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  1. I just scored a couple of proto-Bionicle sets today at the thrift store where I work -- Throwbots, or something of that nature. They're pretty cool, even if I'm probably just gonna use 'em for parts. This isn't the first time I've gotten old sets from there, though. I have a couple of Rahkshi and a Bohrok now thanks to that place.
  2. Coco. Frickin' Coco, man. I wasn't even paying that much attention -- I still had my headphones on and was only sorta watching, yet my eyes still got a little watery. How?!?
  3. Did I ever tell y'all my seminary teacher's first words to me when I told her I'd just turned 18? She said, "Congrats! Now you can be tried as an adult!" Eek? Kinda reminds me a bit of this XKCD.
  4. I quite liked the MLP movie! I agree with @A Joe in the Bush that the music was amazing -- Tempest's song especially. Stoked for Season 8, not sure what to think about Gen 5.
  5. ...that ain’t right. Seriously. I don’t feel remotely prepared, mentally or emotionally, to be twenty.
  6. My latest On-repeat-until-I-hate-it song:
  7. Yeah, it's all right really. Topics like to bury themselves. I don't really (necessarily) have anything against new topics. Here it is!
  8. My cousin wrote a musical! I'm such a derp for not mentioning it earlier so I could bug you all to go to it. :P But it was so good. 

    (BTW, if you're in the SLC area tonight, you should go see it. ;))

  9. (BTW, there's already a thre-- oh, never mind. ) Anyways, I chose this name because Slowswift is awesome. And because Tolkien. I usually suck at making usernames, so as of late it's either been Slowswift or TheOtherKholin (which I actually wrote a half-rusted backstory for, if y'all care to hear it).
  10. !!!! BEST THING EVER AngelEy3 was right. That was a brilliant move. (Seriously major CS fan here, so that makes this even more hilarious ) Have you head the original, Sunbird?
  11. About a week ago: internet breaks Earlier this week: internet is fixed! One day later: internet breaks* *but not really? I mean literally everything else but our computer can use the internet (as evidenced by the fact that I am communicating right now). It’s so annoying someone help
  12. Two words: fabrial lightsabers.

    1. Tesh


      Oh. My. Goodness.

      I don't even really like Star Wars! (Don't kill me)!

  13. Aha! I was wondering where that button went. Good to know, thanks.
  14. Also, the hide post option was a thing (don't know if it still is). That's what I've used in the past -- at least, before Pagerunner's post above got me thinking about how much smarter reporting is. xD
  15. This week, I've got Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday free. I close on Friday, and I almost certainly close on Saturday. On the plus side, in a month or so this whole "employment" nonsense won't be an issue anymore.