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  1. I know, I know--pulling your leg. It was the finishing thing, not the publishing; you've got me bang to rights with submitting to publishers
  2. Okay, okay--I need to quash these scurrilous insinuations before it gets completely out of hand!! While I have only ever submitted one novel to a publisher (in red), I have written the following pieces, the ones in blue being completed: # Type Genre/style Words Started Draft 1 Draft 2 Draft 3 Draft 4 Draft 5 Current 11 novel fantasy 223,811 1984? 18/03/07 03/07/07 14/10/09 04/03/11 15/07/12 15/07/2012 12 novel fantasy 101,656 1990? 14/10/09 21/07/12 21/07/2012 13 novel fantasy 46,263 2007? 28/11/10 28/11/2010 16 novella supernatural 24,600 16/06/05 12/03/02 10/07/09 04/01/10 04/01/2010 15 novelette supernatural 17,370 17/06/05 12/10/08 10/10/09 10/10/2009 17 short story supernatural 1,157 24/06/05 13/09/09 13/09/2009 18 novel supernatural 63,858 14/10/08 02/01/09 01/12/12 14/03/13 14/03/2013 19 short story supernatural 967 14/10/08 24/09/09 24/09/2009 20 short story supernatural 0 02/01/09 02/01/2009 21 novella fantasy 34,998 2003? 24/03/08 14/10/09 16/06/13 16/06/2013 22 novel fantasy 91,600 01/10/13 12/07/14 18/02/2014 23 novel fantasy 500 2013 18/02/2014 24 novel fantasy 18/02/2014 25 short story SF 5,585 01/04/14 01/06/14 22/02/16 22/02/2016 26 novel fantasy 167,000 13/07/14 14/01/16 14/01/2016 27 novelette fantasy 8,892 05/04/16 05/04/2016 28 novel SF 88,616 01/09/16 01/04/17 28/05/17 29/12/17 29/12/2017 29 novella SF 1,141 16/04/18 16/04/2018 30 novel SF 56,000 01/05/17 14/05/18 14/05/2018 31 novel SF 33 short story fantasy 3,394 15/08/17 01/09/17 01/09/2017 34 novella fantasy 1,000 21/05/18 32 short story fantasy 1,498 20/07/17 26/08/17 26/08/2017 14 novel fiction 100,358 24/06/05 17/09/12 31/03/13 31/03/2013 So, there you have it. Five novels finished. Okay, my first took me 23 years to complete, but I think I've done quite well since then
  3. That's a target I might be able to beat
  4. What day is it? Have I submitted this week? Sorry, I'm horribly out of tune with the routine, and I owe you guys some critiques. #iblamemandamon ...for writing such an excellent novella that I just critiqued that for a week and nothing else. That and the fact that I am on holiday, and doing lots of fun stuff, of which writing is only an occasional part...
  5. Welcome Sara. Very interesting to read your introduction, and I look forward to reading your stuff. From what you say, I'm sure you will be a great asset to RE, and hope you find us an easy going, but committed bunch
  6. Awesome comments, Eagle--thank you so much for looking over. Delving in... Spell levels--good question, not quite at that level of detail yet. I'll see how it emerges as I write. Unicorn horn-- good point. I think I said somewhere that fairytales were a thing. Extraction--yes. I need to avoid a length Breaking B-d cooking process, unless he can back powder with him and inject, which is sort of where I was headed, but I need to balance cost of using magic with narrative/story/plot flow(pace), of course. Tech level--certainly not Victorian. Probably somewhere between Tudor and Regency, I guess(?). I'm not tremendously well acquainted with the tech levels of specific historical periods (although no doubt I should be). Super comments. Thank you
  7. Thanks for this, Eagle, and great to hear from you! Reading the synopsis, certainly the basic premise is similar/same. Maybe I'll burn an audible credit and listen to the story, just to ensure I keep my idea, and magic system, different. I've been doing some planning and detailing of it, and I think I'm off to a good start. For one thing, I plan to keep mine fairly close to reality and real-world science as I can--apart from the massive handy-wavy initial premise, of course!! My story is very unlikely to have magic creatures in it. For another thing, I think the tone of my story will be very different to his: I'm going for gritty and irreverent realism. For example, I see there is a question on Goodreads as to whether he has a gay character, which he does, but it's brushed over. My story has a gay character too, but this will not be a passing facet of the story. More irritating to me was that van Eekhout's story has a character named M-th. FFS! Double whammy!! Thanks again, @Eagle of the Forest Path p.s. Oh, and GvE's story is a heist. At least mine is a burglary, not the same thing at all!!!
  8. Lol. Hopefully, we can help with that.
  9. Ooh, whereabout in Scotland were you? I'm frae Glesgae (Glasgow). Or where in England for that matter? (Presently I'm on holiday in Falmouth, not far from Plymouth and Portsmouth, or Portland for that matter, all navy places.
  10. Hey Silk, seeing as we're getting close to WorldCon 2019 *cough*, I wondered if we might pin this thread for the next 14 months until REcon #1. What do you think? Then, I thought it might be easier for peeps to find it, and we might post up a 'sign-up' sheet (unofficial, of course).
  11. Yup, I'm with the other half of you.
  12. Yay!!! We'll need to hire a hall at this rate... or at least a medium-sized cupboard.
  13. Lots of bits and bobs in the LBLs that I emailed separately. Nice close when you might not have had much to close the chapter on, given that it was a 'down' chapter. Good tension, although I wanted more, but I guess you are still teasing, relationship-wise. Progress though. I enjoyed this chapter, but then we all know that I like a slow chapter 'now and then' Good chapter length, easy to read and to remain immersed in the character relationships. Good to see the powder (granules?) in action in a different way, and nice to take a break from the plot, and guilds and missing masters, etc.