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    I'm an independant games developer. I spend a lot of time roleplaying as well as playing a wide variety of other games (video/card/board/miniatures/etc). I am also making/have made a number of <small> games and non-game related projects.

    Oh, I also sing and play the trumpet.

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  1. *Glances back through the archive* Hmm ok, I vote for @FeatherWriter (Alyx)
  2. It's designed to be played for single sessions in 1 and a half to 2 hours and to be easy for anyone to try I'll definitely post about it in the Creator's Corner when the design is more complete.
  3. Thanks Good luck! It's a very rules-light system designed to encourage roleplaying and improvisation rather than mechanical challenges. The basic conceit is "The Aredeli live short lives compared to the other races, reaching maturity at 3 and rarely reaching ages above 8. They have a strong oral tradition centred around a set of legends they all learn at a young age. Once every 8-10 years when the Aredeli people face a crisis of great magnitude the elders declare a new legend to be in progress. Aredeli from all walks of life jump at the chance to be immortalised in a legend. The risks are high but to many Aredeli the opportunity is worth any danger." That setup results in a lot of characters who really aren't suited to adventuring being part of it, which can be fun
  4. I'm sorry, that really sucks *hugs*
  5. Tried out a rules-light single session rpg I designed today. It went really well! Well enough that I'm seriously thinking of turning it into an actual product to release.
  6. Saw that, really hoping it's good
  8. Nice Looks like a good refinement of the rules I think, and a I like the card design. It's probably worth adding a quick note stating how many of each card are in the deck.
  9. Heh, there was that thread for that in Entertainment late last year. I spose it'd probably be better to continue that one than to start a new one. I think I didn't keep posting there because I wanted to avoid double posting but I suppose separate rpg sessions 1-2 weeks apart are probably sufficient reasons for doing so. Another cool thing from tonight: One of the memories was from an ancient blue dragon and shortly afterwards one of the players remembered another large blue dragon that was talked about earlier somewhere else in the campaign and figured they might be the same one!...He was wrong That was actually this dragon's sister. But he was involved in those events. A lot of things in my campaign are interconnected, secrets are everywhere and many major things to come have been hinted at or affected existing events. It's very much a single major story with multiple parts rather than a sequence of fairly separate campaigns. The point I wanted to say was that the players are just starting to realise this and think more about how things may be connected and that's very satisfying. To be clear; my campaign isn't just a railroad with a defined path but there are many things that happened in the past that effect current and future events. Additionally I do know what a whole bunch of different individuals and factions want and are planning and I have a good idea how some of that is likely to interact with the players.
  10. I promise I won't post in this thread after my D&D session every fortnight....but man tonight was good It had a slow start but picked up dramatically as it went on. The one combat we had ended up being rather more dramatic than I thought it would, and more interesting as a result. We recently added a homebrew lingering injury table that you roll on whenever you drop to 0 hp, which has really helped amp up tension in combat. The best part was after that though when the players finally arrived at the ruined underground city they've been travelling to for the past half dozen sessions. There was a powerful magical obelisk in the place they entered with Memory based power (There are 5 special obelisks of this general nature in my campaign world, covering location/memory/form/time/power). When each player first touched this obelisk they experienced a rush of memories, too fast to really comprehend them but with 1 in particular that stuck in their memory which I narrated to them before continuing to describe the rush of other memories. Each of those memories was a carefully chosen one that hinted at or revealed something significant related to the campaign. The stream of memories would then start going through their own memories and one in particular would stand out in their mind. And that is where I stopped and let the player describe one of their character's memories before continuing. I used the playlist I'd labeled "sad" for this sequence, full of more emotional/thoughtful/whimsical/sad music. And it worked really well. The tone of the music really amplified my narration and their narration of their own characters' memories and I was surprised by how many times parts of the music directly complemented my narration. Swells in the volume & melody and just the right time as one of the memories concluded and the like. I've been looking forward to this particular encounter for months and it was just as good as I hoped it would be