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  1. I can't believe Sanderson came to my city and I completely missed it! I actually feel like I might throw up
  2. Well, then let's just combine this thread and the one bellow, and let it be known, that the Doctor can't actually join an order since he's actually Wit(Hoid)
  3. I loved Kaladin since the beginning. Watching his progression as a slave in WoK struggling with his limited options just left me amazed. And I'm really worried about the 2nd half of SA, I hope he'll still remain a major PoV character.
  4. I guess this will be my last post for a while. Too many people are getting the book already, the spoiler dangers possibility is increasing almost exponentially each day! Happy readings for those who got it!
  5. Isn't 6. and 7. switched? Usually they only release chapters when the release is nearing. And 9, it isn't read slowly, it's put the book in a blender and drink it up in 1 big gulp! Apart from that, yeah everything in that article is too familiar The worst part about WoR coming out is that we waited so long, only to destroy all that wait in just a few hours that it takes to read it all, and we're right back where we started...
  6. Is anyone ordering from Id like too, but I'm afraid of getting the Gollancz version instead of the Tor one...
  7. Watch the spoilers guys! I also got my hands on the next 2 Shallan chapters after 7 by luck, I wanted Kaladin's though
  8. Probably Navani, because of her journal...
  9. I only see exhaustionspren, I've been so hyped up this year waiting for the book, that I'm almost out of gas!
  10. I you don't get it tomorrow, then you wont get it till the weekend is over! Good luck! How much did you pay for the delivery? The book is cheaper on than on bookdepository, but on the latter you get free shipping.
  11. Once the forbidden love kicks in there ain't no stopping it! All aboard the love train!!! It'll crush any complications that stands in its way, and those two strong willed characters wouldn't give a damnation about what Alethi society has to say.
  12. Why would anyone do that if you're a fan? Personally Id be pretty happy if Brandon wrote something which came from an idea of mine... Isn't that what he does anyway in those streams where people chip in with all sorts of ideas?
  13. I'll join you in waiting for the hardcover, and when the waiting is over, we'll be certified monks together, masters of will and self discipline. Namaste
  14. I imagined the Santhid. shell would be a lot longer. Or maybe the ship is longer that I thought...
  15. If you're a ghost you wouldn't even have to wait, you can just spy on Brandon while he writes! He's probably being haunted right now