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  1. ...yeah, there's no way I could do that either.
  2. Just finished Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan. Amazing.
  3. I've fallen into the TV Tropes rabbithole. 

    Help? :mellow: 

    1. Sunbird


      Once you've fallen into that particular rabbit hole, you're beyond help. :P

    2. Ookla the Tremendous
    3. Ookla the Tremendous

      Ookla the Tremendous

      Okay, at first I was mostly just poking fun at the common trope (eh? eh?) associated with the site, but now...


  4. I... want one. I think somebody actually donated a Renaissance (or Baroque or something, it was a really old design) flute to the DI once. It was missing part of the mouthpiece, but man was it cool.
  5. !!! Looking forward to it!
  6. Yay, Quiver's back! I was just wondering about you, too. Hope you stick around.
  7. New glasses! Still adjusting, but I'm very happy. :D

    (I also got some prescription sunglasses, but they haven't arrived yet.)

  8. She pops in on Discord every now and again.
  9. My favorite band has released a new (live) album, and I AM A HAPPY OOKLA.
  10. I’m totally fine, thanks. It was pretty small-scale, actually — a robbery gone wrong. Only one person ended up getting shot. Mostly, it was just alarming to hear so many sirens outside (we thought it was a chase at first, actually, until we got more details the next morning), and with that and the other news, it was all just really sobering more than anything.
  11. So, uh. There may or may not have been a shooting literally one block away from where I work. Also, one of my coworkers passed away. This morning was not one for happy news.
  12. Topics like to hide here. Makes hunting for references rather frustrating.
  13. Was scrolling through some old chat and found this. I'm so befuddled. @Argent, @Chaos... I'm still here. I'm just not active in the same parts of the forums you guys are.
  14. To quote a famous Sharder:
  15. There's already had a thread for this. Granted, it's a bit older, but it's there.