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  1. Sadly, no. Maybe one day I'll hire someone to make it for me. Right now I'm not even that satisfied with some of my card ideas, particularly The Chariot, Justice, and Strength. Speaking of Strength, yeah I think using Elend does seem fitting. I'm imagining the scene where he fights Koloss and eventually Marsh. Well, whichever scene you end up depicting I'm sure it will be great.
  2. Ooh! Another cosmere-related tarot deck! Here's my Stormlight Archive-themed deck (possible SA spoilers, obviously). It's all just descriptions for now; I never got to make actual artwork for it because I don't really have the talent. Anyway, good luck on your little project! I think your choices for the Fool and Magician cards are perfect. Can't wait to see the rest!
  3. That's actually the opposite of what the WoBs say. The one Pagerunner quoted above explicitly said that the Hemalurgist would probably be able to use the victim's metalmind. The WoB in Kurk's thread that I was referring to above explicitly uses Connection to explain how the Gold Compounder could still burn his metalminds after his Feruchemical gold is removed. Edit: ninja'd
  4. Thanks, @Pagerunner! @Kurkistan, I think it's interesting that Brandon uses Identity to explain how a Hemalurgist could access his victim's metalminds, while he uses Connection to explain a Gold Compounder's ability to burn his metalminds for Health even when his Feruchemical gold is removed. I wonder if a sufficiently knowledgeable Twinborn Connector could do a Connection-based hack to burn any metal/metalmind (or, more likely, just other Connector's duraluminminds).
  5. I vaguely remember a WoB regarding whether or not you can use the metalminds of someone whose Feruchemical ability you stole via Hemalurgy, but it doesn't seem to be in Theoryland. Does anyone remember where it is (if it really does exist and I'm not just misremembering things)?
  6. From WoR chapter 45: If you remember, Hoid talks to Shallan shortly after this scene. Note that it isn't explicitly shown that he performed Allomancy, but it's been speculated for a long time that the "powder" Shallan saw him drink was an Allomantic metal. Given that Brandon already said that we saw Hoid use Allomancy, that chapter is the obvious place to look. A popular theory is that Hoid was using Emotional Allomancy on Shallan during their conversation.
  7. Yes. There was a discussion on this shortly after BoM was released. I noted back then that "suit" doesn't really fit the math theme as much as the rest and so I proposed that the theme was that of playing cards instead. I'll just paste here what I wrote there: I don't really know why the Set would use such a theme. Lots of card games involve bluffing and misdirection, so maybe the Set wanted a good analogy for the acts of deception that pervade their policies. "The world is a card game and you only win by fooling others," or some stupid thing Edwarn might say.
  8. Well, we do have a cat Inquisitor: @Kurkistan. On a more serious note: And also:
  9. Got it. I guess that makes sense. *upvotes*
  10. Oh I see. So ミストボーン ("Mistborn") is the series title while 霧の落とし子 ("Mistborn") is the first book split into three volumes?
  11. The author is Brandon Sanderson, so definitely not a fanfic. This really is the Japanese translation of Mistborn. Google Translate is still pretty terrible when it comes to Japanese, but in this case it's understandable because "Mistborn" is a word invented by Brandon. "ミストボーン" (mi-su-to-bo~n) is how you'd write "Mistborn" phonetically in katakana. Since Japanese phonetics is way more limited than English, the Japanese pronunciation isn't exact. 霧の落とし子 (kiri no otoshiko) can be roughly translated as "spawn of the mist", which can reasonably be rephrased as "mist-born". 灰色の帝国 (haiiro no teikoku) is more or less "ash-colored empire". I think the translator simply used his/her artistic license to make the title sound cool, instead of directly translating "final empire". It's an appropriate title, anyway. "ブランドン サンダースン" (bu-ra-n-do-n sa-n-da~so-n) is how you'd write Brandon Sanderson phonetically in katakana.
  12. Yeah, that's my interpretation of the "Roshar was designed specifically" part of the WoB that @Pagerunner included in his question. This intentional formation of Roshar by Adonalsium is likely what Brandon referred to when he said "it is a fun easter egg that will tell you more about the history of the world" in the WoB I linked above. So, again, it's just a nifty thing. If I were to let my imagination run wild (as I sometimes do), I'd speculate that Roshar's geographic history looks like this animation (where each frame is a three-dimensional slice of the four-dimensional Julia set from which the current shape of Roshar was taken), meaning that at some point in the past there was a land bridge between Shin Kak Nish and Aimia, and that at some point in the far future the whole continent will disappear. But I don't really find that likely.
  13. It's probably not going to have any interesting implications, I'm afraid. From here:
  14. theory

    Pffft. Like that ever stopped me despite not being a physicist. I have it on good authority that it's atium that is bunnies. By skaa-logic, harmonium must be something else. Seriously speaking, I agree that there must be real-life physical substances that Scadrian god metals at least mimic (if not outright are, albeit with Spiritual modifications), because they interact with physical substances. This is why I spent so much time in the past trying to figure out what atium is made of. If something can be alloyed with real life metals, then there must at least be electrons in that something that participates in the metallic bonding process. Similarly, anything that chemically reacts with physical substances (like water) must have electrons. Oh, and speaking of alloys, do you guys think harmonium can be alloyed with Allomantic metals, and do you think that could affect its reactivity?
  15. Feel free to ask for clarification if anything confuses you.