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    I'm an independant games developer. I spend a lot of time roleplaying as well as playing a wide variety of other games (video/card/board/miniatures/etc). I am also making/have made a number of <small> games and non-game related projects.

    Oh, I also sing and play the trumpet.

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  1. Heh Not for now, but possibly later. I dunno if I'll write this out to a longer story but I do have ideas on the backburner for a time-travel based rpg which would use the concepts outlined in this. When I get to that I might expand on this narrative as well, but I'm not really sure yet *shrugs*.
  2. *Quickly Googles* Hmm, sounds interesting. I might check it out at some point.
  3. *hugs to all* My health has been particularly shoddy over the past couple of days, slightly more than what's normal for me at the moment. There were a couple of events that I wanted to go to and thought I kinda should be going to but I just couldn't. Well, technically I could but it would have been decidedly difficult and would have made my health worse. I really don't like having to make that choice of when to go and when the consequences are bad enough that it would be wiser not to. *sigh* On the other hand in the same timeframe I wrote a short story and designed an rpg in 200 words for a game design challenge. And I'm pretty happy with both. So that improves things markedly
  4. Thankyou all @Quiver Which visual novel is that? @StrikerEZ I think one of the prevailing theories is that once you build a time machine you will only be able to go back as far as the point where you built it. Personally I don't have strong theories on whether time travel is possible or how it would work. I think if time travel backwards is possible this might be a reasonable theory, but I don't really know Mostly I just think it works well narratively.
  5. I've been thinking about time travel a bit lately, probably a result of spending too much time watching Dr Who and 12 Monkeys. Anyway, I was thinking about my ideas on how time travel might work and found myself thinking the explanation in the form of a short story. So I wrote it. *shrug* I haven't really gone through and edited it so there are bound to be plenty of issues but it's approaching 3am and I felt like sharing it anyway. A stable loop (google doc)
  6. I do understand that, and I don't entirely disagree. 3-3.5ish years back I might well have been in favour of such a change. It's not that I don't see benefit to it still, I just think that now it'd do more harm than good on balance
  7. Those are the worst times, when you know that reading, playing, watching or creating something would make you feel better but you just don't have the willpower to decide to do any of them. As a side note: Turns out Dark Souls has actually been quite helpful to some gamers suffering depression. It seems odd on the surface but Dark Souls is really a game about facing difficult challenges, persisting and finally succeeding. That feeling of overcoming a challenge you initially thought you couldn't possibly do can actually be really helpful when you're feeling similarly about life. The depressing tone of Dark Souls and how some of the characters don't think you can succeed either can actually help in that regard. You do have to have some baseline of competence with action games but you don't need to be all that good at them, just persistent. The difficulty curve in the first Dark Souls game is really well designed.
  8. I apologise for misunderstanding
  9. I feel season 3 dropped the ball a bit, particularly in the latter half. The writing just got really obvious and dull for a bit but they did pull it together again for a good last 2 episodes. Season 4 is much better than that and probably overall on par with seasons 1 & 2 imo.
  10. @Argent & @Extesian I can't say I agree. I did enjoy the times when the majority of reputation was hard-won by really well crafted theories but that was over 3 years ago now. The site has grown dramatically over that time and while theory crafting will always be an important part of the site it isn't the predominant feature anymore. I know there is a distinction to be made between theory crafting and Brandon-related content in general but the point stands that the parts of the site that aren't directly Brandon related are now a very significant part of our community. To stop reputation from the social boards from counting would send the message (intentional or otherwise) that their contributions to the community aren't as valuable, and I think that would be quite harmful to the community as a whole.
  11. Only noticed this because of @Flynn in the update thread but the won the day banners are a fun little addition I really wasn't expecting to have one but apparently I was wrong, albeit from quite some time ago.
  12. @Mistrunner Given a choice between safe but boring and interesting but risky I'd advice going for the risky option. Particularly when you're young I think it's better to try for what you really want to do than to settle for something you know won't ever make you happy. You don't want to spend the next few years wondering if you would have succeeded and wishing you had tried. Worst case scenario if you try is that you fail, which sucks, but you learn a lot on the way. You work a boring job for a while if you need to and then you try again using the experience you gained in your last attempt. Remember that what you decide to do now isn't setting the course for the entire remainder of your life, just the immediate future. From what I recall our generation is expected to (on average) pursue around 3 (or more) different careers over the course of our lives.
  13. Because you hate the idea of letting people down? Which is a great trait so long as it doesn't prevent you from taking care of yourself or it makes you feel down on yourself. When you aren't up to working taking the day off is certainly the right move. Unfortunately I haven't found that feeling of guilt leaving over time. I still feel like I'm letting people down when I'm not up to going in to work on a day, particularly when I have to postpone meetings as a result. (Incidentally, I had to do so today ) Fortunately for me my work hours are extremely flexible, most of my work I can do from home & the people I work with are very understanding and accepting of my health issues.
  14. Thanks, there are still some things I could try that have a chance of working Good luck! ___ For another Good News thing: I've been wanting to make a video game about Chronic illness for a long time (since before I got sick in fact!). A design finally fully clicked for me recently and I intend to start making it in the near future
  15. Yep. From what you've said in the past I think the cause is likely different but the result is somewhat similar. Most people with headache issues do seem to have frequent severe headaches rather than a fluctuating constant one and that is what most people assume when you talk about chronic headaches. For me the suspected cause is sinus issues.