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  1. Should he ever come near I'll do that - Central Europe isn't on his schedule a lot, though.
  2. After getting my girlfriend on board of the Sanderson train about half a year ago (I cunningly used The Emperor's Soul to lure her...) I had been pondering for a while on how to make her Cosmere-aware without spoiling everything. She has finished everything Mistborn as well as The Way of Kings now and I decided to create a little booklet for her. I'm quite proud how V 1.0 turned out. It's 28 A5-pages long and home-produced.
  3. It should be noted, that it is not impossible to interact with Aluminum in Investiture-based ways, it is just not feasible in regular or even not-so-regular Cosmere-terms. I don't have the WoB at hand - it was discussed in a Shardcast a couple of weeks ago. They were talking about a WoB that basically said, that, yes, with enough Investiture you can soulcast/push on/etc. Aluminum, but the amounts of Investiture required are astronomical and just not realistically achievable within the frameworks of the Cosmere. Sounds a bit like relativistic physics to me in the sense that you can do all sorts of wacky things if you approach or maybe even reach lightspeed, but we just have no physically sensible way of doing it. (Please do not mistake that comparison as me saying that Aluminum would be less inert should one travel very fast with it, given that FTL-travelling is/will be a thing in the Cosmere.)
  4. Kindle version?
  5. Same here concerning being a scardy cat I do love the frontier-setting and the colonial New England-style names. Creates lots of atmosphere. For Sixth I just love Sixth himself. Hadn't really thought about it before, but there are some Aragorn-vibes going on for me. Ranger-Aragorn, not King-Aragorn, of course. Man, just imagine Viggo Mortensen as Sixth. That would be a hell of a movie!
  6. That might just be the main reason I didn't really like it: I just don't care much for horror as a genre. The setting seems quite cool, though, I'm looking forward to learning more about the world and what happened there.
  7. Definitely Taln, reasons OB have been stated above. Also Jasnah. In WoK and WoR I really didn't care much for her, but obliterating Odium's forces with flicks of her hand while discussing the progress of the battle for the world has really made her grow on me in terms of badassness.
  8. While I loved The Emperor's Soul even more, I also do love Sixth of the Dusk. The setting is really cool and unique (in terms of other Cosmere-works). Also, we basically have only Sixth as a character and until Vathi comes in there is little to no interaction, apart from the Dusk's musings about the island(s). To me this calmness contrasts well with the staccato of deadly traps. Also, the ending, with the mirroring of the lesson Dusk teaches Vathi and her realization of the bait from the Ones Above they have fallen prey to is beautifully woven into the story. Many people criticising the story just goes to show that tastes are different. I for one have a hard time liking Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, which many people in the fandom seem to be very fond of.
  9. This was a great read. I don't even think discussions questions would be necessary in the future - sometimes, if an article is well written, there is just not much to add.
  10. What a great cover. And what an awesome synopsis. Sounds like an RPG being written down. This is going to be the first non-Cosmere work I will order (the others sound just a tad too YA for my taste), although I'm quite sad it is non-Cosmere. This should have been an amazing fit in the later, more sci-fi stages of the Cosmere-timeline. Anyhow, I'll just trust Brandon on it being a bad fit in the Cosmere, he has earned definitely earned my trust
  11. Oh my. I'll provide you with some prompts which should enable you to finish the story on your own: I just moved. I just put all my clothes into my new wardrobe. I just made a mental note, that six piles of t-shirts is enough. This news.
  12. This thread makes me want to read Sophie's World again...
  13. I (and my girlfriend) had a great time reading The Broken Earth trilogy (N.K. Jemisin) last year, and The Three-Body Problem (Cixin Liu) before that. I would wholeheartedly recommend both series. On another note, Philip Pullman has recently released The Book of Dust, which we also enjoyed a lot. In (the off-)case one hasn't read His Dark Materials before - it's a must-read in my opinion. It is just that good.
  14. This book is like red wine. During reading, it was the first Stormlight book that felt a bit tedious to me. It felt like stuff was happening all over again. Dalinar thinking he knows a lot, while in reality he knows nothing. Kaladin being depressed. Shallan being Shallan³. (The flashbacks and Szeth-parts were excellent from the get-to, though.) Then: the Sanderson-avalanche. Which did not feel like an avalanche to me while reading it. I had trouble grasping the significance of some of the events. (I might have to add that I am not among the more observant readers, especially when reading a book the first time around. I did, for example, not realize that Dalinar and Shallan had uttered oaths during Oathbringer, until I was made aware by various forum threads.) Suddenly, I'm finished with the book. It left me feeling ambivalent, as I did not know how to judge all of what I read. And I start exploring the forums a bit and start listening to Shardcast and Cosmere Conversations (huge props to both these podcasts, by the way). And the more I delve into the conversation surrounding the book, the more I feel like I am the one who has ascended and I can see the perpendicularity into the cosmere right in front of my eyes. Plus, some awareness-explosion. I read certain segments again and find myself aghast at how I could have failed to grasp the utter grandeur of what has been happening throughout this book. I find myself nearly weeping at Evi's death. I find myself brimming with excitement because I have realized what Dalinar has done during the confrontation with Odium. I find myself amazed at how intricately Cultivation has spun her webs and planted her seeds. So, in the end, I really admire what Sanderson has done with this book. What I also realized is that to get through this and stick with Sanderson's masterplan requires a huge amount of mutual trust between author and reader. This is not a book (or a series, for that matter) for everyone. But boy is it a book for me!
  15. Chapter 6 worked better for me, too. The art - while being interesting - was just too confusing and gritty for my taste. It left me with a hard time trying to grasp what was going on. Chapter 6 was just so much cleaner and easier to follow, in contrast, that I'd prefer it for Vol. 3.