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  1. I was at a convention listening to a professional storyteller, and before the show he was just talking with the audience and said something like "It has come to my attention that if you win at Mormon, you get your own universe to play around in, and it seems like reading/writing fantasy and scifi is a way of practicing for it." He got some wild applause there, because, well, he wasn't really wrong.
  2. It was fun to read, too. Oh. Either way, it was amazing, and definitely helped me appreciate Malfoy more (I actually went as him for Halloween one year, but even then I didn't really care for the guy). Thanks for writing what you did.
  3. Worked overtime for the first time last night.

    Hmm. No regrets, but it sure hurt like storms.

    1. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      Eesh. Make sure to loosen them muscles big man

    2. Slowswift


      Yeah, sleep is my best friend. Also, Ibuprofen. :P

      I think I'm slowly getting used to it though. Which is good.

    3. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      Aye, soon they'll be making you go on bridge runs.

  4. I am so sorry I didn't get around to reading these earlier. Which reminds me: I never got around to finishing your Potterfic (I blame the dumb web filter). What sites are it on again? I'd love to finish reading it.
  5. Hmm, Fireflies is a good one. But there are so many others, like Galaxies or Hot Air Balloon! Of course, I'll leave the decision to explore him further to you (however, I should warn you that he's very Christian. Not a bad thing, but it could potentially affect your enjoyment of some of the songs). Interesting. The Silence might be a little scary, but for me the Cybermen are storming terrifying. Also, just some general advice -- try not to post more than once in a row. Instead, just hit that little + at the bottom of posts and you can quote more than one post at a time.
  6. What! They're only the second-best band in all of existence!
  7. Not to mention I'm pretty sure it would've been in Era 1 had the Lord Ruler not suppressed it. Gunpowder definitely existed, he just offed anyone who knew about it. ETA: Ninja'd. Been a while since that's happened.
  8. Owl City?
  9. Coldplay?
  10. Ah, April. That beautiful month where I'm suddenly allergic to everything. Wait.
  11. It's the single from their yet-to-announce-any-details-whatsoever-but-apparently-upcoming album.
  12. It's a cello cover of Believer. Click the link underneath it that says, "THE SCRIPT". That'll take you to the source.
  13. It's quite a contrast to the original, actually. The original's all angsty and dark, and a quite heavier, and this one is a lot mellower, almost chilling, or should I say somber? Both are great, though.
  14. Bingo. I mean, plenty of people do pull up to the proper lane. But enough people don't that it gets really, really annoying.