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  1. For what it's worth, I'm not planning on running any non-SE games in the near future, as I feel it's easy enough to twist concepts to fit the Cosmere or other Sanderson works. As such, I am open to suggestions if they're PMed across - Make your cases as to why yours should be run more than any other :P. And speaking of manipulating settings to fit Sanderson works... The following game rules and mechanics contain no spoilers other than the basic concepts for the NieR: Automata game, and the actual SE game itself should not contain them either, as I do not intend to explore any of the plot points beyond the basic setting (I have my own ideas for that at present, to avoid spoilers for the game itself). The Roles are almost entirely standard, what I like to think of our 'base Roles', because I want the focus to be on the slightly different voting mechanics. Please, people who have actually played the game, do not point out that I have changed the nomenclature for Android types. I have removed Brass and Zinc to simplify things a little, but am open to suggestions if there's a different thing they can do or if there's a fairly simple way to implement them. Mistborn: Automata (LG) Transmission from the Council of Humanity This transmission is to all androids fighting for humanity on the surface of Scadrial. It has been many thousand years since we humans have been driven from our homeworld, but thanks to your tireless efforts in the war, we have not given up hope. While the war continues in a deadlocked state at present, it is only through an unwavering resolve that we will break through this stalemate and take back our planet from the invaders and their machine lifeform slaves. We ask that you continue to fight for humanity, knowing that it is only thanks to your efforts that we remain safe and have hope that we shall see its end. Glory to mankind. Transmission from the Council of Humanity The following transmission is to all androids fighting for humanity on the surface of Scadrial in camp two-five-five. One of our scouts has reported that he has discovered plans from our enemy that suggest there are traitors within your camp. We do not know why they would turn against us in this way, but we believe that this is merely a new form of warfare. Our theory is that the machine lifeforms are the true instigators here, and have corrupted them through some kind of virus, and that their full intentions are to use this trial to eventually corrupt all androids on the surface. We cannot allow this to happen. Your current scounting and raiding duties are hereby suspended for the time being, aside from those that are necessary to protect the camp. Your new priority task is to use any means necessary to find and destroy these traitors before they destroy this foothold on our world. The data generated from this hunt will be used to improve androids elsewhere, to prevent this from happening again. Our hope is that the YoRHa units that are within your number are not compromised, but we believe that to be wishful thinking. Any YoRHa units that are destroyed in the course of this duty should have their spikes sent to The Bunker in the usual method. We wish you luck in rooting out those who would wish to do humanity harm. Glory to mankind. Rules This game differs from a standard LG game somewhat. The Day Turn does not last a pre-determined amount of time, and instead continues on until either a player or 'No Lynch' has more than half the (active) votes in the game. At the point where the 50% threshold is passed (and thus the game cannot have a tied vote), the Day Turn ends, though the Night will not begin until the rollover time. Any votes submitted or retracted after this would be ignored (the deciding vote will be clarified at the time of rollover). Players who have not posted, sent in an Action or responded to a PM for a complete Cycle are ignored for the purposes of counting the threshold for both votes and win conditions. At the next rollover time after the threshold vote has been sent in, the Night Turn begins. It lasts for 24 hours. The game begins on a Night Turn. As is standard in these games, the Corrupted Androids have a doc to collaborate on, and have a group kill action that one of their players may make during the Night. The first kill sent in by a Corrupted Android player will be accepted and all others ignored, unless the first is retracted. The win conditions for both teams are also as normal. The Corrupted Androids win if they equal or outnumber the Resistance players. The Resistance wins if they kill all the Corrupted Androids. Android Types Android - You are a normal android, fighting to save humanity from the alien invaders. You have no special abilities. YoRHa Type B - You have been imbued with Bronze Allomancy, and can detect the Corruption within the spikes of other players. During the Night, you may target a player and scan them. If successful, you will discover their Role and Alignment. YoRHa Type C - You have been imbued with Copper Allomancy, allowing you to hide yourself and your allies. During the Night, you may target yourself and up to one other player. Anyone attempting to use Bronze on you will be instead informed that you are Uncorrupted and Roleless. YoRHa Type I - You have been imbued with Iron Allomancy, and can defend other people from attack. Unfortunately, this protection does not extend to yourself. During the Night, you may target another player and protect them from any attack made on them. The attacked player will be revealed. YoRHa Type P - You have been imbued with Pewter Allomancy, making you more resiliant. The first time you would be killed, you instead survive, but your identity and Role are revealed to the other players. YoRHa Type S - You have been imbued with Steel Allomancy, making you a potent fighter. During the Night, you may target a player and kill them. YoRHa Type T - You have been imbued with Tin Allomancy, perfect for a scout and messenger. While you are alive, players may send PMs to each other at any time and to any number of players. You may also send a message to the GM during the Night, which will be posted when the Day begins. YoRHa Type M - You are an experimental Android, given one of each of the spikes. You may choose one to use each Cycle (Day-Night), but after using a spike, its charge is depleted, and you cannot use that Spike again.
  2. I'd like it to be, but we do need more interest before anything can go ahead. @Silverblade5 Depends on what you're asking for. There are a few places you can go to find the lore - First is on the cards, which do a decent enough job of explaining the overarching story. Then there's the story articles they post on the website, which tell the story of Magic rather than talking about the worlds themselves per se. The third way, pre-Tarkir, is the books they released. There are also Planeswalker Guides, which give a much more in-depth look at the worlds, though these seem to have been replaced lately by the D&D-styled guides.
  3. My apologies, the post changed quite a bit as I wrote my thoughts on it, so I realise that it's a bit misleading now. The part I disagreed with was the 'awesome just to survive either way' part of it, because to me as a Villager, I feel it's a little disappointing to survive a losing game. Reason being, it means that the Eliminators did not consider me a threat and my analysis was nowhere near the mark. But that's a personal view, not one I apply to other people. Ultimately, my thoughts are that if I have been killed, then my alignment has been confirmed and my analysis can now be looked at in a new light. If I have been Eliminator killed, then there is a reason for it, and that is either contained within my analysis, the playstyle of the Eliminators, or the players on the Eliminator team. My death can be turned into a useful thing for the Village, which is great, and improves my team's chances. So I see it as a good thing to die early, because it means I'm doing something right.
  4. I disagree quite strongly with this. I mean, yes, it's disappointing when you die and sit out the rest of the game, but that shouldn't make you want to survive more for the sake of surviving. I think that we, as a group/metagame, need to 'get over' dying and start to acknowledge that it's not a bad thing to die in these games if we can ultimately help our side win. Remember, it's a team game, and you can still win (or lose) whether you're alive or not. The plays you make should not be based on whether it's more or less likely to get you killed, as that leads to bad plays and ultimately people becoming disenfranchised and not really playing for fear of being killed early, but whether it's going to help your team. I'd rather die and help my team than survive to the end, and that should be a viewpoint we encourage.
  5. So, there are two things to address here - Concept and then balance. Overall, I feel the concept needs some tweaking, but in general it worked and was fun. People enjoyed the game, which is always the best thing to aim for, and it looks like the pairing idea was a hit. It promoted a bit of social behaviour between players that tend not to be social, which was nice. And when I originally developed this idea (in the same way you would say 'that bastard developed my thunder'), one of the reasons was that it could be a nice place for new players to begin playing. We didn't have many, admittedly, but as an experiment it seems to have gone well and been enjoyed. At one point someone, I can't remember who I'm sorry to say, asked whether I deliberately made it so that the players seen more as analytical and heavy thread contributors were Night Turn players. Of course I had to say yes as I can't suggest that I have made things anything less than random, but in this case and in all honesty, this was just a coincidence. I didn't change any of the Turns players were on, and barely changed the pairings as well, as I felt the initial distribution given was good. One thing that I really wanted to avoid this game was one player basically dominating the pairing and running roughshod over the other player. It'd be unlikely to happen with our players, but it was a concern. That is why the aspects of the game were divided so neatly in concept - Votes and main thread posting for the Day player, and PMs and Actions for the Night player. I'm pleased to say that there was none of this. A benefit of dividing the game was that it could also mean that if a Night player had suspicions, they could share them in a safer manner via the Day player, and not have it traced to them, or that Day players could say whatever and be relatively safe from being bumped off during the Night. I think the issue with this though was regarding the timing for the players themselves. By limiting the amount of time people have to have an effect on the game, ignoring the PM with their partner, it made things very awkward for players with less time on their hands. I did also note that there was less discussion than I would have liked for such a quick game, which I would also say is due to the splitting of players into distinct halves that never touch. I think that I would ideally like to change the concept to try and find the sweet spot for the pairing mechanic. Firstly, I would get rid of the Day/Night distinction, and just run with a single Turn per Cycle. Players could all vote in the thread, working together but appearing separate. This would basically make all the players secret lovers that share an action, rather than control the 'same' character. The benefit of this would be that it encourages discussion by having everyone able to talk to everyone. The disadvantage is that you have to figure out how to deal with a situation when a player-pair is in second and third place for the lynch, but their totalled votes add up to make them first, and how to accept actions being sent in (you could potentially make players just in effect be lovers, with each having a potentially different role, but this would introduce higher variance if a double-role got killed). The second alternative is that you make the pairings public and actually treat the players as the same character. The disadvantage with this though is that there's not as much of a benefit for doing so, it just halves the number of players. Moving on to balance, I feel this was tipped in the Eliminator's favour. In retrospect, I feel I should have either kept at two Eliminators and made one a Thug, or given the village a Thug. The reason I went for 3 in the end was because the village players basically had a confirmed villager to talk to, whereas the Eliminators didn't get any real benefit from the doubling up mechanic other than potentially being harder to kill at night. I think a large part of the reason that the village lost was because they focused down on certain players and did not have enough time to correct the mistake, unlike in a normal game where the first few lynches can go badly but the game can be turned around later. The lynch of Sart also taking out Elbereth was very fortunate for them, as El was close to calling Orlok out as an Eliminator. Admittedly, this would have done little unless his partner was found, but it would have been a start. The Role distributions were picked because I wanted an essentially Roleless game. This game contained 10 Roleless players and 1 Messenger. I distributed Roles with no actual effect to make it harder to realise that this was what I did. Unfortunately, I feel that this was a bit too clever, as the timescale of the game meant that this was never going to be realised. In any case, the idea was to focus on the discussion and analysis, as well as subvert expectations. As I say though, I feel I should have given a Thug out to one side, either in addition to the or instead of the Messenger on the Village side, or instead of a third player on the Eliminator side. Interestingly, I also think that there are arguments for removing the Messenger entirely. The Night Turns were very quiet, when in actual fact they could have been used just as easily to have discussions about the Day Turn with other Night players. Instead, these discussions were mostly confined to PMs, which is okay, at least something is happening, but not great. The PMs were there to feel the other Night players out and try and get a read on them, while having a public examining in the thread. This did not happen, however, but I think it's as much a consequence of the metagame on this forum as anything else, as we do tend to neglect the thread when PMs are up, when it should really be used for further discussion. Another point which is not a consequence of balance per se but of prediciton and how the game went. There was no lynch on Day 1. This was very important, and I could have perhaps expected that players would not want to kill two players off. The original idea meant that on Day 3, it would be lynch-or-lose, and you would have the most information possible to prevent the latter. Unfortunately, by not killing anyone, it meant you had much less information to go on and thus it was harder to prevent the losing lynch on Day 3, which may not have been apparent. As I say, I could have predicted this. My personal opinion though is that if I was playing, I would've definitely voted to make it a lynch regardless of whether it'd get me lynched the following Day, and that it's more of a lesson on not being afraid to kill someone in this game than anything balance-wise. So, a quick summary of my findings: People enjoyed being paired up. The ability to bounce ideas off someone you know is safe seems to have been used quite well. Limiting players to half a Cycle though really hurts players with less time on their hands and limits discussion a lot more than expected. Would suggest using a method more akin to 'The Lovers' than the Day/Night split, to help encourage thread-use. There's definitely a potential for similar games in the future, but I would like to find the sweet spot where it works best. And notes on balance: Eliminator team was slightly pushed, and I could've done with erring on the side of caution. It wasn't unwinnable though. When the game is short, Village players need to act aggressively to provoke as much discussion as possible. PMs tend to prevent discussion in the thread over the Night Turn. I would probably remove it to force players to discuss, but my concern is that it might lead to Night players feeling they had absolutely nothing to do, when that's not true at all. Players really don't like lynching two people on the first Day. I would really like to find a way to encourage D1 lynches. And now for something completely different. Write-ups are hard, and I have at this point written so many variations (including trying different styles of write-up as well) of various lengths (LG7 had some that were 3k words long!) that I have some difficulty figuring out what to do next. This was compounded in this game by the fact that we have two characters per player, essentially, and I would have had to meld them together to do them justice. So, in order to deal with the fact that the characters were harder to write for the write-ups, I intentionally removed them from the equation and wrote an essentially RP-piece. What did people think of the write-ups and the direction I chose for them?
  6. My work here is done . I will talk about this when I talk about everything else.
  7. Day 4: Ghosts in the Mirror "...And so the odd man died," Wurum said, coming to a rest. When he didn't say anything else, Khas gave him a verbal nudge. "So?" he asked, "what happened next? You can't just leave me on this suspenseful cliffhanger, what happened the next day?" "I don't know," Wurum muttered quietly. "Pardon?" "I said I don't know," Wurum growled, standing up violently and banging his legs against the table. The wine swayed in the glasses, threatening to spill onto the wood and stain it a deep, rich red. "I wasn't there. I cut my losses and left, does that satisfy you?" "How can it? You ran," Khas said flatly. "You left them to die. They were your subordinates, you had a duty to care for them. Instead, you acted like a coward and fled for your life." "What could I do?" Wurum asked, clenching his fists as he glared down at his guest. "The next day, I didn't get any names passed to me. All I got was confusing and unhelpful suggestions. It was clear to me at this point that the Sons of Honour had as good as killed off our operations in the town, if not actually. Without knowing who was on our side and who was on theirs, I couldn't take any action against them. If I'd stayed, I'd have been killed sooner rather than later. No, I'd have been captured and tortured for my secrets, and frankly, I am too valuable to the organisation to let that happen. It's unfortunate, but better for everyone if a few lower-level people die for the good of the group." "So you survived," Khas nodded, frowning. "But only because you decided to place your worth above theirs. What a cowardly thing to do." "I had no choice. And for that matter, our superiors agreed, they would have done the same in my situation. I made the right decision." "And I'm sure that would have been a great comfort to you if you were in Arvian's shoes," Khas replied. His expression was calm, but while he seemed tranquil, he spoke through gritted teeth. "Tell me, would you like to die for the Ghostbloods?" "They knew that was a risk when they signed up!" Wurum replied, raising his voice, heedless of anyone hearing him. "It's their fault they're dead, not mine! If they'd only just found the bastards, they'd still be alive! They've no-one to blame but themselves!" "The dead can't blame anyone," Khas said softly. "The only one blaming you is yourself." Wurum gave a weary and worn sigh and collapsed into his chair, his legs folding beneath him as though unable to support his weight anymore. "It's not my fault," he repeated, placing his arms on the table and resting his head on them. Tears slowly fell on the table, seeping into wood. "You don't understand. It's not my fault." There was no response. On the table before him was his own empty plate, a glass with dregs of wine at the bottom, and three empty bottles. The other half of the table was clear. The tricorne hat, a favourite of his when he went around disguised, sat silently on the chair opposite him, judging him. A coat was draped over the chair's back, a fetching long leather coat that he had purchased on Scadrial. The Lighteyes here did enjoy their fashion, but in his opinion it could never hold a candle to Scadrial's. He never wore it anymore. Behind the chair, the mirror reflected the room back on itself. Within the glass, it depicted an image of the room. The image was cold and dark, and all it contained within was one man and his despair. The Sons of Honour win! As this was an experimental game, I would like to know what people thought about the pairing up aspect of the game and its implementation. I will post my usual after-game analysis of the concepts and balance within this game either tomorrow or Saturday. Dead/Spec Doc Sons of Honour Doc Mastersheet
  8. Night 3: Antipathy Khas whistled. "I'd hate to be that Harvey guy. If I didn't know better, I'd have to assume that everyone was just waiting for the change to get him offed." "I would have hoped that our people would have enough professionalism not to endanger our mission like that," Wurum shrugged. "But ultimately, it doesn't matter. As before, I did what was necessary. At the very least, it was a relatively painless death. He went to sleep and simply... never wake up. Compared to how most people in this business end up, it's a relatively kind death. More than they could have expected." "Heh. So you expecting that sort of courtesy when your time comes?" Khas asked. "You're assuming that I will be killed?" Wurum raised an eyebrow. "Have you no faith?" "In you surviving? Damnation, I don't even expect myself to survive in this line of work. Why do you think I have such an irreverent view on life? I'm sure someone will kill me some day." He pushed his glass forward. "Is there any more of that wine?" "I suppose so," Wurum sighed as he got up and took another bottle out of the wine rack. "I'm glad it's not my wine you're guzzling down like water." "It's not?" Khas asked. "damnation, then why am I even bothering?" He chuckled. "Is the only reason you're here to try and drink as much alcohol as possible?" "No, no. Remember, I want to hear your story," Khas pointed out as he poured himself another glass. "So why not continue?" "Well, before I do... There is one thing you could at least tell me. Why have you appeared here? This story isn't that important to you, is it?" "No, but I have my reasons," Khas shrugged. "And you're not going to tell me what those reasons are?" Wurum asked. "I was bored," Khas said. At Wurum's disbelieving gaze, he threw his hands up in the air in defeat. "Okay, fine. I was concerned." "Concerned? You?" "Yeah. Without me, you've got no-one to keep you sane. Damnation, I know I'd go mad if I only had a few spren for company. So, decided to keep you company for a bit." "I suppose the thought is appreciated," Wurum nodded. "And I also thought I was drinking out your wine," Khas said. "Let's not forget that." "Fine. I won't, I promise you. So, do you even want to hear the rest of the story?" "Of course," Khas smiled as he raised his glass in a half-toast. "Can't just leave the story there, can we? I want to hear the rest of it." "Very well... Then let's move on to the following night..." Harvey (Hemalurgic Headshot) was a Ghostblood! Harvey/Hemalurgic Headshot (6): Arvian/Arinian, Groot/Droughtbringer, Thorot/Jondesu, Brandir Sebarial/Elenion, Stick, Revali/TheMightyLopen Elenion/Brandir Sebarial (1): Harvey/Hemalurgic Headshot Night 3 has begun! It will end at 9 PM on Thursday, GMT. Day players may not post in the thread. Night players may now PM each other and post in the thread.. Notemos Town Hall Clock Player List
  9. Day 3: History "You know, for someone who claims to hate blood and violence, you had no problems telling me just how gruesome that death was." "It's been a while since I saw it," Wurum said. "The image is etched on my brain like it's been carved on stone. And yet, at the same time, there is a certain detachment to it. It's both a sharp and well-defined picture within my head, and yet at the same time, it's fuzzy and distant. I suppose the important thing is that while I discovered his body, I did not see the act take place. I didn't wield the knife myself. I'm not sure. Perhaps it's just that I don't mind because I'm telling you about it? I don't claim to know myself well enough to be able to tell you." Khas chuckled. "I suppose none of us do, really. So, what happened the next day then? Surely one of those so-called 'Honour' guys bit it?" "I would like a break, for now." Wurum stood up from the table. "I am getting hungry, and could do with some food to go with the wine." "Blech," Khas made a face. "Count me out. I'd rather starve than have Soulcast stuff." "There's not just Soulcast food here," Wurum admitted. "I may have lied to get you to leave earlier." "You say the sweetest things. So what fare do you have to offer?" "Not much better, to be honest. Dried meats, some cheese... Salted food. Things that last. It's not as bad as Soulcast food, but only just." "It will have to do," Khas sighed. "As long as you don't use it as another method of poisoning me." "Honestly, you shouldn't worry so much, Khas. You're irritating at times, but I do consider you my friend. And neither of those are worthy of death, no matter how it may feel sometimes. And I certainly have no orders to kill you. You came here of your own volition, I assume, so it's not as though my being here with you is some grand orchestration to take you out." "Oh." Khas smiled. "That's a good point, I hadn't thought of it like that. Then yes, I will eat with you, thank you. But nothing fake, just the real stuff. Even if it's not the highest quality cuisine, I'll take that over magic food any day." "Good. Soulcast food is an annoyingly large drain on the gemstones anyway. There's a contraption on the roof we use to restore the gems in a Highstorm. Unfortunately, I have to remain up all through them so I can pull them back in immediately after it's over. We don't want someone to see a large bright light and become curious, after all." "My sympathies. It's a rough life, being anathema to the world." "And wouldn't you know it," Wurum muttered as he disappeared into a small adjoining room and returned with a small platter of food. He raised an eyebrow as he watched Khas get up and rifle through the knickknacks on the shelf again. "Are you looking for something?" "Well, not particularly. Just wanted to stretch my legs, we'd been sitting for a while." He took a mask off the shelf and placed it before him in front of the mirror. "Where's this from? It's very colourful, so I would guess Nalthis?" "You'd guess right," Wurum nodded as he set the table for them both. "A Returned had a jester in his court - Similar to the King's Wit here, but more foolish. The man dressed up in, honestly rather garish, bright clothes and danced around, played instruments, made jokes... I found it interesting that the Returned had actually started selling replicas of the mask." "Huh, so rather than because you liked the jester, it's just because it piqued your interest that a God had turned it into a business venture? That's so like you." "What do you mean?" "Well, take this," Khas said, picking up a think black box with gold lettering in the metallic artifact written across the top. He opened the lid. "Is this a dagger I see before me?" He reached in to take it out of the velvet-lined box, but yelped as suddenly Wurum slapped his hand away. "Don't touch that," Wurum said, lifting the box out of his hands and putting it back. "That is one of the obsidian daggers that the first and only Mistborn of the third age of Scadrial used. It's incredibly valuable and I don't want even your fingerprints on it, to say nothing of the fact that you might drop and break it." "Right, right," Khas muttered, rubbing his wrist. "But that's my point. What does it mean?" "I'm sorry?" Wurum asked, a bit thrown by the question. "I don't understand. It's a dagger. Why does it mean anything?" "Well, can you name any famous battles it's been in? Was he buried with it because it was his favourite? Was it a gift he received and cherished from one of his many children?" "I... I don't know? What are you getting at?" "What I mean by this questioning," Khas said, "is that you are the worst historian ever. You're barely even a collector. This could be an integral part of Scadrialan history, and it's just a bloody curiosity to you. You don't understand it's history or what it is, what it's done. It's just got a fancy label to you. You see the trees, but not the forest. Damnation, I don't know whether watching you try and Forge would be laughable or just annoying." "Shut up and eat," Wurum muttered, dragging Khas away and forcing him back down into his chair. "And if you've not had your fill of death yet either, I'll continue with this bit of history..." Bart (Bartimaeus)/The Soulcaster (Amanuensis) was a Ghostblood! Day 3 has begun! It will end at 9 PM on Wednesday GMT. Night players may not send PMs to anyone other than their partners. Night players cannot post in the thread. Day players can now post in the thread again. Notemos Town Hall Clock Player List
  10. The turn is over! Night players, please stop your PMs.
  11. Night 2: The Wine in Front of Me "So... Sart and-or Elbereth died then," Khas said, when there was a lull. "Killed by a democratic vote. Well, I'm glad it was a bit less dull this time." Given up on making the distinction between them? Or trying to?" Wurum asked with a chuckle. "Yeah, I don't see the point of wondering about it anymore," Khas shrugged. "I thought you were a philosopher? Someone who liked to argue?" "I mean, yes, but... I didn't get that degree to argue with people, but to discuss. I recall what they said to me when I got my degree in Silverlight-" "Yes, I remember as well," Wurum said dryly, interrupting him. "Something along the lines of 'Who in Damnation are you? Someone call for security,' I believe?" "Bah, this anecdote is wasted on you," Khas waved his hand, gritting his teeth a little as he let it slide. "Whatever. So how did this person die?" "How else? I had to kill them." "You? So they just gave you a name they all came up with, and you..." Khas drew his thumb across his neck and made a sound. "Well, I was the one in charge of the group," Wurum pointed out. "So it's my responsibility to correct mistakes such as this. For that matter, you hardly want to give the rank and file to go-ahead to take each other out, do you? What if they get it in their heads that dead man's boots is the way to advance?" "I suppose so," Khas sighed. "So how'd you do it?" he asked, pulling is wine bottle forward and pouring another glass. "Knife in the back? Or across the throat? Paid a couple of thugs to pound the life out of them?" There was a certain bloodthirstiness in his eyes, a small need to know the full details of what had transpired. The Thrill, called on by proxy by the tale of death and violence, was calling him and clouding his mind. He lifted his glass, waiting in anticipation. "Poison," Wurum said. Khas' wine glass froze on its way to his lips. Wurum chuckled. "It's what I'm known for, after all. Well, in certain circles." Khas felt his face going white. He suddenly felt quite cold. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the bottle Wurum was drinking from. He'd given them both their own personal one, complaining that he would have to get up twice as much if they drank from one bottle between them. Was that a ploy to take him out? "You know, I originally trained to be a surgeon?" Wurum asked, taking a careless sip from his own glass. "But, there was a massive problem with that. No stomach for violence. I see one drop of blood, and that's it. Ripping someone open like that? Even if it is ultimately for their benefit... Organs too, for that matter. Disgusting things, better off hidden away. But in any case, I trained a healer for some time. And of course, knowing how to heal, it only follows that I know how to hurt. And most herbs and medicines are quite dangerous in large doses." ""You don't say," Khas said, tapping the side of his glass, his face expressionless and glazed over as he tried to analyse every single odd feeling he had at this time, wondering if they were signs of something greater. "So, I simply poisoned him. It looked suspicious, of course, but less so than an actual violent murder. And most Darkeyes wouldn't know the difference between an attempted poisoning and illness or alcohol poisoning." He looked up, and finally noticed Khas' face. He smiled and chuckled again. "Don't worry." He took Khas' glass and poured a measure into his own glass, knocking it back. "See?" "...The thought occurs," Khas said, fingers tapping restlessly on the table. "That if you have studied such things, then you know how much of a dosage is needed to kill someone. Therefore, you could drink this perfectly happily, safe in the knowledge that you are not ingesting a lethal dose." "Fine then," Wurum shrugged and swapped the bottles around. "Does this satisfy you? Your wine bottle contains more than half of its liquid still. Therefore, if there is a lethal dosage within there, either we shall both die, or I shall die. Happy?" "Yes," Khas said slowly, "unless you knew I was going to say that, and your bottle contains the poison, and now the poisoned bottle of wine is before me." "But what if I hadn't asked?" Wurum said. "Well, then the one I had was poisoned, which you now have, and mine is now safe. But if you knew I knew that..." "I feel you are getting tapped within your own reasoning." "True!" Khas said with a sigh, flopping back against the back of his chair. "It's that old thing you keep saying, isn't it?" "Never fight a land war on the Shattered Plains?" "The other thing." "Do not act incautiously when confronting little bald, wrinkly, smiling men?" "The third thing then." "Oh. Never go against a Heron when death is on the line," Wurum smiled. "Yes. I'm flattered by the amount you're tying your brain in knots here. In any case, we can solve this then." He got up and took down a water jug, which was empty of its contents, and poured both wine bottles into the jug. Then, he poured a glass for them each. "There. Either we both die, or neither of us do. Satisfied?" "...I suppose that half the amount in the bottle, plus what I have already drunk could be lethal... Or that you could have taken dosages of it in the past, in order to build up an immunity, like that mad old king..." "You're finding problems now for the sake of it. Clearly you're bored. Shall I tell you about the next night then?" Khas sighed once more and took the glass in his hand. "Tell away. If I'm going to die, I would rather have a good story to listen to while I expire." "Very well then..." Night 2 has begun! PMs are open! Night players may now post in the thread. The Night will end at 10 PM GMT on Monday. Sart/Senja (Elbereth) was a Ghostblood! 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