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  1. Tried out a new-ish Korean BBQ place today, and I can certainly say that right now my stomach is a happy stomach.
  2. Honestly, I can still never figure that stuff out, so if I use it, it's by accident. I was referring to his quote about how if you're early, it implies there was nothing better you could be doing.
  3. When you quote Kelsier in an attempt to justify your always being slightly late to everything to yourself.
  4. Aaand they've switched it back. Thank goodness.
  5. The Assassin in Alizarin slides the robes on, then lifts a sleeve and examines the fabric. "Huh," he says. "How interesting." Then he grins. "I love it!"
  6. Fifties, a little bit of sixties. There may be some forties, but since I don't really like music from that era, I'm not particularly inclined to find out. There may also be a splash of early seventies, so I don't think it's straight old stuff. But either way, I can't stand it.
  7. D'aww, you guys are the best. (Seriously though, thank you, and have fun!)
  8. Correct. I have the next two days off, but like I said, Thursday won't work. And I'm closing all this week.
  9. They've switched back to an oldies station at work. Kill me now.
  10. Dare I say... the perfect pear? Mega congrats to @Mrs. Delightful Ferring and @Pinnacle-Ferring!
  11. This week, I've got Wednesday and Thursday off, though I've already got something Thursday night.
  12. I love it when people donate instruments -- there were a couple of manual pump organs a while ago, and there's a set of timpani now. Gets a bit annoying when everybody walks by and feels an apparently irresistible urge to start "playing", though.
  13. "Kirk or Picard?"


    I've started watching Voyager again, guys. :D 

  14. Yup. I was gonna say something about how it's funny that we expect wise people to be in government.