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  1. The Ones Above

    I do want to point out a fact that I think has been overlooked quite often in discussions about the identity of the Ones Above. This is quote from a signed book, sourced here. This leads me to believe that the Ones Above may not be the monolithic group that they might appear. This doesn't mean that they are Rosharans, but at the very least they've been to Roshar and have either brought some Herdazian food or have a way to prepare it. I do agree that the technology appears Scadrian, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is a Rosharan or two on the crew.
  2. Can a splintered shard be brought together again?

    Brandon has confirmed that a Splintered Shard can be put back together, but we know nothing of the process.
  3. Knights Radiant non-battle orders

    There's also some indication that the Lightweavers helped with morale issues too. This makes sense based on Shallan's interactions with the deserters.
  4. If you haven't read Mistborn: Secret History, I'd recommend it. It explains a bit more about Kel's return.
  5. Oathbringer at 100%

    Sadeas actually had at least three POV's to my recollection. Either way, I'd like to see more of Rock from his own POV.
  6. Oathbringer at 100%

    Adolin used his Blade to remove the chalk marking from the wall, if I recall correctly.
  7. Oathbringer at 100%

    A few common concerns that I've seen is that Adolin's missing cuffs are noticed, or the bloodied fragments he cut off the cuffs are found. Another possibility I've seen is that in his haste he left his side knife behind.
  8. Leatherbound Mistborn

    Mine got here today, and it is beautiful. So generous of Brandon to send me a gift on his birthday. xD
  9. I was always under the impression that Kell didn't do much with the geodes, rather he broke the crystal formations they condensed from, which was what actually damaged the perpendicularity.
  10. Pondering State of Sanderson 2016

    I assume he's not referencing anyone in particular, but just authors that write slowly in general, as he knows/has worked with both of those authors in the past. Silverlight novella is exciting, but I'm incredibly excited for this probably Threnody book. The second idea, where an expedition is sent back to the old continent is the story I've been wanting to hear since I first read Shadows for Silence. Hey Nightblood fans, take heart! From this it sounds like although Nightblood isn't close, we'll see it before we see the modern Mistborn trilogy. It is pretty cool to see that Brandon is going to start to complete the main stories that he originally wanted to tell on some of these planets (at least for now).
  11. If that were the case though, wouldn't Mistborn: Secret History Spoilers
  12. Leatherbound Mistborn

    According to tracking, mine should be here today, although I have my doubts about Its accuracy.
  13. Cosmere Maps [AU Spoiliers]

    My curiosity is where Ashyn and Braize woulf fall on that map of Shadesmar that we got from TWoK. Presumably they are adjacent to Roshar, as they share the same system. I could see an argument wherein Braize might not have a huge representation on the Cognitive Realm, as it is populated wholly by Splinters, but Ashyn as a populated world should be nearby, in my mind. I've always rather thought it might be the Expanse of the Broken Skies, as it has the floating cities on it, which should probably do something quite odd in Shadesmar. I'm pretty sure that Vibrance corresponds to Nalthis and Vapors corresponds to Scadrial though. The names just make too much sense to me.
  14. Nationalities & Languages

    One point of information on the Fen page is that we don't know the specific region or culture that speaks Fen, so that's why its on its own page. If it did, Fen would probably redirect there, as that's our current standard. If that's something people are interested in changing, we can talk about it. I too wonder if there is sufficient information to create pages that are just languages.
  15. I do not believe that we've had any sort of confirmation that Adonalsium had a Vessel, unless it slipped by me, which is possible. Do you recall where you saw that fact?