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  1. I have just discovered 8D Audio.


    1. Slowswift


      Okay, I lied. I love it. :D 




  2. Cool, thanks!
  3. Restricted Mode can go die in a storm. What's the name of the song?
  4. Also, from a writerly perspective, there's Sanderson's Three Laws to consider.
  5. Amazing as always! Thanks for sharing!
  6. It's also funny because the first time I heard the name pronounced with two syllables it completely threw me off.
  7. Perfect timing. I just got paid.
  8. I was listening to this late at night and was starting to fall asleep when I heard "This one was sent in by Slowswift...", and then suddenly I wasn't sleepy anymore. (I was hoping y'all would guess Shallan, as Windrunner pointed out during the next character. But I'm not surprised at how quickly it was guessed, especially with all the Threnody talk.) Thanks for the show, guys!
  9. I'd be down with that. I have a special fondness for BYU, but most anywhere (reputable) is fine.
  10. <-- accurate representation of my face right now. That's cool! I'm really glad you like them.
  11. Yay! AYTA is indeed one of the best, and I'm glad you liked them enough to put some on your playlists!
  12. Cool. On the heavier side, there's the aptly-named Heavy, as well as Why, Pt. 2 (don't ask about part 1. I don't know what happened to it either. ) Precious Declaration is one of my personal favorites. On the grungier side, there's She Gathers Rain and Untitled Track. Kinda in-between (rock-y, but not too heavy) is Shine, easily their most famous. Listen is a good one. There's also Him, AYTA, Hurricane, and December. For some more mellow choices, we have Maybe, Compliment (live version's the best -- they performed with a full orchestra a few years back, and it's glorious), She Said, Needs, and The World I Know. Hope I haven't gone too overboard. Let me know what you think! And no pressure to listen to every single one if you don't want to.
  13. I was wondering when this was coming out. I needs my Shardcast fix, precious. I neeeeeds it.