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  1. As stated in the rules on the first post, please stick to 'Voting for [Player]' or 'Removing vote from [Player]'
  2. Can't remove a vote from a player you haven't voted on In other words, that's circumventing the rules, and would be frowned upon most highly. People need to stop trying to game the system >>.
  3. Kas posted on this thread! That means he's playing! You all saw it!
  4. Point taken. All formatting bar the standard is banned, other than greentexting the person you're removing your vote from, and redtexting the player you are adding your vote to. It would be fairly obvious from the sheer number of posts you'd have to make to do that though, as remember that you can't vote for a player and remove a vote from that same player in the same post. Attempting to circumvent the rules in such a way would get you smitten smoted smited killed. If you have any questions for the GM when the game begins, as all posting in the thread except for votes is forbidden, please PM them to me, and I will clarify the rule in the thread if appropriate. That's the plan
  5. No, that's fine. It's just for people changing their names. Other than the person you're voting for being in red, and the person you're removing your vote for being in green, no coloured text allowed :P. Well, other than black.
  6. I suppose due to the restrictions on thread-posting, though it's kind of the opposite. The mafia do not have a doc, but they will know who the other people on their team are. I can add the order that the votes were made. I'll post next to peoples' posts (X), where X is the numbered vote on them (even if X-1 has been retracted, for example). I also have no problem with colouring the votes on a player to reflect what alignment the player was when that player dies. Also, while I am posting, a word to those people who want to take part in the Ookla festivities later this month - Last year, I got very frustrated with people doing this, as I had no warning and suddenly had a load of people posting under different names and sometimes different images. It doesn't help any of the players to change your name, and it certainly doesn't help the GM either, who needs to pay the most attention to who has done what. However, having said that it annoyed me, I also don't want to outlaw it as people don't usually do it to annoy and just want to join in with a religious festival fun forum activity. As such, I'm going to implement a rule to make this manageable: If you plan on changing your name at any point later in the game, I will require you to preface every single post you make with your actual username, even before your name changes. I will give you one chance to correct all your posts, but after that, if you make another post and one of your posts does not contain your name, I will kill you off. Also remember that this game is about restricting the information players can give to each other. Only your votes should speak for you. As such, if you change your name (or title) in a way that I deem to be an attempt to give out information, I will kill you off. Strictly speaking, this is just the logical extension of my previous comment, but I thought it was worth pointing out.
  7. Correct, there are no PMs either. Players cannot interact with each other except by their votes - And any attempt to circumvent that will be considered attempting to break the rules of the game. It amuses me that you guys are naming yourselves, when the whole point of this is that there is to be no RP and no writeups As for whether or not it's similar to Doc and Alexis' game, I don't know, you'll have to tell me which one that was.
  8. Adding to the firs- Wait a minute...
  9. Ah, someone asks Adding the rules to the first post
  10. F28: Minimalist Elimination Silence is golden. This game is a roleless QF game. Each Turn will last 24 hours. It will begin at 21:00 GMT on Wednesday next week. Each Turn, the player with the most votes (or a player randomly chosen between tied players) will be lynched and an Eliminator (chosen in sequence) will be asked to kill a player. There will be a number of people selected as Eliminators, and everyone else will be Villagers. The Eliminators will know who their allies are, but unlike normal games, they cannot communicate in secret. The game ends when the Eliminators equal or outnumber the Villagers (Eliminator win), or the Eliminators are all dead (Village win). But that's not too interesting - What's the twist? Well, there are two twists, you'll be glad to know. One large, and one small. The small rule change is as follows: Instead of the GM posting the votes for the lynch each Turn, a spreadsheet will be provided with far more information. The first tab will be a summary of how the votes ended each Turn, which is basically your lynch summary that you get in normal games. The other tabs will be a list of every vote that player made each Turn, and whether or not they were retracted. Therefore, all the previous turn's information will be available for everyone at all times at a glance. The large rule change is that players may only post one of two things in the thread - 'Voting for [Player]' or 'Removing vote from [Player]'. Not even RP or bluetext is allowed. You also may not vote for a player and then remove that vote from the same player within the same post. Therefore, this game is designed to have analysis easily accessible, and to require less time commitment from everyone. It will also test your ability to manipulate people and figure out peoples' alignments solely with votes, and not with words. The game will begin at 21:00 GMT on Wednesday next week Player List
  11. Indeed. Normally I do a bit of post-game analysis, seeing which bit of the games worked and which didn't, but I think this time a fairly short summary is more appropriate. 1) The extra lives for conversions worked well and made people think about playing in different ways. This is good. The extra lives mean that people are happier to wait for more interesting potential converts, but at the same time, the Village is rewarded for finding the Seer early still. 2) At the end of the game, we had a 25% inactivity rate. That's more than the maximum number of Eliminators this game could have had (which would have been ~20%). 3) The Eliminators should not have won. Both DA and Araris tripped up, and in any other game it would have cost their team the victory. It's only due to point 2 that they still won. I'm glad people enjoyed the game, as well as the story. However, from a GM's perspective, the inactivity rate in this game was very disheartening. At this ridiculously high rate, any attempt at balance goes out the window because the GM cannot plan for it, and arguably should not plan for it. We as a community need to figure this out, and if that means having smaller-sized, simpler and shorter games, then that's a perfectly good solution if it leads to better games. I have had a few ideas which might lead to more activity within the games, and I've discussed them with Orlok and Wilson. Next time I GM (I believe it's an MR, which seems appropriate for these ideas), I will be using them, and it will be interesting to see what effect they have on the games...
  12. While I can understand your dislike of it as a move within the game, it should be noted that Orlok's dropping out was a protest move and not intended to help the Village. As a GM, I would never allow a player to drop out just to save the Village a lynch and prove their innocence; You are correct in saying that the lynch (and also Coinshot roles) are the way to prove innocence, and that the Village has to make use of the lynch or kill Role for that. However, having said that I agree with you that dropping out in such a way is gamebreaking, I also understand Orlok's reasoning and I quite possibly would have requested the same in his shoes. We allowed it in this case because it was very, very clear that Orlok was not doing it to gain an advantage for his side. With regards to discussing Orlok's greviences, and why we let him drop out, I would prefer to take that off-thread for privacy reasons. There will be a PM going round at some point in the near future to all parties involved to discuss this.
  13. There's not a huge amount in either, but I have added them.
  14. Finale: Pragmatism Waern looked over his desk at them, drumming his fingers as he thought about what to do. They looked so confident, and in truth they had every right to be. They outnumbered him, and there was no Allomancy to even the odds. On either side, really. Not unless Nickel got creative with some Soothing. "This is... an awkward position we are in," Waern said with a sigh, finally. "Everyone knows it's you two - Well, everyone alive, at any rate," he corrected himself, "but we can't really do anything about you. I could threaten to turn you over to the Inquisition, but you would just kill me. Obviously, I'd quite like to prevent that. You have no real reason to keep me alive either, for that matter, which is something I would quite like to change." "So what are you offering?" Hadrian asked. "A truce," Waern said, though it hurt him to suggest it. "We can continue this merry dance for a bit longer, but all that will happen is that more people will die. Most likely people on my side. The intelligent thing to do would be to call an end to it now, while there are still people alive. We surrender; you win." "Just like that?" Hadrian raised an eyebrow. "Just like that," Waern nodded in agreement. "I have always prided myself on being a practical man. If fighting is sure to result in a loss, then it must be avoided if possible. We'll state that the state of emergency is over with, and the traitors have been cause. With Sheon's death, there are none left who would speak out against you. Perhaps they don't know, perhaps they don't care. Either way, the only ones willing to take action over this debacle are us three in this room." "And what about Jaina? You expect her to remain silent?" Nickel asked. "I've already dealt with her," Waern said, darkly. "Consider it a gesture of good faith. She will be implicated as the final member of the traitor's group, and the matter will be closed. We will forget this ever happened, and get on with our lives." "What evidence do we have that you'll keep quiet though?" Hadrian asked. "All very well to say it's an amnesty for now, but what about tomorrow? Or next week?" "We'll fashion a dead drop," Waern suggested. "If either party dies, or attempts to publicise what has happened this past week and a half, the incriminating evidence on that party will find its way into the hands of our higher ups. And I don't think they would be pleased with any of us if any of it became public. We would all be implicated and become wanted men, regardless of who broke the truce." Nickel smiled a bit. "Ah yes. I don't think you want that being made public. We'd just be executed, but you'd be tortured first, wouldn't you?" He looked to Hadrian. "I think we can trust this amnesty." "Sure?" Hadrian asked, still hesitant. "What about the atium we were given? From the vault, I mean?" "Sell it," Waern shrugged. "A bit of creative accounting here and there, and I'll replenish our atium stock soon enough, with no-one any the wiser. As for the beads in your possession, I'm sure there's a black market somewhere around this city that will buy it. If not, at some point I will send you to another Dominance under the guise of being there for work, so you can find a better market." "You've thought this through, haven't you?" Nickel said with a chuckle. "It was an event I planned for from the start," Waern said. "Contingency plans are always useful. Besides, I feel goodwill towards you, after all this is done with. This whole event has brought to light a painful thorn in my side that I wasn't aware of, and then even better, it has also removed it in swift succession. It may not be due to you two specifically, but I am feeling rather generous at present. So please, consider it - We call an end to it, and I swear of your innocence, or we see this through, the rest of us die, and you live out the rest of your lives wanted by the Inquisition." Hadrian and Nickel considered the matter, and then both nodded. "Very well, we'll accept your terms." "Good." Waern raised his hand across the desk, and shook both of their hands in turn. "I think that this will be the start of a very long and worthwhile friendship. And incidentally, if you haven't had your fulfillment of subterfuge and skullduggery, I might have an opportunity open for you in the near future..." There were some people back in Luthadel who had to pay for what they'd done to him. Perhaps he had found someone to help him with that matter. Internally he was seething, putting all his effort into maintaining the mask, but that didn't mean he couldn't spot potential assets all the same. "We will consider it," Nickel nodded, as they both stood up from their chairs. "In the meantime, it has been a pleasure doing business with you sir." "Yes, thank you sir," Hadrian said with a small bow, just enough to be polite, "for your generous terms." "The pleasure is mine," Waern said, as he opened the door for them, ever the gracious host. He closed the door gently after they had left, and sat back down in his office chair. He was thankful that his office was soundproofed, as it meant that no-one could hear him swear. The Eliminators win! Eliminator Doc Master Spreadsheet Dead Doc Spec Doc
  15. Taunting the GM is dangerous, Aonar...