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  1. I can't imagine that Brandon would answer this question even if they had confided in him. That's pretty confidential information.
  2. I don't think that aluminum necessarily needs to be the dominant metal within the alloy, all that we know is that it is a component. Brandon's been vague on how specifically alloys of aluminum work and which are inert, probably for this very reason.
  3. Yes, because I'm interested to see if it improved. That being said I am incredibly dissatisfied with the first volume and don't anticipate it being any better. In addition to that, if this is the highest quality product that they can churn out with an actual prose manuscript to go off of, I have no idea how they'd be able to do a good job with adapting books two and three of the trilogy which do not exist in a written format (unless you count Lord Mastrell). I'm an advocate for a full rewrite of the prose, which I don't think would take long to be cleaned up. On the other hand, Brandon's got a lot on his plate going forward. Stormlight is taking far longer than expected, so we'll see what he decides he really wants to spend his time on.
  4. It's confirmed that another type of Aviar somehow aids in navigation.
  5. I'm certain it's an error. There were a number of things that slipped past the people who made it, such as the accidental switch between Jon Acron and Cynder. (I may have messed up the names of Khriss's companions, it's been a while.) I am not a fan of the graphic novel adaptation.
  6. Brandon has mentioned this somewhere, I believe the annotations, but I'm on mobile so I cannot check. Vara'Treledees was Denth's scholar name, like Talaxin for Vasher and Shashara for Glorysinger. It's rather like people naming a child after the angel Michael in Christianity. It's a well known name with a religious/historical connection (since I'm not sure how well known it is that the Scholars were all Returned).
  7. I think Nazrilof itself is just a nickname too. Nazh's real name is unknown and it something Puritanical sounding like other names from Threnody, if I recall correctly.
  8. These are lovely, I've really been enjoying seeing the Imperial Palace brought to life! Thanks for sharing them:)
  9. Do we actually have confirmation from Brandon that that is the case though? I followed that thread and don't recall seeing explicit confirmation that there is more Ruin than Preservation in harmonium. Saze could be doing something else with the extra Ruin.
  10. Internal organs can definitely be killed by Shardblades. I assume Kal's knife did damage, but even if he wounded Szeth's kidneys or stomach it's not like he would have died instantly. It would have taken longer than a few minutes.
  11. I just filed my comment in support of Net Neutrality and I urge everyone else to do the same. You can comment here (where 7 million people have already commented) by clicking +Express in the left column. This is an apolitical issue. These regulations particularly protect those that live in places where there is only one ISP. With a total and complete lack of competition, those ISPs can basically do whatever they want and force their customers to go along with it or not have internet at all, due to the lack of a second option.
  12. Well the first bit though seems to indicate to me that the second hypothesis is the case. If the Soulstamp was applied in MaiPon and could be brought anywhere, then there would be able to be stamped objects in Elantris, which Brandon directly says there isn't.
  13. Forgery is actually subject to the same distance problem AonDor has. I assume they're just close enough to MaiPon that the power drop off is less severe than it is for AonDor, as they move away from their homeland (since as far as we know there's no amplifier for Forgery like Elantris is for AonDor). As far as I know, there's no info on whether or not Bloodsealing weakens with distance, but I wouldn't be surprised if it also was subject to the same issue. So they don't function more effectively, in my opinion, than AonDor does in Teod (except I assume both Dzhammar and MaiPon are closer to the Imperial Seat than Teoin is to Arelon). Do you recall where you heard this? I've only seen the initial confirmation that Forton's potions were Invested, I didn't realize anyone had asked follow up questions.
  14. Some things also indicate that they don't all necessarily need to be from the same world. Brandon wrote in someone's book that Sixth has tried chouta and hates it, which indicates to me that at the very least the Ones Aboe also have contact with Roshar.
  15. I've noticed this as well. I'd assume that the "fruit" as they see is is not true fruit, but something similar enough that once the world got covered in ash people continued calling it fruit as it was the closest word they had.