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  1. Fixed.
  2. Let's not forget one very significant scene where Renarin was using Illumination (a non-Lightweaving application of it). It was in Chapter 120, when he defeated a thunderclast with Light: This was my favorite Renarin scene, to be honest. By the way, I bet this type of offensive/purifying Illumination was what Ym's spren had in mind when she urged him (in vain) to use Light against Nale back in that WoR interlude.
  3. Mistborn spoilers: It's nice to know that the Intent of a Shard is more subtle than it may seem at first. I also feel that the only good solution to the Odium problem is to merge the Shard with another, to give Adonalsium's "passion" aspect a positive directing force.
  4. Chapter 50, page 571 in the Google Play Books edition: Is that supposed to be "wandered"? Or maybe it's "Someone powerful had wanted to get into this room"?
  5. Interesting. Well, I guess I won't be pre-ordering any e-books from now on...
  6. And by the looks of it, it might be the Skaa. Thank God I followed my hunch. So, I pre-ordered Oathbringer last April on Google Play Books using a credit card that got deactivated last month. Apparently Google only charges people for pre-orders on the day of the release, so when it tried charging that old credit card last night (well, midnight), things went wrong. So that's the reason I was having problems. Solution: Add my new credit card to the Play Store, cancel pre-order, then buy the book. I now have Oathbringer! It even ended up being cheaper this way. But storm it! If I tried this last night I would've already been half-way done by now!
  7. Has anyone managed to get it from Google Play Books, yet?
  8. I just noticed that while the Google Play Books app has the Read link (which doesn't work ), the Play Books website shows a "Cancel Pre-order" link instead. This, to put it mildly, is annoying. I'm sorely tempted to click on that "Cancel Pre-order" link and just order somewhere else, but it doesn't seem to be available on Kindle Store either. *sigh*
  9. I'm willing to wait, but boy did that Read button get my hopes up!
  10. Aaargh! It's already November 14 here in the Philippines (a few minutes past midnight) and Google Play Books already shows a Read button for my pre-ordered Oathbringer e-book, but tapping it gives me a "No sample available" error. Stoooooorms!!!
  11. That WoB makes things a bit tricky. It makes me think Thaidakar isn't in fact Kelsier, but it's quite possible that the Ghostbloods are just the Rosharan branch of a bigger cosmere-wide organization. We'll see what happens.
  12. It certainly is in the Tenth Anniversary Edition. You could look up what the other Aons look like in the Coppermind article.
  13. Upon re-reading the Ire chapter, I have to agree. You're right about how he got that ability. Thanks for the correction! Also from re-reading, that Elantrian device that detects Threnodites looks awfully like an alerter fabrial. Could the Ire somehow be powering a Rosharan artifact using Selish Investiture? Okay this is getting off-topic...
  14. Yeah, that was to said to the Lord Ruler. But Kelsier referred to hope and even his self-proclaimed association to it all throughout Secret History. Here are just a few other notable examples: Lastly, when Ruin was tempting Spook to kill Beldre, Kelsier was there, repeatedly whispering "Hope" to Spook until the kid found the strength to fight the temptations and pulled his spike free. So yeah, hope is a very important concept to Kelsier, perhaps as much as survival is. i think it's quite reasonable to imagine him using a symbol of hope as an insignia, even if the symbol was alien in origin.
  15. Well, if you're sure... He encounters a group of Elantrians called the Ire in some sort of fortress in the Cognitive Realm. The Ire were waiting for Leras to die so that one of them (Alonoe) could take Preservation using a glowing liquid that could briefly create enough Connection with Preservation to Ascend. Kelsier learned of this plan, stole the sphere containing the Connection liquid, and basically used the Ire's plan for himself. This is how Kelsier took Preservation. Aside from that, he also witnessed an Elantrian device that could detect the presence of people from Threnody (though perhaps it could also be set to detect other races), and a huge, long cord that apparently connected the fortress to some far off power source (probably Elantris). More importantly, Kelsier as a Cognitive Shadow had the ability to magically learn the meaning of words just by seeing or hearing them; this was how he understood what "Ire" meant, and how he deciphered the Ire's plans which were laid down in a book he found inside the fortress. That book contained lots of Aons, so afterwards he would have known the meaning of a bunch of them, perhaps including Aon Ati.