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  1. Happy birthday, KChan!!!!1!!1!!11!1!!

    Screenshot 2017-03-22 at 11.58.20 AM.png

  2. I'm not sure what made it look like a minion, but it's actually from an old Scott Pilgrim avatar creator thing a bunch of my friends and I did when that movie came out. I liked how it looked so I just started using it as an avatar. It's actually still online, somehow. LORD RULER YES. Also, one of my best friends lives near Wellington, so you never know!
  3. I primarily hang out in the general discussion areas. Sometimes I browse theories and RPs as well, as I'm big into RPing. That's why I'm on MBI so much. I also used to hang around the intro forums, handing out Welcome Cookies. I have no idea where that image got off to, though. My current superpower is probably finding weird random crap on the internet. It used to be ripping towel racks out of walls, but that hasn't happened in a while. I would probably choose something like telekinesis. Super useful and also fun! A few! Most of them though I've met through the site and met up with in person after; there are only a couple who were the other way around. The admins of course I all consider friends, though we've only hung out in person at signings (never met Weiry though, unfortunately). I got to hang out with Feather and Little Wilson during Words of Radiance and they're super rad people. Moru and I have gone to a couple conventions together and she's one of my best friends. Kuri Shardweaver is my fiance! <3 MerryBerry has been one of my best friends since high school. I hang out with Borborygmus in person when we're in the same state; I even went to a veterinary conference with her despite not working in the field, which was a really cool and educational experience even though it sounds really bizarre that I went. I think I convinced another friend to join but he only posted once. XD We haven't set a date for the wedding yet, but we're thinking summer of next year. Trying to iron out what we've got to work with for a budget before we start booking things.
  4. The map has me a little too far east. I'm actually in Clearwater, FL. ^^
  5. My first name is Kerry. -chan is an affectionate Japanese suffix. Back in like 8th-9th grade, my friends started calling me "K" and "K-chan" and it just kinda stuck. I have a number of friends who still call me that, including my roommate. XD I don't like having hyphens in my online usernames, so it got shortened to KChan. I'm basically KChan or KChan323 on everything I register for that isn't adult-related (bill pay websites, etc). Also, "K" by itself is kind of not so good of a screen name. XD
  6. Enter the thread ninja! Editing now! A whole freaking lot, that's what! XD Among other things, and in no particular order, I: Bought a house and moved into it Got engaged!!! Began a new career in a new field as an apprentice optician, and since moved up to be the person who actually makes the glasses Still haven't finished the sweater I began knitting like 5 years ago. But I started on the sleeves!!! Learned how to build a computer by building my own Rescued a cat (any Sharders in Florida who want a cat? Seriously, we can't keep him; he was literally thrown into my yard out of a car the other day. He's fine, but needs a home that isn't my back porch) Went to Yellowstone! So awesome! Generally was a useless derp who played video games instead of checking the site like I should Some other stuff. Some cool, some less so So yeah. It's been nuts. XD Also, I do actually need math lessons from you at some point. Sine, cosine, and tangent. XD A pretty long time! I first registered back in 2010, then took on a bunch of wiki work and became a mod. Back when we first installed the Invision Power Suite (anyone remember when that was? Like 2010 or 2011 I think?) I offered to help with skinning and became an admin. EDIT AGAIN: According to Chaos it was 2/11/11. So I have an adminversary and everything! I'm learning stuff from this too! XD
  7. Hi everyone! I'm KChan, and I'm your friendly neighborhood lurking admin. I haven't really poked my head out onto the main forums in a long time and I feel really bad about that. I was wondering how to work my way back into the swing of things when Chaos suggested an AMA, so here I am! Ask away!
  8. Who here is excited for the Words of Radiance release? I know I am, but then, that's probably a silly question to post on 17S. Anyways, it's a long way to Utah for some of us, and since we can't all be here, we'll be livestreaming the event. You can read more about it here. And, of course, use this topic to discuss it when it starts. Have fun!
  9. Sorry, you'll just have to read the book. I will say though that I was NOT expecting it. Totally blew my mind.
  10. You can also get the ebook in the meantime, if you can't wait for it to ship.
  11. Wow, derp. That's what I get for not reading the entire other thread. XD; Sorry about that. I'm sure the staff can work it into our plans for the signing, though! Were you planning on just mailing the cards out?
  12. Will you be in the area at all the weekend before the event? A bunch of staffers will be camping out, so you could swing by and coordinate with us.
  13. I'll be arriving on Friday and camping out. If you were at Alloy, maybe you'll recognize my ginormous tent.
  14. I've dispatched Vice Admiral Chaos of the U.S.S. Inquisition to come to your aid. He will be arriving at your location from Deep Space Kredik Shaw shortly. Try to hold on until then.
  15. What is your status, Commander? Are you in need of backup?