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  1. Would Taln be subject to the same madness as he was the only one to uphold the oath pact? I think he would be the only one exempt from it...
  2. It kinda makes sense when you remember that Odium may be bound to act through a champion as per Honor. It seems feasible that a bond smith could bind the spren of odium since the Stormfather was more or less bound against his will.
  3. Im pretty sure you're thinking of Elokhar, around the time Dalinar kicks the crap outta him
  4. Yelig-Nar almost kinda sounds like Nightblood to me...he can speak like a man, and he is confirmed to consume lifeforce when Investiture isn't available...
  5. There was another WOB that Spren can be combined, so I think that might be part of where he was going with this
  6. I think it's odd that no one has said anything about the confirmation of Ryshadium being linked to Spren. Last I saw this was a RAFO
  7. I think I saw a WOB that we had misinterpreted this. I think he said it's not a Survival Shard, but a shard that just wants to survive...I could be wrong though, wouldn't be the first time lol
  8. He didnt post it on here, that I've not been able to find. But I did find it on tor.com when i googled "stormlight archive jasnah short story", it was the first link that popped up.
  9. 2 questions, the first is twofold, so I guess it's 3... We know that Returned on Nalthis are able to substitute Stormlight for Breath. Does this mean they consume Investiture? If yes, theoretically if. Returned used a bead of Lerasium, would they then be able to use the Investiture released when they burn a metal to bypass their need for Breath? 2. Apart from the Listeners and their experimentation with Forms, have we seen anyone (human or otherwise) who has Bonded more than one Spren? Thanks!!!
  10. "The visitor always has to wear the medallion. Its filled with Connection, yah? Blank Connection, to no place. But Connection cant be connected to nothing, so when you tap it, it reaches out and connects you to the place where you are. Makes your soul think you were raised in this place instead..." In this instance it is used to reference language, but my thought is, if someone from Sel came to Scadrial with the Moon Sceptre, and got a hold of one of these medallions, could they not theoretically use their power on scadrial?
  11. I was wondering if someone could ask if a Shard has to be Splintered for humans to have access to it and use the magic system. So far we have seen magic systems from worlds where the Shards have been Splintered by an outside force, or of their own volition, but I don't think we've seen a human using powers associated with unSplintered Shards...
  12. Just a thought...but perhaps the Purelake and the Horneater Peaks are called the water of life due to the fact that they are major sources of fresh, drinkable water. On a continent surrounded by salt water, any source of drinkable water would be seen as life giving.
  13. Im going with that The Ones Above are members of the Seventeenth Shard, and are not one specific people, but rather a collective of them
  14. He could be ingesting some bacteria or spores...we do know there's a world where that happens
  15. It tells you at the top, just below the banner where it tells you welcome to the shard hunt. It looks like this: 444 codes unlocked 6 to go until the next unlock.