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  1. So a theoryland search only got me the RAFO WoB on if the Terriswoman (probably Aslydin) is the nurse in Warbreaker...but I swear there was a more recent WoB debunking the nurse theory. Anyone know where that might be? Or am I just making things up?
  2. I'll keep an eye out! I'll probably be bouncing around the Writer's track and World of the Wheel (I'm on a panel on Sunday).
  3. Holy crap, you're right! I totally forgot about that lol. Though I can't say I'm surprised that I've forgotten things from my first con, especially the train ride in before it even started... :/
  4. Who are you IRL (if you don't mind my asking)? Always interested in meeting fellow Sharders, and I'll be at JordanCon every year for the foreseeable future! As for Rothfuss, he's most certainly a talented writer. One of the best of the current crop of fantasy writers, as far as prose goes. I genuinely enjoy digging into his stuff and figuring out where he's dropping hints to the story within the story within the story...but yes, his main characters are generally grating and obnoxious. WMF was a big step down from TNotW, and I thought he was uncharacteristically heavy-handed with the Adem. We'll see how The Doors of Stone is when it comes out—if he ever gets off Twitch and writes the damnation thing.
  5. Haha yeah, I had a Polish guy from my Facebook group ask the question. Definitely a bummer, but like people said, Brandon did leave some wiggle room there.
  6. I'm not sure you could really call it "underrated" (since it's won about every award out there and got tons of critical acclaim), but Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun flies under the radar a lot. I wrote a review of the first volume, The Shadow of the Torturer, specifically targeted for Sanderson fans in a Facebook group, which you'll find below the spoiler fold, because it's reasonably long.
  7. "Near perfect" is a great way to describe it. There really aren't many flaws to any aspect of the writing. Plot, pacing, action, character development,'s all excellent. Even the way he uses POV is cleverly done. I'm very curious to see how he handles the rest of the series (which I understand is ongoing). We're doing Blade of Tyshalle for my book group, starting next week. I'm pumped.
  8. Just finished this masterpiece last night. Holy cow. So, I knew Stover was an excellent writer from his Star Wars EU stuff (anyone who can make Revenge of the Sith into a fascinating character piece is amazing—and Traitor is maybe the single best EU book), but I'd never checked out his original work. Boy, am I glad I did. Heroes Die gets pretty graphic and intense at points, no doubt, but I wouldn't classify it as grimdark. It's kind of a cool mix of dystopian SF and low portal fantasy. But wow, the characters, the plot, the twists, the action...whoo boy. Loved it, through and through. Anyone else read this one? What did you think?
  9. Yeah, that's precisely what I think he's doing. And in the meantime, he's using the remaining Lerasium as a metalmind.
  10. So, through a thread in our Cosmere: Theories group on Facebook, I came to a realization. Not sure how much this has been explored before (it's clearly been somewhat considered, since there are WoBs that vaguely relate to it), but I think Hoid used that bead of Lerasium for a lot more than is obvious. So Lerasium works by re-writing the Spirit Web to make someone an Allomancer. But we know from WoB that it can do more than that, if you know what you're doing: Now, we also know that when Hoid grabbed the bead, he intended to use it to become an Allomancer (the obvious case): The use of the word originally implies that his purpose changed. While I do think that Hoid used the bead to gain Allomancy—since he obviously acquired it somehow, and Lerasium is the only method we know of to do so—I think he also realized that he could use it to re-write his Spirit Web in other ways than that, and that he's gained much more than just Allomancy by ingesting it. It could be that, with the right knowledge, Hoid could make himself an Elantrian, or a Sand Master, or, basically, whatever. It would just take study to re-write his Spirit Web in those alternate ways.
  11. I wanna know hoooooooow lol
  12. Uhh, if you look closely, Jasnah is floating. Neither of her feet is on a step...
  13. More important question: HOW IS JASNAH FLYING? She doesn't have Gravitation, and if someone else Lashed her, she'd be glowing. And for that matter, how are the stairs flying, too? Yeah, she probably soulcast them, but that doesn't make them ignore gravity...
  14. Highly unlikely, considering that there are two races of Aimians, and we know there are only three races from Yolen. And Siah Aimians are definitely not dragons.
  15. Just finished a reread of Ender's Game and I'm in the middle of an Ender's Shadow reread now. I approve of this comment. We don't know what race Autonomy is (got a RAFO at the Fort Collins AU signing), but the third race on Yolen is the Shodel. Arclo is a Dysian Aimian.