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  1. If an Eliminator or Coinshot/Lurcher goes inactive, that ruins any semblance of balance in the game. Most roles in a game are not too important, but there are certain ones which are rather important. If a player dies during the game with one of these roles, that's fine as it's either a reward or punishment depending on what was taken out. If someone just goes inactive, that's impossible to plan for unless the player does it repeatedly, and neither side should be punished or rewarded for a player going inactive. Which means, from a GM-perspective, there are certain players that I do not want to give a power role or make an Eliminator, because the game gets thrown completely out of balance if they go inactive. And if a player cannot be made an Eliminator, then I really have to consider them being banned from my games, because we run into the problem of people being soft-confirmed, not because of any game rules, but because the GM is scared to give them any responsibility.
  2. The Eliminators were Kynedath, LivingLegend, and The Young Bard. With regards to the idea of inactivity filters, I don't think that they really do anything - Inactive people don't care about whether they die or not, and it makes no real difference to the game whether inactive players are dead or alive.
  3. Aftermath Araris Valerian wins! ...Seriously. As literally the only person to post last Cycle, I'm ending the game there and declaring him the winner by default. There were 11 players left in the game, 3 of whom were Eliminators. We got one post by a Villager last Cycle, and that was it for activity for this Cycle. I've said before that the most annoying thing for a GM is for players to go inactive because it messes with their balancing, but I understand if people have things suddenly come up in real life that pull them away. Having said that though, a 91% inactivity rate for a Cycle is highly indicative of something more wrong with the game, or perhaps that I've missed something somewhere. Was it that there was no theme, no discussion, no roleplaying? This game was built in response to people saying that they don't have time to roleplay or respond to or write long analyses. This was meant to be the easiest game for people to remain active in, as all you had to do was to look at the vote spreadsheet and write three words in your post. At one point in the game, Orlok let me know that the link to my spreadsheet was broken. This was 46 hours into the Cycle, and no-one else had brought it up before then. Did anyone even look at that over the course of the game? This was an incredibly disheartening experience, and quite frankly it puts me off ever running a game again.
  4. Cycle 7 Madagascar was lynched! Droughtbringer was killed by the Eliminators! Madagascar (4): phattemer, Araris Valerian, Devotary of Sponteneity, Kynedath Kynedath (3): StrikerEZ, Madagascar, asterion137 Araris Valerian (1): Droughtbringer Vote summary sheet. The Cycle will end at 9PM GMT on Friday. Remember the rules about posting in this thread - You can only vote or remove a vote. Player List Quick Links:
  5. The Cycle is over, but I'm afraid I will have to delay the next day until this time tomorrow due to the GM being a moron and forgetting to arrange a kill...
  6. As Droughtbringer has his username in his title, this is fine.
  7. Cycle 6 Straw was lynched! Sart was killed by the Eliminators! Straw (3): Sart, Araris Valerian, Devotary of Spontaneity Devotary of Spontaneity (3): Madagascar, asterion137, Straw StrikerEZ (2): StrikerEZ, Kynedath Sart (1): livinglegend Vote summary sheet. The Cycle will end at 9PM GMT on Tuesday. Remember the rules about posting in this thread - You can only vote or remove a vote. Player List Quick Links:
  8. First and only warning for Straw. First and only warning for Devotary of Spontaneity.
  9. Cycle 5 Crimsn-Wolf was lynched! Alvron was killed by the Eliminators! Crimsn-Wolf (4): Straw, Sart, Araris Valerian, livinglegend Madagascar (2): Devotary of Spontaneity, Kynedath Alvron (1): A Joe in the Busj Sart (1): Alvron Vote summary sheet. The Cycle will end at 9PM GMT on Sunday. Remember the rules about posting in this thread - You can only vote or remove a vote. Player List Quick Links:
  10. The Turn is over, and I'm glad to see a flurry of activity near the end
  11. Cycle 4 Darkness_ was lynched! Lemonelon was killed by the Eliminators! Darkness_ (4): Orlok Tsubodai, Straw, Crimsn-Wolf, Devotary of Spotaneity Crimsn-Wolf (3): Araris Valerian, Lemonelon, livinglegend Orlok Tsubodai (2): Alvron, Darkness_ Lemonelon (1): The Young Bard Madagascar (1): Kynedath phatemmer (1): Sart Vote summary sheet. The Cycle will end at 9PM GMT on Friday. Remember the rules about posting in this thread - You can only vote or remove a vote. Player List Quick Links:
  12. Way too late, I'm afraid, the Cycle finished 12 hours ago.
  13. Yo . We could still be bots though. My question was sadly RAFO'd. Are we allowed to post Oathbringer spoilers in here? Edit: Just checked, and we can. It's interesting that I got a RAFO and kalamitous_emoashions didn't, as my question was actually very similar...
  14. Cycle 3 Haelbarde was lynched! BrightnessRadiant was killed by the Eliminators! Haelbarde (5): Straw, Alvron, StrikerEZ, Crimsn-Wolf, Darkness_ Crimsn-Wolf (4): Sart, Kynedath, livinglegend, Devotary of Spontaneity asterion137 (2): A Joe in the Bush, Araris Valerian Sart (1): phattemer Araris Valerian (1): Steeldancer BrightnessRadiant (1): Lemonelon Darkness_ (1): Orlok Tsubodai Vote summary sheet. The Cycle will end at 9PM GMT on Tuesday, but I'm off to see Sanderson then, so Cycle 4 will begin on Wednesday . Remember the rules about posting in this thread - You can only vote or remove a vote. As a reminder to Steeldancer and Darkness_, please follow the subforum rules for Ookla season. I will not be accepting any votes from any Ookla player unless they preface said vote with their name. Continued ignoring of this may result in the player being nuked from orbit. Player List Quick Links:
  15. This is your warning for this game. Go back and re-read the rules for Ooklas, both for this game and for the subforum as well. Edit: Same for Steeldancer as well.