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  1. AMOL TorChat

    Yes, again. I'm amazed I caught it. In the database: WoT torchat (22-73) Non-WoT torchat (15-24) There is a bit in the WoT portion about how WoT might have influenced Emperor's Soul and how the end of Mistborn might have influenced the end of WoT, but other than that they're pretty well separated.
  2. Chicago Q&A + Signing Report

    I put both of these reports in the database, and I also transcribed the Q&A from my friend Marie's recording. Blackharp's report Lamguin's report Q&A transcript
  3. West Jordan

    It means that Peter is a sadist. But not so much of a sadist that he's not my favorite person in the world today.
  4. West Jordan

  5. West Jordan

    Awesome. Just out of curiosity, are you a fan of Ookla the Mok or is your handle a derivative of Peter the Inevitable?
  6. West Jordan

    I also just realized there's a possibility Josh forgot about me altogether, in which case I will be sad but will forgive him.
  7. West Jordan

    Yeah, can we expect it tonight, or will it be later? Not trying to rush anyone; just curious.
  8. West Jordan

    And I am on standby to transcribe as soon as they post the audio! (Not just the handful of WoT questions which Josh was gracious enough to volunteer to ask.)
  9. Transcription Requests

    Yeah, that would be great. You can email me at terez27 @gmail. I will get in touch with bossman to get you access. Did you register on the home page or the forum? (It's separate, but you need to be registered on the home page to get access to the database.)
  10. Transcription Requests

    Did Zach give you his log-in information for Theoryland? I'm just wondering if you have access to the database. It's fine if you already do through Zach's account, but if not I can give you access, or whoever wants to be the data entry person for 17th Shard. Again, if you guys don't have time to do data entry, that's fine too; you can send me stuff and I'll put it in myself. My main concern, and what I need you guys for most, is that I want the database to be complete, and the non-WoT sphere is where I'm most likely to miss stuff. Joe is on my chat but I get the feeling he doesn't really pay that much attention. But he kindly lets me know when he sees stuff that needs to be fixed, and that is very helpful too.
  11. Transcription Requests

    I transcribed all three of those interviews if anyone wants to read them: http://www.theoryland.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=7532 http://www.theoryland.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=7531 http://www.theoryland.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=7530 Can anyone tell me, from the second one, if "Mulhallen Homebrew" is correct? I asked Brandon but I'm not sure if he'll answer. And Peter doesn't know. (gasp) So if Peter doesn't know I'm guessing it's not likely you guys do either but I figured I'd ask. I know Brandon has a tendency to change things like this anyway.
  12. Transcription Requests

    Okay, the remaining question marks are timestamped. They're not a big deal, though; I'll just smooth them out if no one can fill them in. HumbleReader also recorded for a while at the signing table, but I'm not sure how much of it is just WoT questions. While I was timestamping I figured I'd give it a good proofread, so I made some corrections (and HumbleReader also made some). Also (trying not to spam the thread) I'm about to start transcribing these: http://www.supanova.com.au/media/podcasts/brandon-sanderson-melbourne-supanova-2012-2/ http://www.theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=758 http://flyingislandpress.com/flagship/?p=1903 Just wanted to make sure no one else has done so yet. (I'll skip the Legion reading in the podcast.) Also, are there any other transcriptions that need to be done? Just let me know.
  13. Transcription Requests

    Okay, it's done. I'll wait until tomorrow to put it in the database; Mr. HumbleReader is looking over it, and please fill in other fan names if you know them.
  14. Transcription Requests

    lol, yeah for some reason I feel the need to write what people say when I'm actually transcribing it. I usually go back and fix them later. 'oat aboat' just made me laugh. For example, I just transcribed Brandon saying 'monumentous'.
  15. Transcription Requests

    Any and all question marks! Some of them are things that hopefully Brandonfans will recognize; some of them are just difficult to make out.