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  1. Updates to IsaacStewart.com

    Lol, sweet xP
  2. I totally forgot what we used to put in the TWG writing/reading excuses so I can add a third topic ^.^

  3. Queries, Synopses, and Submitting, Oh my!

    good idea! This might just come in useful sometime soon! -cough- I wish
  4. The Reading Excuses Transition Topic

    kata: lol yep. good point. xD Spammers: sigh. people...
  5. is this just a random post-thingie? i like it. xD

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    2. Chaos


      You just chose the name out of thin air? :P

    3. Karasta


      well...yeah :/

    4. Ookla the Invisible
  6. The Reading Excuses Transition Topic

    hello! I am Shiael, that is, was Shiael, before TWG was hacked. Really, who hacks a website like that? honestly? get a life! aHEM. It's disappointing to see that site go. Anyway, I'll be sitting and watching this website develop further. and occasionally post things... (I don't think teachers would very much appreciate the outside interference. Definitely, as stated before, ask first. trust me.) Oh, and, I'm trying to recreate a kata using what Brandon wrote in WoK. Would this be inadvisable?