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  1. Fun fact: While Brandon likes to invent new words (often based on real world non-English words) in his fiction, he also uses uncommon English words sometimes. Aside from odium, there's also recreance, investiture, threnody, and octant (just to name a few). Look them up in a dictionary (like Wiktionary) or an encyclopedia (like Wikipedia) and enjoy your expanded English vocabulary.
  2. @CaptainRyan has the correct answer. A sort of resurrection does take place, though not a very pleasant one for the spren. Most Shardbearers simply can't hear the screams. And of course, since the resurrection needs to happen every time it's summoned, the zombie spren dies again when dismissed. Very unpleasant.
  3. About the "father" thing, Wax later learns that Paalm was referring to a Survivorist priest. From Chapter 12: Father Bin was the priest Wax and Steris asked to perform their wedding ceremony. From Chapter 2: That's why Paalm called him "your father". He was, in a way, "their priest".
  4. Hi @Gladius Deus, First of all, welcome to the 17th Shard! Please put all future inter-Shardworld theoretical discussion threads in Cosmere Theories, not in "Introduce Yourself!". I hope you have an awesome time here. See you around!
  5. Hey Dark Alley, can you please let the spiked cookies thing die already? It's no longer funny.

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      Merciful God of Colors

  6. I have an old abandoned theory that is basically the same as yours, @Kinnsayyy. People didn't like it very much. Right now I still think there's a connection between atium and electrum, though my conclusions have changed somewhat. Aluminum and chromium being opposites of each other is a common counter-argument, but chromium doesn't alloy with other Allomantic metals while atium alloys with all of them, so it's a bit of an apples to oranges thing. The main conundrum is this: If Atium Allomancy is an inversion of Electrum Allomancy in a self-others axis, and Atium-Gold (a.k.a. Malatium) is an inversion of Gold in the same self-others axis, then is it possible that all atium alloys have this self-others inversion? If we say no, then what is the pattern followed by atium alloys? If we say yes, then Atium-Electrum ought to be a self-others inversion of Electrum, which is exactly the same as Atium.
  7. What I did was to put all my favorite forum posts (both from others and from myself) in my About Me page, which I link to in my sig. I'm not sure how effective that is in promoting those posts, though.
  8. All I gotta say is this: Take the "There's a Spren For That" principle and apply it to NSFW stuff.
  9. Welcome to the 17th Shard! My Top 5 changes frequently. Right now it's these guys: Shai Vasher Kelsier Wayne Pattern I like both problem-solvers and characters who make me laugh. Hoid and Lift are honorable mentions. What kinds of characters do you like, @Birdie?
  10. Yet we have Feruchemy, which existed long before Sazed, long before even Rashek. Feruchemy is another combination of Ruin and Preservation's power. Just like Harmony. Just like harmonium. And forgive me, but Preservation didn't "try with all its force to stay away from Ruin". In fact, he did the opposite. His sacrificed his own mind to imprison Ruin in the Well of Ascension. Here's a telling excerpt from HoA: Balance. Harmony. Notice how strangely Ruin worded that. "Balance imprisoned me" implied that balance was the cause of his imprisonment, but "to ...lock it away, to leave me equal with him again" implied that balance was the result of his imprisonment. It seems to me that he was talking about two different things. I think Ruin's imprisonment really was caused by something related to balance. It might be related to the origin of Feruchemy. Or it might be related to the origin of harmonium. It could even be both. Again, speculation is all we can do right now, but I'm just saying we still can't rule out the idea that harmonium is pre-Sazed.
  11. megatheory

    I really wish we had a canon term for "the Spiritual relationship between one part of a Spiritweb and another part of the same Spiritweb", so that I wouldn't have had to invent the term "Internal Connection", as it forced me to give another name ("External Connection") to a concept that already has a canon term ("Connection"). *sigh* Here is another reason why I regret having to invent "Internal Connection". You accuse me of saying Feruchemical Duralumin can manipulate Internal Connections when I said the exact opposite in Part I: In Part III, I discuss the possibility of Religious Connection (an External Connection) acting like an Internal Connection when mixed with Spiritual damage. I was proposing that Religious Connection is an exception to the rule, a sort of bridge between the External and the Internal for spiritually damaged people (e.g. those with Hemalurgic spikes). At least, that's how I interpret the WoBs about Spook and Wax's interactions with their gods. That's how Connectors can use Religious Connection for the purpose I described in Part IV. I think I also need to clarify that not all Connections between a god and a person is necessarily religious in nature. Kelsier's many Connections to Ruin doesn't mean Kelsier worshiped the Shard (he obviously didn't). Preservation has Connections to all Allomancers (and indeed to all Scadrians, though to a lesser extent), but those Connections aren't religious. The only spiked people who actually worshiped Preservation were the kandra, who practiced the old Terris religion: Look back to the scene where TenSoon was forcing himself to not kill Sazed and to pull his spikes free: That mirrored the scene where Spook was being tempted to kill Beldre. We now know that during that event Kelsier was using his (religious) Connection with Spook, who ended up pulling his spike free and saving the city. In the case of the kandra, Vin as Preservation also succeeded in influencing the kandra: What's important to remember here is that Preservation normally can't influence people with damaged souls the way Ruin and Cognitive Shadows can. Leras said it himself: This was how Kelsier was able to whisper to madmen, and how he got to tell Vin not to approach Hoid. When Kelsier Ascended, he stopped being able to do this: Notice also what Kelsier had to do in order to communicate with Spook: As you can see, Kelsier had to draw back the power of Preservation and expose his own soul before he could affect Spook the way he did. Why? Because Spook did not worship Preservation. Spook worshiped Kelsier. The kandra, however, worshiped Preservation. Their faith somehow let Vin (as Preservation) into their souls in a way she wouldn't be able to do with other beings. (Except Elend, though that's another issue and is outside the scope of this discussion.)
  12. megatheory

    That is an interesting idea. It will require Excisors to grant Allomantic powers as well just for Compounding to occur, so I'm not sure if I'm going to espouse that idea, but it might be a more acceptable option for those who don't think a Soulbearer can store his own piece of soul directly if it's sealed in a spike. Anyway, guys, Pagerunner is probably right about Edwarn, so I'm abandoning my idea that the Set is using Religious Connection to siphon Health from people. I have updated Part III accordingly.
  13. Yeah, that wasn't the part I was questioning. I was questioning the part where you conclude harmonium cannot be pre-Sazed because it's an element, That simply doesn't follow. It can be an element and pre-Sazed.
  14. megatheory

    Thanks! I'll try to answer your issues one by one Yeah, one can choose to believe that Allik wasn't being sarcastic or sycophantic or deceptive or imprecise when he said Wax "knew much about this". But frankly, Wax knew not a rusting bit about Southern medallions for certain at that point. For all we know, he was only mostly right, and Allik wasn't in the mood to nitpick. By the way, Allik never says anything about brass; all he says is that the other ring "grants the warmth". So yeah he was being very ambiguous. The main reason why I believe they aren't tapping Investiture is that Spiritual DNA is important in Investiture. If you don't have the right Investiture to tap a Feruchemical Attribute, then you can't tap it. Period. Even if we say, for example, that the memory coin Hoid gave Wax contains the Investitures of both Copper Feruchemy (to tap the memory) and Nicrosil Feruchemy (to tap the Investiture of Copper Feruchemy), we still need to explain how someone who doesn't have a pre-existing Investiture of Nicrosil Feruchemy can tap the Investiture of Nicrosil Feruchemy in that coin. And since the Southerners apparently found a way of using a nicrosilmind without first being a Soulbearer, then they wouldn't need to put Nicrosil Feruchemy in the coin, would they? They just needed to put Copper Feruchemy in there, along with a piece of copper containing the memory. But that doesn't mean Wax was Feruchemically tapping the Investiture of Copper Feruchemy, because he can't; he's not a Soulbearer. Something else was happening there aside from him tapping Investiture. Does that make things clearer? I am okay with it not being very convincing-- again, I'd be surprised if I actually got all these correct-- but you're forgetting about the WoB about Wax. The question in that WoB was how Harmony can communicate with Wax. Brandon already gave the obvious answer (Harmony had both Ruin and Preservation and so could speak to spiked people and listen to them at the same time) but he didn't stop there; he went on to add that bit about Wax's religious connection to Harmony. So that, in addition to Spooks case, made it clear to me that in Brandon's mind religious connection is Realmatically important. Again, I feel that you missed an important bit. I didn't start with Templeton. I started with Edwarn's passing remark that he could make someone else weak while he gains the benefit. Given that he said this in the context of his Hemalurgic "boons" (which incidentally included Gold Feruchemy), he was obviously talking about some bizarre process where he's making someone else suffer what he ought to be suffering in relation to his boons. That implies a special Connection between him and someone else, a Connection that does not only benefit him but obviously affects someone else's Spiritweb (in a negative way). This was exactly the sort of solution we needed when creating multi-powered medallions: a way for one soul to Connect with another in a way that mimics Internal Connection, in order to solve the soul interference problem. Given the WoB that Duralumin Feruchemy is involved in medallion creation, it's no surprise that I latched onto that idea. In order to make a guess as to what kind of Connection that is, I needed to see what the Set and the Southerners had in common. What special Connection would both groups be able to create? That's when I remembered that both groups are religiously motivated, and that we've seen evidence of religious connections doing weird things before. It's not a solid thing, but it led to progress in my speculation, so that was good enough for me. Yeah, as you can tell, I tried to make it as close to "normal" as possible (i.e. the piece of soul is still inside him, and it actually came from him), but obviously a Feruchemist storing a Hemalurgic charge is not something we've ever seen before (though of course, we haven't even met a Soulbearer Ferring before). This is just another speculative part of the theory that you don't really need to accept. The only reason I made this speculation is that if an "unsealed metalmind" really is forming a hybrid being of itself and its user (as was my suspicion from the start), then that sounds eerily like Hemalurgy. It was this mental connection that made me speculate that unsealed metalminds contain Hemalurgic charges. Anyway, I've tried describing what led me to some of the speculations I've made. Feel free to ask more questions, keeping in mind that I claim no certainty about any of this craziness. @Argent, given that I needed to explain so many weird things about the medallions (see the list in the Introduction section), I am very happy I ended up with just four parts. Just take a look at what I had to deal with: I had to explain what Excisors are. I had to show how someone could access a metalmind without being a Feruchemist. I had to somehow involve Duralumin Feruchemy in medallion-creation. (Heck, I was starting to panic when I developed my Excisor theory without even using Duralumin!) I had to describe a hack for "fooling the magic system into thinking that you have the right sDNA." My theory must allow medallions to be used by non-Scadrians. I had to explain why medallions interfered with each other. Why is making three-powered medallions so rusting hard? And what, you were expecting something that's just a tiny bit "not very linear"?! You gotta be kidding me! But seriously, just look at that list and tell me again how convoluted you think my speculations are.
  15. megatheory

    Your Spiritweb, as I said in Part I, is the collection of all your Internal Connections (the Connections of everything that is part of you). Even if those Connections change, as they obviously do, the thing that is the collection of your Internal Connections is still the collection of your Internal Connections. In other words, your Spiritweb is still your Spiritweb no matter how much your aspects have changed. Another point I'd like to make is that, as time does not exist in the Spiritual Realm, your Spiritweb is not just a collection of your Internal Connections now, but also of all the Internal Connections you ever had and will have (which is why atium and malatium works by peering at Spiritual aspects). That is in fact a classic response to the Ship of Theseus: Identity must be seen as a four-dimensional thing that contains all the temporal changes to it, so the Ship of Theseus is still the Ship of Theseus after all of its parts have been replaced one by one. I understand that Brandon said that your spiritual aspect can change and that must have made you think my conclusion was wrong. What I'm saying is that just because some parts of your spiritual aspect change at some point in time doesn't mean the whole four-dimensional thing has suddenly been replaced by something else. The whole remains even when the parts change.