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  1. I just discovered this... OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing these!
  2. I asked two things: (I'm paraphrasing, you can watch the final part of the video) 1. Can a KR have a nahel bond with two sprens? He answered me with a RAFO 2. The spren of truthwatchers are related directly with cultivation or the nightwatcher? He answered that the majority of sprens are a mixture of both shards. But the truthwatchers sprens where related with Cultivation.
  3. I did the same, what I don't understand is the change of date, why do that? Really we have to wait until 30th? I've been thinking about cancel my order and buy the ebook on smashwords....
  4. The same problem with Amazon spain
  5. I'm very sad because I've been doing numbers with a friend and is SO expensive the shippings are 30-196$ plus the extra taxes of customs duty
  6. I have the same problem
  7. Maybe because the fauna on Scadrial?
  8. I see Sebarial as a Willshaper, but Eshonai is a good candidate too.
  9. Dustbringer.... Eshonai
  10. I think the same, the way I figure Surgebinding is impossible to force a bond ( at least a Nahel bond, maybe in the case of a Herald is different). By the way Brandon say Rafo when someone ask him if the spikes could be of other materials like gems....
  11. Of my god! thank you so much! I've been wrong thanks a lot!
  12. So they drink metals but they don't burn them? You have the WoB?
  13. You have a WoB? or something? It's that I can't find it.
  14. It have sense that the spike have to be a hemalurgic metal but I think of what Axies said. About the locations could be some places related to ten essences? and that its what determinate the ability?