating parshmen. "Related to the herald's divine duties" of which we know they must leave Roshar and go to Damnation to stop the Desolation (stop Odium+Voidbringers from being around on Roshar). It's speculated that the heralds have some kind of link to the enemy, and that they appear on Roshar together. This is mirrored in: And we know that the parshendi/shin/ghostbloods/Sons'o'Honor were all focused on the Voidbringers returning, and that the return of the spren and Radiants is linked to it. Bondsmiths abilities (I'm speculating) have to do with the nahel bond itself. Supporting evidence being in that we know the Stormfather is the figurative "father" of honorspren, and that it does have some influence over Syl's bonding of Kal. But also, we know the Radiants broke their bonds, "killed" their spren, and abandoned humanity. This is what I see that epigraph pointing towards. The Heralds keep Odium away by locking all of them in Damnation (Braize) together. The Bondsmiths killed the nahel-bonds of the Knights (the Recreance) so that the Voidbringers would ALSO lose their spren-bond, thus becoming the "songless" parshmen. The quote @duladen posted above supports this as well, as it could be argued that it's meaning is that the Bondsmiths created/maintain the *Oaths of the Immortal Words* for all ten orders. The bondsmiths broke the bonds of Spren on Roshar. And killed off the Knights—and the Voidbringers. The Hoid passage has always given me pause, it's obvious that there's reference to the Shattering, and the long-held theory that Hoid is attempting to "recombine" the pieces (shards) [though this hints at him trying to recombine Adonalsium into something different than the original]—I keep circling around the literal meaning hidden in plain sight: "Adonalsium" being a word composed of pieces of other words. So far this has gotten me nowhere though, as there is far too many references it could be. But I don't see it being connected here.