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  1. Why Nahel Bonds result in 2 Surges

    Actually I never even mentioned Abrasion and Progression in my theory, as I did not know those Surges at the time. But yeah I acknowledge that my Spren Essences theory is out of date. Speaking of out of date theories, I did have another theory that dealt directly with the connection between the Attributes and the Surges. I wrote it when we started learning more Surges but not about Cohesion yet. Using the pattern I came up with I predicted that the final Surge was Magnetism (which of course was wrong), but Cohesion did sort of fit the pattern as well so I edited the theory after WoR came out. I'm not too fond of it now (especially since I didn't anticipate Brandon renaming Pressure to Adhesion, Friction to Abrasion, and Growth to Progression), but maybe some of you might find it interesting.
  2. Why Nahel Bonds result in 2 Surges

    I had a sort of similar theory way back, even before Words of Radiance came out. Check it out here. It's similar in that I also wondered how the Attributes relate to spren. Note that this was before most of the Surges and Orders were known to us (because WoK only introduced "Pressure", Gravitation, and "Soulcasting") so I focused on the Essence table, i.e. how the Essences related to the Radiant spren's appearance, and the Attributes that each spren seemed to be attracted to or were actively trying to encourage in their bonded humans. Funnily enough, I failed to link Shallan with "Creative", though I was able to link Cryptics to "Honest" so I still ended up associating the Blood Essence to her (we now know that Blood is the Essence linked to the Order of Lightweavers). I also had this weird thing where I even used the inner connections of the Knights Radiant chart (e.g. Zephyr-Lucentia, Blood-Talus, etc.) instead of just the outer connections. This was because Kaladin's role as a healer who cared for others strongly linked him to Lucentia (Loving/Healing) in my eyes even though he's obviously a leader and a protector as well. I admit that your theory looks more plausible since it's based on current information. *upvotes*
  3. I had a thread about that a long time ago. I called it "Self-Awakening", and speculated that it weakens one's bond with Endowment's Investiture.
  4. As a lover of spoilers who (living in the Philippines) will probably never attend a Sanderson signing, I'd say I am rationally jealous. I am very, very happy that Vivenna is alive. Can't wait to find her!
  5. Jasher

    You are correct. I would've waited for @Lwarch to discover it on his own, but I guess enlightening him now is also cool.
  6. Jasher

    I imagine they'd be a grumpier, less devout version of Geranid and Ashir. Scholarly couples are the best! *ships*
  7. Adonalsium Inspiration

    Well, we do know that the Surges of Roshar were inspired by the fundamental forces: As for whether the idea of a unified force inspired the idea of Adonalsium... maybe. I did theorize once that Stormlight is a sort of "Unified Surge" based on the Unified Field Theory, but that's just my speculation.
  8. Need Advice

    Whenever I get bored with a book, I always look for spoilers to see if there's anything awesome to look forward to. Here's a minor one for the Emperor's Soul:
  9. The origin of the surges

    Haha, that happens a lot here so don't worry. It takes a crazy amount of dedication to keep up with all the Words of Brandon ("WoBs") out there. But I say you should still be proud of the insights you gathered by yourself, even if they are already known to us. Honor and Cultivation came to Roshar before Odium did. As per the WoB @Spoolofwhool quoted above, the spren of the Knights Radiant are either of Honor and Cultivation (or a mix), but Odium also has his own spren. It makes sense that Honor and Cultivation would cooperate on a magic system, as their Vessels were lovers. But as you can see, there's still debate as to whether the Surgebinding of the Knights Radiant is the magic system of Honor (with Cultivation only contributing her spren for use in her lover's system) or a sort of hybrid magic system of both Shards. Yes, that's the kind of stuff debated on here.
  10. Bold Stormlight Archive Predictions

    Lift will figure out a way to access all the Surges, making her Roshar's first ever Awesomeborn!
  11. Religions

    I agree. @☫Kelsier☫, I understand that you did mention the wiki in your post, and you probably formed your questions while browsing the Coppermind, but your questions still do not belong in the Coppermind board because those who haven't read the Mistborn series would be spoiled. Rather, you should've posted it in the Mistborn board instead. Please be more mindful next time.
  12. Nahel - Why this word?

    Good call on the etymology of "nahel". I bet that's exactly where Brandon got it. *upvotes* The fact that Radiant spren need ("thirst for") something from humans was (as you guys probably know) already established in WoK: Now, I know that a Nahel bond allows a human to Surgebind, but they also get something else: With the help of the Words they utter, the Knights Radiant also experience spiritual growth. Given that Radiants are "broken" to some extent (at according to Syl), I wonder if the "one quenching its thirst" isn't just the spren but the human as well, and that the human's thirst is the thirst for self-actualization (think Maslow). I guess I might as well express my one disagreement. Unlike @Tsidqiyah, I espouse the common thought that the bond brings spren closer to the physical realm, though I would phrase it as "the bond strengthens their Connection to the Physical Realm". In this, I agree with @Argent. To connect this with my idea above, I think that while spren get a stronger Connection to the Physical Realm from the bond, humans could be getting a stronger Connection to the Spiritual Realm (the realm of ideals, e.g. the idealized version of oneself) from it, leading eventually to self-actualization. Edit: Another possible origin of the word "nahel" is in Hebrew, where it apparently means "to lead a flock to a watering shed". Both definitions are related to quenching thirst, and the Hebrew word is probably cognate with the Arabic one because Hebrew and Arabic are part of the same language family (Semitic).
  13. Religions

    I'd like to clarify something. BoM spoilers, (I'm putting it in spoiler tags since this isn't the Mistborn board): Also, I don't think Harmony is the kind of person who would forbid dual worship. Having followers who are strongly Connected to him via genuine religious devotion would of course be advantageous to him because he could affect those people more, but he's probably too wise (or cunning, depending on how you see him) to openly insist on that. As I understand it, Pathism is more concerned with truth than worship. Besides, Harmony's only real competition are actual Shards; in which case, "Thou shalt not have other gods before me" would be rather difficult to enforce if a Pathian is directly corrupted by another Shard (either via Hemalurgy or some other mechanism), don't you think?
  14. Need certain spoilers, please...

    Ah, good point. Because she doesn't know who will get a fake death, there'd be a risk of her hoping that a beloved character would be revived, only for her hopes to be dashed in the end. I'm sorry I didn't think of that. The only way to fix this is... to give more spoilers! ("Spoilers: the cause of and solution to all of life's problems!" -Homer Simpson. Oh wait that's alcohol.) Specifically, here are the characters who appear to die but are alive in the end:
  15. Need certain spoilers, please...

    Alright. The Coppermind has an incomplete but very long list of dead characters, but that includes characters from Brandon's non-Cosmere books. I'll try to list some notable non-Scadrian Cosmere deaths here, but I'll leave out any name already mentioned by Quiver (a couple of those weren't really dead, by the way ), as well as any villain, and any who died natural deaths; the people below were all killed: