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  1. Hey sorry if this has been asked or referenced before but upon my reread of Oathbringer i noticed that in interlude 8 Mraize makes a comment about how Mem has gotten Aether out of his red trousers. Is Aether of Night going to become a cannon book? I thought It was good but doesn’t fit in the cosmere. Can someone help clarify this for me?
  2. So as far as I can tell, the fuses are just cognitive shadows and We’ve seen cognitive shadows in Shadows for Silence, my question is if they could have the same weakness to Silver? (Side note it also seems like Odium makes cognitive shadows)
  3. ... clicked on this expecting a joke... now I’m actually considering how legit a strategy this is...
  4. I’m inclined to believe that Dalinar is a Bondsmith of the highest level, but unlike all Bondsmiths before him, he has bonded the stormfather after the death of Honor. The stormfather is in part a Spren/splinter/holder of Honors power. This means that as Dalinar progresses through the 5 ideals and strengthens his bond with the stormfather he also is strengthening his connection to honor. This could mean that Dalinar just might Ascend upon completion of the 5th ideal as the most worthy candidate of Honor.
  5. So coming from kaladin’s perspective I really feel for the parshman, and based on hints about how they were the natives of the land, I’ve come to conclude that perhaps humanity is the invading species and are the bad guys after all. Now I know that there is Honor and Odium to consider and the Voidbringers definately have evil tendencies, but still it seems that the parshman are the guys I want to root for after being invaded and enslaved. I mean perhaps there will be voidbringing humans and radiant parshman. Then it’s less a war of the species and more of a war between good and odium. What are your thoughts?
  6. Shallan does have her personas, but I think the big problem is she’s letting her soul change as she puts on these personas. She’s leaving Shallan behind which I think is what pattern is worried about. She is just gonna start swapping between personas but never be Shallan. Meaning she’s changing her soul and maybe resolving the bond? As far as her being a champion I don’t think it fits, but I could be wrong... I think the shadows more represent Odiums super-Spren like the one that makes the Thrill. kaladin definately wouldnt be the champion, but I think he is in line to be the champion of honor, we will have to see. Dalinar could be an interesting candidate for the champion for both honor and odium but I’d lean honor because he is bonded to the storm father and seems to be completely devoted to honor, more likely his past self would have been a candidate but he is not much of one now. Ashton I could be a candidate but this reminds me too much of Marsh as Ruins “champion” and I hope Brandon wouldn’t go down that path. As far as candidates go though I’m still leaning towards Szeth, He is unstable to the point of insanity (as in influencable from the cognitive realm), he has a hatred for many things including himself and is bound by his own code similar to Odium, and has a blade that is unlike any shardblade or honorblade, but can compete with them. Lastly I’d lean Szeth because he seems unlikely. I’m not saying he’d knowingly choose to serve Odium, but rather just be corrupted to the point that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. We’ve already seen him be manipulated a lot like from Mr. T. It just fits to me... but I could be wrong!
  7. No I was thinking what if the queen was like an evil and selfish Jasnah. All oh her intelligence but none of Jasnah’s virtues
  8. Oh man an evil and selfish Jasnah? With Jasnah intelligence? That would be scary
  9. I do not want to see Dalinar killing his wife
  10. At first glance this would be the thought but if we dig deaper into who the champion is, I keep coming back to Szeth. He has more blood on his hands than he ever wanted and hates everyone for it. He hates his people for falsely making him truthles, he hates the radiant for existing and making his existence as a truth less pointless and the deaths his fault, and he has a very deep hatred of himself. He is technically classified as skybreaker right now, but more likely he is being chosen and manipulated by odium.
  11. See my post above of my thinking it is Szeth
  12. Perhaps it’s important to note that Dalinar is a bond smith and that requires keeping his oaths. All of his oaths even the ones he made back when he was a pompous blackthorn. I think his next couple of radiant advancement oaths are gonna be difficult for him.
  13. Might be a long shot but I thought Szeth was the champion, although an unwillingly one. My reasoning stems back to his first attempt on Dalinar’s life when both the Stormfather and Syl refer to him as the one who hates.
  14. What if she is just crazy?
  15. From interlude Lhan I-12 words of radiance "They passed into the Circle of Memories, a round room with ten lamps on the walls, one for each of the ancient Epoch Kingdoms. An eleventh lamp represented the Tranquiline Halls, and a large ceremonial keyhole set into the wall represented the need for ardent s to ignore borders, and look only at the hearts of men . . . Or something like that. He wasn't sure, honestly." Does this description not sound like an oayhgate? Makes for a pretty interesting location given the outcome of the interlude.