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  1. Looks like we have one slot left with @Truthweaver, @Mandamon, @kais, and @Robinski submitting tomorrow.
  2. Gentle reminder that there will always be another submission period.
  3. Looks like we're at four for Monday: @Majestic Fox, @Mandamon, @Robinski and @Truthweaver.
  4. So we have @Mandamon, @kais, and @Robinski, and two slots left.
  5. Two slots still up for grabs if anyone wants 'em!
  6. @Mandamon you can count me interested, tentatively so; seems to be a lot up in the air for me right now. I was thinking of trying to find a cycling tour and apparently my dad and his fiancée may or may not be going to Europe that year. Plus I still need to figure out if I'm, y'know, actually going. XD
  7. So we have @Robinski, @Majestic Fox, @Mandamon, and @kais. Did I miss anyone?
  8. Pinnacle? Peak? Summit? wait, let me try again now that I’ve properly read the post. I’d probably go with “top”.
  9. Wow, it really did. So it looks like we have: @Majestic Fox, @mrwizard70, @Rogueshar, @Mandamon, and @kais for tomorrow; and @Robinski for Monday the 26th.
  10. So I see four right now: @Majestic Fox, @Mandamon, @Robinski, and @kais.
  11. Seeing four for tomorrow: @Majestic Fox, @Mandamon, @mrwizard70 And @Robinski.
  12. Looks like we have @Majestic Fox, @Mandamon, and @Robinski for tomorrow. Any other takers?
  13. Taken care of now, but thanks for jumping in! Mea culpa.