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  1. We're not quite at stick-beating territory yet... Maybe just wave 'em threateningly?
  2. No, no, I sympathize. Maybe because I am 4/5ths of the way through my own event marathon. Last weekend, travelled to Toronto to present my confernce paper, then travelled back to play an hour-long show for a local event. This weekend, performed a dance routine, then spent 12 hours yesterday driving to/from/playing big band music in a nearby city. Just one solo performance left this upcoming weekend. Who thinks I can write new music by Saturday?
  3. ___ WorldCon 2018 San Jose, California___ WorldCon 2019 Dublin_X_ Both, cause why not? Considering that not everybody may be able to go to one or the other, and that the folks in this crowd are reasonably likely to be interested in going to a WorldCon anway, I am very much in the "why not both" crowd? I'm not actually sure yet which, if either (or both) I'd be able to go to. I suspect that I could probably make either work okay, but I think I will also have to see where the chips fall financially after my big trip to Australia later this year. In other news, I'm back from Toronto--ACCSFF was great--and survived doing a show on my first day back yesterday! Thank goodness I took today and tomorrow off...
  4. Hopefully! They do tend to come out ofthe woodwork when someone hits "submit"...
  5. That's not a bad way to start out. I haven't been to a Worldcon yet... Does that mean I haven't accidentally started a new con after all?
  6. Oh no! Hope you're feeling better soon.
  7. Anyone for May 29? Going once, going twice...
  8. Dammit! Anyone want to meet me in Australia this Sept-November then? Regarding costumes, I love costumes but man I think I'm glad I don't actually cosplay. It looks exhausting. Edit: Aaactuaaally, it occurs to me that you STILL might need to learn French @kais, depending on what part of Canada we hold RECon in. *wink nudge*
  9. Thanks @Hobbit! It should be fun. If I get through 'em all. Hey, "RECon" would be a catchy con name. I'm just saying.
  10. Sorry! It's a long weekend and I sort of thought yesterday was still Saturday. >>;
  11. Hey, a meetup in Canada would be lovely! I've heard BC is beautiful. Although I couldn't tell you anything about dive bars. I don't imagine I'll have much time to be checking out dive bars in Toronto either, or I'd ask.
  12. I'd say "it seemed like a good idea at the time," but honestly it didn't seem like a good idea even at the time. I DID book the next two days off work, though. I'm not completely stupid. Just almost.
  13. Welcome back! Glad that there is so much exciting writerly stuff going on for you! On my end, I really need to get cracking on writing that conference paper I mentioned a while back... and ideally some new music, because I fly out to Toronto June 1, present June 2, stay for the rest of the conference June 3, and then get back home at midnight so I can be on a stage in my home town the next day...
  14. Well I think it's safe to say you're good for this week if you haven't sent the file already. Proooobably okay for next week too.