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  1. ...Huh. You know, I was quite convinced it was an underwear shop, but I honestly don't remember if I actually ever looked in the windows and saw underwear, or if I've just been misremembering the sign this whole time. *rolls eyes* Let's just go with "underwear shop" anyway, because it's funnier.
  2. Discounts for everyone! * * Note: I have no ability to actually offer a discount at this random bra shop
  3. Hope everyone is doing well! Just wanted to let you all know that while travelling I've finally found my life's calling. I've given up writing and music to start an underwear shop. (I saw this in the town of Luera, near the Blue Ranges by Sydney, and couldn't resist.)
  4. It's also only a hop, skip, and a jump from Editing Bay.
  5. I like Silk's Road too, actually! It feels like an in-joke but that might not be a bad thing. I'll put it on the list of contenders (it's, uh, a very short list). Hoo boy, this is my favourite topic right now. I'm starting in Alice Springs and doing a camping/hiking tour around Uluru, the Kata Tujas, and the McDonnell ranges. After that, I'm heading to Cairns and doing a tour through Cairns, Cape Tribulation, and all the way down the Gold Coast into Sydney. I'm actually going to spend a week on the north island of New Zealand as well, then go waaaay out of the way to Perth for a few days (since there's no point at which the west coast will NOT be out of the way). Then I'm going to spend just over a week in Melbourne before settling in Tasmania for the remainder of the trip. I have a friend there who's a musician and so the plan is to play some music, hopefully write some music, do some recordings and maybe some shows, etc. Then home where I imagine I will be glad to never see the inside of an airplane or an airport ever again.
  6. So, uhm, I'm leaving tomorrow. For Australia. For three months. *flail* Also, I've been threatening to start a travel blog. (I already have one fantastic story about public transit in Utah. Fantastic now that it's over.) Anybody have any suggestions for a name?
  7. I thought about posting this directly to the Email List thread, but figured a new topic might be easier to see/more likely to be seen. Between Sept 6 and Nov 30, I will be travelling and in and out of reliable Internet access (although I am expecting to be more-or-less back to normal as far as the forums are concerned by about mid-October). Robinski has graciously agreed to be my backup and will have full counting-to-five and list-adding privileges while I'm away. I'll certainly be checking the forums when I'm able but Robinski is going to be the primary contact for that time. (Thanks, Robinski!) For those just joining, I've updated the guidelines to ask that they PM both Robinski and me with their email addresses and it will most likely be Robinski adding them to the list until about Oct 15-ish, but other than that it should pretty much be business as usual. Cheers!
  8. Sorry, I was probably on a plane and didn't see your post. You're all good!
  9. Welcome @Daryldor, and thanks @industrialistDragon and @kaisfor jumping in! Yes, the thread that they've mentioned should lay out everything for you. It looks like a lot of information, but once you get into the hang of formatting and submitting according to our guidelines, it's really not too onerous to maintain, and the rules are designed to make things easier for everybody to read and critique while protecting the intellectual property of the writers. Please give the thread that @industrialistDragonlinked a read, and then I'm happy to answer any further questions you have--as I'm sure anyone else on the RE forum would be. We try to be a pretty helpful group!
  10. Thanks for the additional resources!
  11. Three slots open. Going once, going twice... (This post brought to you by Silk being bored at the airport.)
  12. Looks like you're the first one to request for Monday (unless I've missed anyone? I'm using a new tablet so still figuring out how to work on this thing), so go ahead. I'll probably be late doing my final check for requests tomorrow since I'm flying back to Canada mid morning. Just a heads-up.
  13. Looks like we might be in for a quiet week. Please do!
  14. Hey, @kais and @Mandamon - congrats to both of you on your books! Very cool.