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    In many, many more? Well, I think reading and writing go without saying. I also quite like astronomy and psychology. Languages are fun; so are alphabets and ciphers. Vexillology, heraldry, and sigillography are also interests of mine. I enjoy most kinds of music, especially classical, rock, and electronic. Art isn't really my thing, though I rather like van Gogh's work. While I'm not really a fan of comics, I do enjoy various other superhero media, the MCU especially. Crime shows are also fun. So is eating, for that matter, especially cheese.

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  1. As someone who is not particularly good at music in general, taking that tune I found on the piano and transcribing it onto sheets in such a manner that it does what I want is incredibly frustrating.

    1. Sunbirb


      Is it something you want help with? Or did you just need to vent?

  2. Simple and relevant to your username, evoking imagery of various spren. Which is probably the point. But now you have me curious as to what your old one was.
  3. Was that the Dan Wells one, or something else?
  4. You too, eh? Though I have met him at signings. And met people who are like, "oh yeah, he's in my neighborhood/ward/etc." and leave me just like
  5. I've got a new iPod.

    Its name is Orsino.


  6. I took these photos, was it Friday? Yeah. Anyways, closing's got its perks, I have to say that.
  7. Honestly, I'd always thought "Millennial" referred to anyone born around the turn of the, well, millennium. Did some Googling, and apparently the cutoff dates for Millennials/Gen Z are still very vague and undefined, with several different potentials given.
  8. Just saw Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2. It was incredibles. :D 


    Hey, y'all, I'm Mary Poppins! :lol: 

  9. Hope you do better soon!
  10. I got Lightweaver (the other tests gave me Willshaper and Truthwatcher), twice in a row as well. Interesting.
  11. I... dislike closing. Sure, the sunset's pretty, and I don't actually mind the act of closing, but the hours just suck. And guess who's closing literally every shift for the foreseeable future? Also, I've just discovered two large blisters on my toes, which explains why they've been hurting. Bother.
  12. What Budgie and Headshot said. We still care .:) I... that's horrible. Hugs?