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    I'm an independant games developer. I spend a lot of time roleplaying as well as playing a wide variety of other games (video/card/board/miniatures/etc). I am also making/have made a number of <small> games and non-game related projects.

    Oh, I also sing and play the trumpet.

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  1. Welcome back @Quiver
  2. Wellll truth be told I think it might've been more a product of procrastination at the time
  3. Put simply: if more people were like you the world would be a kinder, friendlier and more welcoming place. We're fortunate to have you as part of the 17s community/family
  4. Nice! Mind if I ask what software you used to make this? (I used font forge but it was a bit of a pain to get the allomantic symbols in.) (Please note that with the below text I don't mean in any way to diminish what you've made.) If you're interested: the steel alphabet does actually have existing letter assignments. Some clever people translated it here There are a few changes and additions in the letters compared with English. -all double letters are removed -Certain letters are represented by the same symbol: o/u pewter e/i tin any "k" sound bendalloy (q included) -x is represented by "ks" -Ch and Sh have their own symbols This was my attempt at a font using those letter assignments: http://steelministry.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=501 The symbols in yours are a bit crisper though, mine start to look a bit wonky if you make them really large / look too closely
  5. I do love the area around Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. It's really beautiful. I may have spent far more energy than I could really afford hiking around there and I'm paying the cost now, but I don't regret it. (images in spoiler) I didn't get any really good photos of the wombats. But they were there, and awesome as ever
  6. That's good advice, thankyou I think he knows a good bit of it already from appointments with my sister and dad but I'll talk with my aunt too before I next see him and talk about it directly then.
  7. Great work everyone involved Looks like I have some reading to do.
  8. @A Budgie @Delightful @Caesura *hugs* thanks Firbomyalgia actually came to my attention as a possibility pretty recently. It does seem possible. The root cause of the headaches is probably the sinus issues but something else could be making them worse and the muscle pain is presumably not sinus related My sister and dad both have chronic fatigue syndrome and my aunt has myalgic encephalomyelitis and/or fibromyalgia (don't remember off the top of my head) so there's something of a track record of that kind of illness in our family.
  9. I don't really know what thread to post in. Saw a doctor again today for test results and got good new and bad news. The good news was basically that the existing symptoms weren't pointing to something else seriously wrong. The bad news is that there wasn't really anything new to help with said symptoms. I don't have arthritis, which is definitely good. But there is no clear reason for the muscle pains I get or anything to really do to stop them. They'll "probably" go away in time and in the meantime anti-inflammatory stuff like Nurofen might help reduce the symptoms temporarily but otherwise I just have to wait and see. Similarly the CT scan showed that there isn't anything else wrong with my head. My brain is fine and there aren't any tumors or anything. There is inflammation and congestion in some of the sinuses and the interior of my nose is supremely wonky but that's nothing new. So basically that was exactly as expected and the thing to do for now is to continue with the nasal spray he gave me a script for last time. Hasn't been long enough yet to really tell if that will have any impact, but I have little reason to expect that it will when nothing else does. so...eh. It's definitely nice that there isn't something else seriously wrong causing these issues. But I was holding onto a small hope of actually finding a cause that we could really *do* something about. So for the time being I will have to continue to expend the majority of my energy and willpower coping with constant crippling pain. But hey! At least it isn't caused by something really serious, it's just the symptoms that are bad. (I am managing "ok" mentally, it's just really not fun.)
  10. I would enjoy a nice quiet day at home It'd be like the time from 11pm-2am usually is but all day instead of just late at night. A boring answer I know, but true nonetheless Edit: I'd probably practice singing (loudly) at some point, maybe more loudly than usual while walking the dog, but that's not really that different.
  11. There are some homebrewed Mistborn adventure game rules for assorted cosmere worlds on steel ministry that may interest you. http://steelministry.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=722 http://steelministry.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1119
  12. Unfortunately to my knowledge we're all in different states :/ (And given our states are, on average, a fair bit bigger than the US that means quite a distance even for neighbouring states.)
  13. Yeah, nobody active though. You can do a member search and sort by rep to look at members with high/low rep if you like.
  14. Places that have hurt/do hurt today/last night: Head (of course), neck, left arm & hand, right shoulder & wrist & hand, right ankle, chest. Normally different parts of me take turns hurting :/ (Well, except the head of course, but the rest usually take turns.) Hums to peace.
  15. As the title says. Available from Crafty's website. I don't have a copy yet so I can't really comment on the contents yet *shrugs*. I bought a copy through the house war kickstarter so I should have the digitial copy soon.