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  1. Not a problem! I'm just glad I have a theory-ally haha. The whole thread does have some great points, but I think certain aspects of what's going on with Scadrial point to Autonomy leaving Taldain. EDIT: I actually posted this originally in the Cosmere: Theories group we have going on Facebook, but that was even before AU came out and we knew more about Bavadin.
  2. Wow, this entire thread is awesome! I'm the one who got the WoB that started it off, and I asked it precisely because I've been building this exact theory for a while, but just hadn't gotten all the pieces to satisfy myself. I'm still thoroughly convinced that Trell is Autonomy, and is trying to Invest in Scadrial (hence the presence of trellium).
  3. It's also pretty clear that Cultivation is still on Roshar because Hoid talks about her in WoR, saying that there's only one woman on Roshar who's his age, and that they never got along. He's talking to non-Cosmere-aware characters, so he doesn't say Cultivation outright, but that's clearly whom he's talking about.
  4. Hmmm, no, it was more recent. I've seen those other two before. It was definitely talking about the possibilities being in the hundreds. Unless I just had an extremely vivid dream in the past month and made this up...
  5. Looking for a WoB re: the number of possible metals there are. I seem to recall this coming recently, but can't find on theoryland and my reddit-fu is extremely lacking. I want to say Brandon talks about the possibilities being in the hundreds, due to all the god metals coming into play with alloys and alloys combining between god metals.
  6. Whoa. Huh. I mean, Darkside has more advanced tech, but...this seems like a stretch. And this is waaaaay before Scadrial would be getting to Era 2. Super weird.
  7. Hard disagree. I asked that question, and he understood the context. He absolutely meant that healing the cracks in Kaladin's Spirit Web that allow for the Nahel bond would be healing his depression—and I never mentioned depression. My entire interaction with him was based around Shards healing the cracks that allow Investiture in, and he immediately brought up Kaladin's depression and couched it in the context of his wife's mental illness.
  8. Given the context (I asked if Shards could heal the cracks without mentioning mental disability and Brandon immediately started talking about mental disability), I'd say that's a pretty strong indicator that that's what the cracks are in Kaladin's case.
  9. Brandon himself says it does, so... Right there, Brandon says that Kaladin's cracks are due to his depression.
  10. theory

    Yeah, pretty sure Syl is a pure honorspren (e.g. splinter of just Honor) and Wyndle is a pure cultivationspren (just Cultivation).
  11. I think people are forgetting here that cracks can be inherently part of the Spirit Web. Kaladin has Seasonal Affective Disorder; Renarin is on the autism spectrum. Obviously it's a touchy subject (and Brandon spoke at length about his intentions with this when I asked him about it at JordanCon last year), but having mental or psychological disorders can cause cracks just as much as physical or emotional trauma.
  12. theory

    I can understand that line of reasoning. I'm not entirely convinced normal Breaths are given intentionally, though Endowment being her intent lends more credence (than, say, the fact that we know Ruin and Preservation didn't specifically create the Metallic Arts, but rather they arose naturally from their interactions with each other and the world—their intents weren't based around giving stuff to people).
  13. theory

    I'm just saying that there appears to be a fundamental difference between Breaths and Divine Breaths. Brandon refers to Divine Breaths as splinters, but doesn't with Breaths. That indicates (to me, at least) that DBs are something Endowment is specifically breaking off of herself and giving to people, but Breaths are more like ambient Investiture that merges with someone at the beginning of their life. I might need to add this to my list of questions for the next time Brandon comes around...
  14. theory

    If that were the case, there would be no difference between a Breath and a Divine Breath, aside from a DB's use of stapling a Cognitive Shadow back into a body.
  15. theory

    Yep, definitely. I got so caught up in the use of Investiture as a noun that I didn't even think of "Invest" as a verb. That said, the Nalthis example still doesn't totally line up, because while Returned are Initiated through a Shard's intention/decision, everyone on Nalthis is naturally born with Breath.