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  1. So it looks to me like we have @Majestic Fox, @Robinski, and @Zay Wolfe up tomorrow, with @ICanDream for next Monday.
  2. *raises hand* 5 years is nothing to sneeze at!
  3. You know what I realised earlier this evening, apropos of absolutely nothing? I'm pretty sure Reading Excuses was founded in Nov/December 2009. Which means that when we get together for Worldcon 2019 Recon 1, those of us who are able, we'll also have the opportunity to celebrate 10 years as a writing and critique group.
  4. Not at all. We realise that stuff happens, and having more feedback never hurts. Critique (and submit) away! That means we have two slots still open.
  5. Anyone other than @Majestic Fox for Monday...?
  6. Jorville, I see upthread that Mandamon has followed up via PM--I hope that discussion is proving helpful. For the benefit of others reading the thread, though, I would like to take an opportunity to encourage everyone to consider these types comments carefully when they're received. Our fiction and media landscape is so saturated with problematic tropes (be they racist, sexist, and so on) that they can be difficult to spot in, let alone disentangle from, our own writing. It can take a lot of work on the part of the writer to address these types of concerns because they can be so insidious. That being said, doing so can also be extremely rewarding, as it gives us an opportunity to create more thoughtful world-building and a more immersive setting and characters. I realise that it may feel like an accusation when somebody points out racist tropes as part of a critique. Please remember that these comments are all made in the spirit of improving the work (and a better understanding of the tropes and words that we draw on will inevitably improve the work) and give them the consideration that they deserve. While it is always ultimately up to the individual writer to accept and implement the changes they receive from other readers, we have a greater responsibility to consider comments that point out problematic tropes in our fiction, because the unfortunate reality is that racism does real harm, including through fiction--specifically the people who never get to see themselves represented in fiction or only ever see themselves represented in a negative light. Aside from any changes we make to a story ,we also have a greater responsibility to consider how we respond to the people pointing these issues out in a critique, because while it's perfectly acceptable to agree or disagree on the effectiveness of a plot hook, a trope with racist, sexist, etc. elements will be hurtful for some readers whether we as writers agree that it should be hurtful or not. Such comments are typically not made lightly--please consider them carefully. If there's something you disagree with or don't understand, ask specific questions. But the onus is on us as individual writers to make sure that we're acknowledging these concerns to the best of our ability, and not on others to convince us that we're doing something wrong. Again: this will only ever lead to a stronger manuscript. I also want to briefly address the discussion about hostility and politeness that has been raised here. As always, this forum strives to be a welcoming place to all writers, of all background and abilities, and part of that is creating an honest but supportive environment for the people giving and receiving critiques. That said, racism is always unwelcoming--which means we need to be able to discuss racist tropes that we see in our own fiction and address them (and everybody inadvertently uses problematic tropes sometimes. As I mentioned above, our media landscape is so saturated with them, it takes a very concerted effort not to). And we need to be able to make those critiques without worrying whether we will be dismissed as being silly, or just quarreling, or being needlessly hostile. It is not unreasonable to feel angry or upset about experiencing racism. In the context of critiquing, of course one of the major purposes of a group like this is to point these things out in a safe setting. That being said, we can't do so if we suspect that our comments will just be ignored or dismissed; it is extremely frustrating to make a critique, especially about something potentially damaging, and feel that we have been dismissed out-of-hand! While I certainly don't want to see a thread devolve into a shouting fest, that's certainly not what happened in the above thread, and we need to be able to make critiques as was done above without those critiques being dismissed as quarreling, unreasonable, or silly. (There are some resources about tone policing here and here.) I don't want to hijack this thread any further, so I will ask that anyone who feels the need to respond to my post here do so by PM only. I will close by urging, again, that we all strive to see critiques regarding problematic tropes in fiction not as a judgment or attack, but as a way to improve our craft.
  7. Looks like 4/5: @Majestic Fox, @shatteredsmooth, @Robinski, and @Jorville.
  8. @Robinski Hey, stuff happens. Hope you're okay. I see @shatteredsmooth, @Majestic Fox, @Jorville and @Robinski for Monday.
  9. So... you're saying you don't expect much, then? @kais Well that doesn't sound like much fun. Good luck and see you in July!
  10. So I just have @Robinski and @Mandamon for tomorrow unless I've missed anyone. Any other takers?
  11. I'll keep you posted! You'll have to get in line after the Jaguar with Cape theme song and The Tale of the Tangle (that is, mutant radioactive sentient vines. I, um, I... kind of have weird friends.) Also, what exactly would be the content of this theme song...?
  12. Thank you! I do! In the short term, say the next year or two, unless one of my co-writers decides to produce it or it gets picked up by someone else entirely (far too early to tell), this is about as produced as it's going to get. (And there was some production; five hours of studio time, though that includes the actual recording process as well, of course.) It'll cost a good chunk in time and money to coordinate studio time, session musicians, etc, and I don't think I want to put any of that down until I can bundle it with a complete album. Which means I have to write a few more of these...
  13. @kais, so far I only see you and @Majestic Fox, so unless we have a slew of last minute requests I'd say you're good.