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  1. Enjoy and safe travels!
  2. I just got a Kobo eReader, which allows you to read and annotate pdfs. One of my struggles with critiquing, aside from time, is that I spend so much time planted in front of this desktop computer; I'm gonna try critiquing on the e-reader and see how I like it. I'll let you all know how it goes! @Vreeah, duly noted! If I ever make my way over there I'll give you a shout. And assuming Australia doesn't bankrupt me, there's always Dublin.
  3. I think you're (still) the first one to request, so there's definitely room. Any other takers?
  4. Hi Silk! I just saw the Reading Excuses group and was wondering whether it was still running? If so would you mind adding me in? Thanks!

  5. @M.Puddles please go ahead, along with @Robinski and @Paracosmic_nomenclator if you haven't already.
  6. That's definitely borderline. Since it looks to be a quiet week for submissions I'd say go ahead. If we were busier, I'd have probably suggested to split it. Unless anyone objects?
  7. Well hey, we've got two years, right? Speaking of travel, any you folks located in Utah by chance? I'm going to be there at the end of the month--busy, but might have a chance to do lunch or something if any of you are local.
  8. With @kais, @M.Puddles, and @Robinski submitting we still have two slots left!
  9. You're the first one to ask so far. Any other takers?
  10. So @Tariniel, @aeromancer, and @Paracosmic_nomenclator are up. Anyone else for Monday?
  11. Thanks Robinski! Nailed it, of course.
  12. I usually make fun of "like" buttons and their ilk, but right now I need one.
  13. Yes, looks like @kais, @Paracosmic_nomenclator, @M.Puddles, @Blainejstephenson and @Robinski for tomorrow. That'll be all for this week.
  14. Hooray! Nice work. @M.Puddles, @Paracosmic_nomenclator, and @kais for Monday then!
  15. @industrialistDragon those look fantastic!