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  1. Finished Oathbringer! :D

    Would've finished it yesterday, but had work. :P 

    1. Tesh


      Did you read the early release chapters?

  2. ~9:40 -- Oh boy, lemon bars! ~10:00 -- ...I ate too many lemon bars.
  3. Pros and cons of getting new steel-toed boots: I don't break my toe every time a run into a cart or some merchandise or a pillar, which is often. But I still need to break them in, so owwwww. My poor feet. (I feel I should mention that scenes from Words of Radiance were on my mind just about the entire time)
  4. gettin' some writing done, whee

  5. A minor necro because I got this at the LDS Church History Museum in Salt Lake today -- a replica print of the first edition Book of Mormon.
  6. As someone who closed every night he worked for the longest time, nice. ETA: Also, I just got signed up for Drivers Ed! Woo-hoo!
  7. @Delightful, that is an awesome term and I thank you for bringing it to my attention. In other news, we got a new furnace on Friday! So now we can be warm and not trip breakers all the time by running like three space heaters at once!
  8. Haha yeah, neither can I. Otherwise I'd totally give them a try myself. Ooh, I love that song! Can't wait to see the final product, if you're willing to share. (Also, just FYI double-posting (that is, posting 2+ times in a row) is rather frowned upon here -- try to use the "edit" button instead. Keeps everything looking tidy. )
  9. Figured, but I must say there was a part of me hoping that you meant Pony Music Video.
  10. ...PMV?
  11. I'm getting way too old for this crem.
  12. Oddly enough, a good many of us congregated in the aforementioned dark, weird corners of the Shard.
  13. I discovered an amazing new store today -- Tabula Rasa, in SLC's Trolley Square mall. They sell stationery, pens, and the like. And I am in love.
  14. The way the audiobook narrator pronounced it was with a silent G. So, just "yorn". I still don't know how I say it.