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  1. Thank you to everyone who has done audio or video or brought reports to my attention. I really appreciate it; we're getting caught up. :)

  2. If you must share this story...RT @yvessmith ...Warren Makes Promising Start in Senate Banking Committee Hearing... http://t.co/Z1p8urZm

  3. Trans.: Cher Chopinet. Me: Dear little Chopin? That's silly, isn't it? Dom: Use Dear Chopinet. It's like Dear little Chopin, but sillier.

  4. I have never made much use of a thesaurus before, but if I am going to try my hand at translation, I think I'll need to start using one...

  5. Also, thanks to Rhynn (one of the interviewers) for providing the new audio, and thanks to Marie Curie for transcribing it.

  6. We made some additions to the 2003 Budapest Q&A starting at #23: http://t.co/BPAnTDIb Thanks to @sleepinghour for tracking down the audio.

  7. I have been working on database stuff since about 4am. Probably time to quit, eh? Tomorrow, new additions to the Budapest Q&A. @Theoryland

  8. I might have a recently-unearthed (and retranslated from Hungarian) RJ interview later today. Some very good stuff in that one.

  9. PS—I am going to start talking about AMOL now. Maybe not too blatantly, but if you are worried about spoilers you might want to unfollow me.

  10. Anyone have any idea what "dero" might mean, in a German letter written by a Bohemian living in Poland in 1826? (Context: maybe "your"?)

    1. Meg


      Can you perhaps give me the hole sentence? Without seeing a context I don't have any idea.

  11. Just entered the 900th @Theoryland interview database page: a detailed SLC signing report from @dragonmount: http://t.co/mnfRKSzk

  12. I'm learning that Google Translate is not too bad with modern Polish. I can at least make sense of it. 19th Century Polish, different story.

  13. Forvo is a wonderful thing. There is a bored Polish dude in Italy who pronounced my requested words before I had time to check my profile.

  14. Yes, again. I'm amazed I caught it. In the database: WoT torchat (22-73) Non-WoT torchat (15-24) There is a bit in the WoT portion about how WoT might have influenced Emperor's Soul and how the end of Mistborn might have influenced the end of WoT, but other than that they're pretty well separated.