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  1. Pet Peeves

    It may be the fact that I'm just easily pleased when it comes to some things, but the Inheritance Cycle is still one of my favorite series, despite the fact that it's so derivative. As others have said, it was one of the first fantasy works I'd read (though I believe I'd also read some Sanderson at this point, not exactly sure), and it was definitely an inspiration for me too. You know that defensiveness you get when somebody criticizes a favorite series of yours, for whatever reason? I was honestly starting to feel that a little bit, and then I read the last paragraph: I'm always happy when people can acknowledge the fact that a work has good qualities in spite of all the (occasionally deal-breaking) flaws. It's something I try to do myself. Also, I totally agree -- Paolini himself is awesome, and I'm hoping that he's grown enough as a writer and a person that if he ever decides to return to that world, he'll do a much better job of it.
  2. Also, I love being able to say that I have a bag full of loot from LUTE. :P 

  3. Also, the conference's name is commonly abbreviated as LTUE (spelled out; nobody I know says "luh-too"), but a certain few, including myself, have taken to referring to it as Lute -- some liberties with word order, yes, but it's easier than saying "ell-tee-yoo-ee" every time and is also a bit more thematically appropriate.

  4. So, I spent the weekend at Life, the Universe, and Everything, Utah's scifi/fantasy writer's symposium and fan convention (less the latter than the former, but there are elements of both). I attended a variety of fascinating panels and learnt tons of interesting things, but if there's one thing I can pass on to y'all?

    If you ever get the chance to see M. Todd Gallowglas (or any other oral storyteller, really, but especially him) do his thing, take it. :D 

  5. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    Y'know, I'm not much of an expert on the medical stuffs, but maybe, just maybe, an 18-year-old's knees shouldn't be trying their best to imitate a fresh bowl of Rice Krispies.
  6. Food. Food. Food. And spreads

    Honestly? I though it sounded pretty good. Though, since "carbivore" would be a more apt description for me than "vegetarian", this doesn't particularly surprise me.
  7. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    I believe I'll be able to attend Friday and Saturday.
  8. The book I bought today is

    Didn't know what that was, so I looked it up. Now I am grinning the grin of a happy book nerd. I picked up the first one at LTUE last year; we'll have to see if I can do the same with this one. I'll definitely be bringing my other unsigned Wells books though.
  9. These Stupid Ranks

    Five and a half months of agony.
  10. What's your favorite.... ? (Forum game)

    Can I put forth a crime TV show? If I can, then NCIS all the way. You know what? I take it back. Clue is the best crime/mystery show of all time. Anyways, what's your favorite shade of blue?
  11. These Stupid Ranks

    Scratch that, now I'm a human Terminator. you have no idea how long i've been waiting to post that
  12. Sanderson "Would you Rather"

    Philosophical debate. Elend is one of my favorite characters, philosophy is fascinating, and I feel like I'd actually gain something from it as opposed to just being insulted the entire time. Would you rather join the Idrian monks or the Vorin ardentia?
  13. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    I am typing this without using the index finger on my dominant hand, as it is currently decorated by not one, not two, but three bandaids. There's also one on my thumb. Stupid cat.
  14. I saw the ISS! I don't remember if I've mentioned it before or not, but I signed up to get text alerts from NASA every time the International Space Station passes overhead (link here, if anyone's interested). This is only the second time I've seen it, even with billions of alerts: usually it flies over ridiculously early in the morning, or it's cloudy, or I forget. It's so cool, though, to see that bright, speeding little dot and realize that it's a spaceship with actual people living on it orbiting the Earth right now.
  15. I'm normally not one to say "before it was cool", but...

    I had a playlist called Awesome Mix before it was cool. :P

    Well, it's actually called Awesome Songs, but the titles're similar enough that I thought it amusing.