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  1. @Extesian You are too kind, but I am just a lowly Skaa with weird ideas. One thing I noticed about the 2003 Double Eye is that some of the Order Resonances seem to be related to the 2003 "Surges". For example, Shallan's memory ability fits the "Thought" Surge connected to Water (what we now know as Blood). If the Skybreakers (or whatever name the Order of judgemental Knights had in the 2003 version) were indeed originally supposed to be in the Air/Zephyr position (as suggested by the pre-publication chart), then "Time" fits their ability to figure out the dark past of people; they might actually be able to literally see people's past actions. And obviously the Truthwatchers' future sight makes more sense if they had a Time Surge (as they did in the 2003 version). I'll try to think of more connections later. Edit: More connections (this time to the Orders in general, not just to their Resonance)! The Edgedancer glyph is in the Vapor/Smoke position pre-publication, meaning they had the Wind Surge, which certainly does fit the the imagery of Edgedancers moving "like a ribbon on the wind" (as described by Nalan). As noted earlier, the Lightweavers were originally in the Lucentia position, so in 2003 they had Energy and Movement. @Pagerunner calls "Energy" broad, but Lightweaving itself is pretty broad given that it can involve any waveform, not just light. I think "energy" technically fits Lightweaving more than just "illumination". Movement... if that Surge had the same Realm-transitioning effect as Transportation, that would mean the 2003 version of the Edgedancers were basically the Stormlords in my made-up Orders ("lording over the skies and the Realms"). And also, Rosharan Lightweavers originally could Elsecall but not Soulcast. Interesting. Speaking of Soulcasting/Transformation, is that what the Thought Surge was, since Soulcasting involves Cognitive entities?
  2. Yeah, I remember having to explain the connection between the Essences and the large glyphs of the Double Eye in a pre-WoR theory thread of mine about spren. But I'm pretty sure I wasn't the one who first discovered it; anyone who thought about the Essences deeply enough would have seen the connection to the large glyphs. Oh wow. More than three years ago I started wondering what was up with the Surge pairs associated with each Essence. It seemed clear to me that the Surge of Illumination should be connected to the Essence Lucentia because of its association with the eye, and couldn't imagine how it could possibly connect to blood. After that I noticed how most of the other Surges had similar issues. What has Transportation and Soulcasting got to do with fat? What does growing plants and sliding around got to do with crystal? I ended up creating an alternative "corrected" chart for the Essence-Surge connections and even made some alternative Orders. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to insert Sinew and Pulp, as well as the Surges of Adhesion and Growth, into that chart so I explained those away as being "Divine" Essences and Surges that were meant to be separate from the others. Basically I speculated that Tanavast did some tweaking of the Essence-Surge connections before giving humans access to them via Honorblades. (See this theory thread for details.) So... all that might have just been debunked. The connections that seemed weird to me were that way just because of some last minute swapping done "to get everything working right with the magic". I... I'm just gonna sit in a corner and cry for a while. TT_TT (Just kidding.) Anyway, at least the pre-publication Lightweaver glyph was in the Lucentia position, so that might mean Brandon did intend Lightweavers to be there. Hurray!
  3. Welcome to the 17th Shard! Please avoid eating any offered cooki-- Oh, never mind. Carry on then.
  4. It's simple: Every time you read about Brandon revealing something that's not in the books, do another re-read. Just kidding; that's gonna be a lot of re-reads. I think for most people it's enough to know about the Shards, the Realms, and the Worldhoppers. Read those Coppermind articles I've linked to and you'll already have plenty to look for in your re-read. Secret History and Arcanum Unbounded already revealed a lot about those topics, anyway, so hopefully the stuff revealed there is still fresh in your mind. Also, just in case you read an old edition of Elantris, I highly recommend "re-reading" using the Tenth Anniversary Edition if only for the Ars Arcanum and the extra scene at the end. More cosmere fun!
  5. Welcome to the 17th Shard, @Dr_Evilcat! Here are some things you can do here: Ask any question about the cosmere stories in Cosmere Q&A. Don't know what the cosmere is? It's the fictional universe shared by Mistborn, Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker, and several other Brandon Sanderson books (though not all; he has lots of non-cosmere stories as well). Yes, while cosmere stories are set on different planets, those planets all exist in the same universe, and there are even characters who've been on multiple planets. Anyway, the Cosmere Q&A board is where you could ask anything you don't understand about any of the cosmere books, receive answers from the more knowledgeable Sharders (that's what we call ourselves, by the way), and vote on the best answer. You can also, of course, post answers to other people's cosmere questions. Post your own Cosmere Theories. We welcome most kinds of speculation here, though I suggest you read up first on what the fandom already knows about the topic you want to speculate on. Brandon has revealed a ton of info through the years that can't be found in the currently-published books. These are called "Words of Brandon" (WoB for short). It's common for new fans to post theories that have already been debunked by a WoB, though a few lucky/smart ones manage to discover true things on their own without the help of WoBs. Having your theory proven false is perfectly fine, in my opinion; it's something the most hardcore Sanderson fans still have to endure from time to time. But it's good to do your research first. Discuss individual book series in their own respective board. There are dedicated message boards for each one of Brandon's book series, both cosmere and non-cosmere. There's even a Wheel of Time board. You should typically avoid talking about other series when posting in a specific series' message board (e.g. don't mention Windrunners when you're in the Mistborn board). This is to avoid spoiling people who haven't read the other series yet. When a new book comes out, a temporary spoiler board is created for it so that early readers can discuss stuff without spoiling the others. Discuss Sanderson-related real life events (book tours, speaking events, fan-meetings, etc.). People attending an event could announce their plans, including any plan to record the event, interview Brandon, meet up with other Sharders, cosplay, etc. Afterwards they report on what happened, especially what Brandon said. These events are our biggest source of WoBs (although Reddit is starting to catch up, as Brandon is quite active there), so it's common for people to submit questions they want to ask in event threads just in case there's a Q&A or signing involved (you can ask Brandon to write an answer to a question on your book during signings). Roleplay, submit/view fanart, or just mess around. The Community section is basically the "fun" part of the 17th Shard. I don't often go there because I'm a big spoil sport (), but it's probably the most active section here. The General Brandon Discussion board can also be pretty wacky. To be fair, the more "serious" parts of the forums can also be fun, albeit with more rules; it all depends on your perspective. Some of the forum admins also manage other Sanderson-related online places, in case you're interested: The Coppermind - This is a wiki-based encyclopedia for all things Brandon Sanderson. It's where we organize the information we received from both the books and the WoBs into (hopefully) readable articles. Since it's a wiki, anyone is free to contribute. Don't be afraid to edit! Oh, and if you have any questions about the wiki there is a Coppermind board here. The 17th Shard Discord server - This is the 17th Shard's official online chat server, divided into several channels based on various topics. It's a perfect place to pass the time, or for quick throwaway discussions. Um... you probably would've discovered all those things on your own, but I have this bad habit of making super-long posts. Sorry about that. See you around!
  6. Welcome back, Aether! Having been a part of three Sanderson-related Discord servers, I can say they are excellent venues for quick theoretical discussions, but the 17th Shard is still the best for sharing long theories because you can actually link to 17th Shard posts and those can be accessed even by outsiders. The two theories I posted earlier this year were both influenced by (and were later modified because of) Discord discussions. This method--discussing ideas on Discord then organizing the ideas into a 17th Shard theory post-- is something I will probably keep using in the future. You should try it, too! Unfortunately I'm in a sort of hiatus because of problems I've been having in real life lately. Seems like that's a trend here, huh? Anyway, I hope to see new theories from you. Oh, by the way, here's the current successor to your Master List of Origins thread. @The Young Bard took over the origin-tracking task a year after Quitecontrary left.
  7. Aluminum actually stores Identity. Connection is stored by duralumin. As for unkeyed metalminds, e.g. the unkeyed goldmind that Wayne uses in BoM, this is how they work (let's use unkeyed gold as an example): A person first needs to have both Aluminum Feruchemy and Gold Feruchemy (in the case of the Set, they do this via Hemalurgy). The person first stores his Identity in an aluminummind. The now Identity-less person then stores Health in a goldmind. The goldmind now has Identity-less Feruchemical Health. It is not keyed to a particular Identity, hence the "unkeyed" part of the term. So as you can see, the trick is for the Aluminum Feruchemist and the Gold Feruchemist to be the same person. And of course, we mustn't forget the limitation of unkeyed metalminds: In the case of the unkeyed goldmind, only other Gold Feruchemists can use the unkeyed Health.
  8. Based on the Jasnah escape scene, she doesn't really convince objects to change so much as command them to change. Given that, I don't think the Cognitive aspects of those thugs had much choice in the matter. Edit: That scene, while written by Brandon, is not considered totally canon. So I guess take my conclusion with a grain of salt.
  9. Welcome to the forums! I like your username. When it comes to the non-cosmere stories I'm more of a Rithmatist kind of guy, but I'm sure you'll have loads more fun reading the Alcatraz books with your daughter. Those wacky Smedry cousins are great! See you around!
  10. Ah, it's not every day we get a new member who is already Hemalurgic. Welcome to the forums!
  11. Fun fact: While Brandon likes to invent new words (often based on real world non-English words) in his fiction, he also uses uncommon English words sometimes. Aside from odium, there's also recreance, investiture, threnody, and octant (just to name a few). Look them up in a dictionary (like Wiktionary) or an encyclopedia (like Wikipedia) and enjoy your expanded English vocabulary.
  12. @CaptainRyan has the correct answer. A sort of resurrection does take place, though not a very pleasant one for the spren. Most Shardbearers simply can't hear the screams. And of course, since the resurrection needs to happen every time it's summoned, the zombie spren dies again when dismissed. Very unpleasant.
  13. About the "father" thing, Wax later learns that Paalm was referring to a Survivorist priest. From Chapter 12: Father Bin was the priest Wax and Steris asked to perform their wedding ceremony. From Chapter 2: That's why Paalm called him "your father". He was, in a way, "their priest".
  14. Hi @Gladius Deus, First of all, welcome to the 17th Shard! Please put all future inter-Shardworld theoretical discussion threads in Cosmere Theories, not in "Introduce Yourself!". I hope you have an awesome time here. See you around!
  15. Hey Dark Alley, can you please let the spiked cookies thing die already? It's no longer funny.

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