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  1. Is this the quote you're looking for? (I found it mentioned in this post, which is probably where you first saw it.)
  2. Here's the differences I noticed (other than the birthdays moving and who's been online in the last 12 hours being added): Chat was moved from the top bar to the menu on the far right. Now that menu is split into "Other Areas" and "Site Info" (I don't think it was before, but I'm not sure when I last looked at it.) Except not on the mobile version--those things are all under "More" there, and there's no link to the Chat. Now there's a link to a Leaderboard in that menu (although it's separate from the "More" menu on the mobile version). The Stream button now opens a menu instead of just going to my default stream. The Popular Contributors sidebar now links to the Leaderboard (and the link's the same color as its background, so you can only read it if you mouse over or highlight it). *Looks at posts in the Server Maintenance thread* Oh, I think the button to share on Pinterest might be new, but I'm pretty sure the others were already there. And it looks like the new banners on people's profiles are related to the new Leaderboard. I'm guessing the two new features you're talking about are the Leaderboard and better Stream management.
  3. It looks like that quote is from this interview, about 4/5 of the way down. Actually, that interview is on Theoryland here, except a segment of it (including this question) wasn't added. Maybe that's something @WeiryWriter should know about.
  4. Well, I'm finally getting around to responding to this. I'm still not sure if I should though. I'm putting it here because I don't want to get in the way of people posting game ideas and this whole topic is only somewhat related to game creation, and focusing on the game creation aspect limits discussion on other important aspects of it. I think this thread is the closest thing SE has to a place for general discussion. While it's framed as a place to ask questions and get answers, there's bits in there (that I underlined) that imply more complicated discussions fit here, even if they don't start as simple questions or have easy answers. That's nice of you to say, although whether I'm missed isn't as important as if I personally am enjoying myself. In order for that to happen, I think there would have to be considerable discussion, cooperation, and willingness to change things from everyone involved, not just one or two people. Honestly, I haven't seen much desire to really address issues. That's great for any games you run, but unless those ideas filter to other games it doesn't help people who want to play but don't want to have to only play the few games that are under certain GMs or certain rulesets. Most of my thoughts about inactivity problems have made their way into various docs, and I really don't feel up to restating all my thoughts on it. I feel like I've probably wasted my time and energy putting my thoughts down in docs since most people don't read them and even if they did any discussion on the topic would be scattered everywhere. I honestly am tired of talking circles around how to deal with inactives and seeing nothing improve. It wouldn't be quite as bad if there were only a couple of complex games or event games per year, even if all of them ended up being broken, because at least then it wouldn't be all the time, although it still wouldn't be fun for someone who didn't play many games and ended up playing one of the broken ones, and it might compound the problem where more players than usual sign up for a particularly interesting looking game and inactivity and game breaks become more likely as a result. Getting the general mindset back to the core of Mafia could help. There's a lot of games that really stretch the Elimination/Mafia part of Sanderson Elimination, where other goals than elimination take the spotlight or it becomes a faction game rather than village versus mafia. Sometimes it seems like, for example, the lynch is just there because it is supposed to be there, not because it fits the game. While it would be interesting to explore other games, a subforum that is put together to play Mafia seems like the wrong place for that, unless the community as a whole wants to have plenty of games that aren't really Elimination just as several aren't Sanderson. That is one thing that might help, although I doubt the mods would be happy to have to take the extra time for that. Games probably should be vetted to some extent or other before a group of 20+ people spends weeks playing them, but from what I've seen of how it is chosen which game is next, that would be really hard to implement. That's a decent idea, although there's problems with it. I'm not sure how many GMs or players would even be interested in a test run that isn't even a game, although it's seemed like some actual games have been prototypes rather than finished products anyway. A test run like that might catch some problems, but changing the parameters like cycle length and the number of cycles it runs could make some problems not appear or even introduce different problems, and it might be further complicated by differences between who (and how many people) is interested in trying a test run and who wants to play the final game. Still, it could be a good thing to try as long as the limitations are kept in mind. It's hard to tell how effective it would be without actually trying it. It's probably helpful to have those definitions out there. I don't think it's helped anything that most discussion has been kept to private conversations and docs. That just I also think the difference between proactive and reactive players is important: some people are good at getting the conversation going, but if a lot of people's activity depends on how other people are acting (like mine does), inactivity problems compound themselves until players who might be willing and able to be active lose interest or can't make up for other people's inactivity. Habitual inactives are the most obvious problems, but all of the levels of inactivity contribute to a larger problem than just individuals. I think that inactivity that is a problem from a player standpoint but not from a GM standpoint is still a problem and should be addressed, but probably not by GMs. Game design can't be the only way to combat inactivity. And yes, there are a lot of complications when it comes to activity. There probably needs to be more discussion about what is acceptable to the community as a whole for there to be any kind of improvement. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much desire for productive discussion about the topic, and most of what I have seen has either not been public or has been within games, where there are time constraints and other problems keeping discussion from being truly fruitful. Yeah, having other people to try to stretch a game to its limits together would get better results than the GM just testing it on their own or even having other people read through the rules to find anything the GM missed. Well, I'm still not entirely sure it was a good idea for me to respond here, but I hated leaving it hanging. I hope that you all can find some solutions to the problems that exist--or that those problems just aren't as detrimental to you as they were to me.
  5. Here's the WoB Spoolofwhool was referring to: source Theoryland has the Interview Database that contains interviews from both Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. Sometimes you have to wade through Wheel of Time stuff, but it's usually the best place to look for what Brandon has said about the Cosmere. That is an interesting idea. Given the timing of the Idrian royalty's exile and Shashara's death, it's possible they were related in the way you suggest, but I'm not sure if they considered Shashara one of them after she Returned (modern Idris at least wouldn't be pleased with her consuming and studying Breath) or how much they knew about who killed her. I don't think we have enough details about that time period to say much about how the Scholars, and Shashara in particular, interacted with the Idrian royalty. Vasher says he doesn't remember his life before Returning, but he does remember being one of the Five Scholars, so it must have been after they became Returned, when they had the opportunity to amass a large amount of Breath. Maybe some of them were involved in scholarly persuits before Returning, but it doesn't seem likely they all knew each other back then. Otherwise Vasher would know more about his previous life.
  6. Not yet. I'm planning to today when I have the time. I figured it might have something to do with Edgedancer.
  7. I went to the signing last night, although I was too tired to post when I got back In the signing line, I asked him what would have been included in a hypothetical Nalthian essay had there been one. He said it would have talked about how close the scholars there were to being Cosmere aware, and how they knew more than anyone who wasn't a worldhopper. He also said he would have given clues to where the pool was. That's not verbatim at all, unfortunately, and I was a bit too frazzled to ask any more questions (yesterday was a long day). Also, he wrote "Are you listening?" In my book, although I have no idea what was meant by that. Re the Kaladin flashback he read, he said we might have noticed there were holes in what we learned in the flashbacks in the previous books, and he was going to use these stealth flashbacks to fill them in. In the one he read, we learn more about Tarah. He said these flashbacks will be shorter than the main flashbacks. They're probably, like Argent said, in-chapter sequences when the character has a reason to think about them rather than part of a series of flashback chapters dedicated to exploring the past like the main flashbacks.
  8. So, I decided to post my final thoughts about the game. @The Young Bard Thanks for running this game. You did a great job of keeping it going, despite the problems that came up. I'm glad you have the attitude of learning from this. I hope any future games you run turn out better, and I really think they will. Also, thanks for putting up with me in the dead doc. @Doctor12 Thanks for helping run the game too. You did great at making sure it kept going. @Darkness Ascendant I am really angry with how you played this game. Between not sending in actions, not checking the doc, and lynching a teammate of your own accord at the end, you really harmed your team and the game as a whole. If you have difficulty accessing or using the doc then you should mention it and workarounds can be found, but if you're just not getting on because you don't feel like it then you need to change that. SE is a team game, and you need to be a team player, especially when you know who your teammates are. People are willing to work with you, but only if you make it possible for them. Aman gave you a lot of trust by giving you his weapon, and you utterly failed to live up to it. If you're not going to work as part of a team and you're not going to send in actions or participate in any docs you are part of, then you shouldn't be playing. @Everyone I didn't really enjoy playing this game. JUQ's reveal of me in the doc made me feel forced into playing both sides from the beginning more than I would have liked. Inactivity was rampant, both on my team and on other teams. And there were numerous problems with the mechanics that made it difficult to communicate effectively or use resources well and that ultimately got me killed unfairly. I'm not going to enumerate those problems because I think most people are aware of what they were. Inactivity has been a huge problem in SE. Too many people sign up but stop playing partway through. There is nothing the active players can do about the harm done to their team, and yet the same people do it again and again. Unbalanced and broken games have also been a big problem. Part of it is that there's too high a concentration of complicated games--GMs tend more toward running their game with all their ideas than running a standard SE game with their flavor. Part of it is that GMs sometimes don't adequately think through all of their mechanics or get enough feedback on them before the game starts, especially when there are hidden mechanics. Part of it is that the games, especially LGs, take so long that a significant problem in one affects a lot of people for a long time. Part of it is just that occasional problems are inevitable, but it's not only that because honestly it seems like problems are the rule rather than the exception. I've been trying to play and participate in the community despite all this, hoping the problems would get a bit better. But really, they haven't. It is so frustrating to put weeks of free time and energy into a game only for the result to have more to do with how well the game was put together in the first place or who decided to actually participate than any effort on my part. I said this in the dead doc, but SE has become more frustrating than enjoyable for me. I can't keep participating if it's just going to keep getting me worked up without me having any fun. I've had some good times, but at this point it seems like there's been more bad. So I'm going to have to stop playing.
  9. Hey, I've posted before. Like Paranoid King said, it doesn't make a lot of sense to lynch me because of how much the assassins are asking to kill me. I doubt many people have that much money to spend, and that list is more of a guideline than an actual price list anyway, and it's probably outdated since the Advertiser died. I don't see why anyone would want to spend that much on killing a single person anyway when another member of the same faction would do just as well. It's not like it's necessary to completely annihilate other factions, just get them down to only a leader. I do think it's reasonable to lynch someone who's been inactive, but since it's a faction game how much someone has posted isn't a good measure of activity. If you want to lynch someone who's not active, you should be looking for someone who hasn't been logged on for long periods of time. That means they haven't been sending actions and likely haven't been in their faction doc much and probably aren't very invested in the game. For example, I've noticed that phattemer has been logged off for a few entire turns, so lynching him would probably be good.
  10. This is a really interesting game when it comes to win conditions. What strikes me is that everyone has options. Normal faction members can pick off the members of other factions until only the leaders remain, or they can become the leader of their faction and survive to the end with another faction winning. Monarchists can elect the Monarch, or they can work toward their other win condition, be it faction or independent (although they can't gain the faction leader survival condition). Independents have specific things they have to do, but they can win with almost anyone. So this isn't really a typical faction game where everyone just needs to kill the people not in their faction. While working toward a faction win is the most straightforward thing to do, even members of other factions aren't necessarily enemies. So the vote looks to be between a bunch of claimed independents and yafeshan. I have nothing against independents, as long as they aren't harming me. In fact, I'd be willing to help them out if they are willing to help me. On the other hand, yafeshan hasn't been on in a cycle, so he probably isn't even sending in orders. Unless there's evidence pointing toward someone not in my faction being a Monarchist (since they are the hardest players to win with) I'd rather vote out an inactive player and have the chance to work with active players. Here's the current vote tally: yafeshan (4): Wonko, Araris, Mage, luckat Aonar (3): Clanky, PK, Nyali Nyali (2): Stink, Aonar Silverblade (2): Aman, kiwi Aman (1): Silverblade (Mage, I think you missed Silverblade's vote on Aman. )
  11. I've decided I do have time to play, so I'll sign up as Luna. I've been having computer problems though, so I might be stuck on mobile. Sorry about signing up so late.
  12. Thanks for doing that. For any files that are replaced, I think it would be nice if a mod put links to the replacements in the thread where the original files are in addition to in the spreadsheet both because not everyone is going to look in the spreadsheet for the docs if they're reading a game--they might just check the game thread itself--and because supplemental files like GM spreadsheets don't seem to have a place in the spreadsheet but we probably still want them available too. It's too bad about the MR7 docs. I think the only way we could get them back is if someone else had happened to make backups of them. That's why I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to make backups of the other docs for in case any vanish in the future. I'd be willing to help with that, but I wouldn't want to duplicate work if that's already being done or people don't think it would be useful. On a slightly different note, I noticed that a few old docs were still open to editing. It's probably not that important since I doubt anyone wants to mess with them, but maybe it would be good if they were changed to view only.
  13. So the Pottermore talk is here. Pottermore gave me a kingfisher patronus, Hufflepuff, Horned Serpent, and a chestnut wood wand with a unicorn hair core that's 10" with unyielding flexibility. I'm not sure what I think of the patronus--I don't really know enough about kingfishers. I am doubtful that the patronus quiz can be very accurate. With the large number of patronus possibilities and the small number of questions asked during the quiz, the result is highly dependent on the question draw, so there must be several patronuses any one person could receive, and several that are impossible to receive without getting the right questions. Regarding weird Hogwarts House sortings, here's a blog on tumblr that analyzes that quiz. (There's also data from the wand quiz there, which is simpler to understand since it's always the same questions.) The data there is from before an eighth question was added to the quiz for the new site, but it's probably still accurate. The short of it is that it's an okay quiz, but the way only a few questions (of varying quality) of all the possibilities are asked each time means most people can get any House depending on which questions they're asked. Taking the quiz multiple times or looking at how you'd answer all the questions or a selection of the fairer ones gives a more accurate House reading than just taking the quiz once. I took the quiz several times a while ago and got Hufflepuff most often, Ravenclaw next most often, Slytherin less often, and Gryffindor least, if I remember correctly. I'm not sure I agree with Pottermore that I'm more Hufflepuff than Ravenclaw though.
  14. I was looking at some past SE docs and spreadsheets, and I noticed that there were a few that, when opened, showed a message that the file was in the owner's trash and access to the file would soon be permanently lost (I think whenever the owner empties their trash). Specifically, I noticed that happen for most of the games @The Only Joe ran (QF4, LG10, LG14, QF14) and one of the docs in QF17 (the birds doc), which was run by @Amanuensis and @STINK (I don't know who owns the doc in question). I also noticed that the docs from MR7 were no longer available at all, so I suppose there's no way to get those ones back. I didn't check every SE file, so there could be others, but a sample shows most are still around. So I was wondering if the owners of those files would restore them. I was also wondering if it might be a good idea for someone who for sure won't delete them to make copies of SE files so they won't be lost permanently if anyone wants to go back and read them, particularly ones from GMs who haven't been around in a while (for in case they delete them because they aren't around SE anymore) or who don't want extra files hanging around their Drive.
  15. Yes it's an assist action. As for why I didn't offer to heal you earlier, for one thing, I've been distracted with RL things this turn. I haven't been doing as much talking in the game as I might have liked. For another, it would still count for my win condition if I healed someone at the same time as someone else, so it's not that important that I keep others from healing my target.