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  1. So. I've been transferred! Instead of working on the donation dock, I know work in Large As-Is/Sales Yard. Basically, if you wanna buy some furniture or something too dirty or otherwise unkempt to be kept in the store proper, you just might interact with me.
  2. Firefly is no longer available for streaming on Netflix. If we didn't own the DVD set, I'd be crying right now.
  3. They added Rogue One to Neflix.

    I watched it again.

    Now I want moar spaceships. :ph34r: 

  4. I'm actually quite excited. I just hope they don't botch it up by repeatedly hammering in "OH YES LOOK SHE'S A WOMAN NOW LOOK HOW PROGRESSIVE WE ARE!" I admit that I rather liked some Moffat stuff, but... yeah.
  5. AAAAHHH!!
  6. Amusing, and then terrifying how could you have joined them 10/10!
  7. Honestly it's everything right now I hate feeling like this
  8. Desperately trying not to go utterly mad as I try and customize this stupid blog template.


  9. I. Work. Tuesday. Night. What the heck, work?
  10. I don't think I can recommend Spiderman: Homecoming enough. Honestly. Got to go see it after work yesterday, and it was one of the most enjoyable theater things I'd seen in quite a while.
  11. I want to do horrible, horrible things to YouTube's Restricted Mode and its associated algorithms.

  12. Ah, okay. Yeah, the writing is fairly amateurish, but I adore those books.
  13. !!! Please tell me you liked it. I'm in the middle of rereading the second book (well, technically it's the third) book now.
  14. Is... is it weird that I really, really like this line?
  15. Tuesdays and Fridays for me. Just watch, though, my schedule's gonna change again. (Also your tags didn't work)