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  1. I think Nazrilof itself is just a nickname too. Nazh's real name is unknown and it something Puritanical sounding like other names from Threnody, if I recall correctly.
  2. These are lovely, I've really been enjoying seeing the Imperial Palace brought to life! Thanks for sharing them:)
  3. Do we actually have confirmation from Brandon that that is the case though? I followed that thread and don't recall seeing explicit confirmation that there is more Ruin than Preservation in harmonium. Saze could be doing something else with the extra Ruin.
  4. Internal organs can definitely be killed by Shardblades. I assume Kal's knife did damage, but even if he wounded Szeth's kidneys or stomach it's not like he would have died instantly. It would have taken longer than a few minutes.
  5. I just filed my comment in support of Net Neutrality and I urge everyone else to do the same. You can comment here (where 7 million people have already commented) by clicking +Express in the left column. This is an apolitical issue. These regulations particularly protect those that live in places where there is only one ISP. With a total and complete lack of competition, those ISPs can basically do whatever they want and force their customers to go along with it or not have internet at all, due to the lack of a second option.
  6. Well the first bit though seems to indicate to me that the second hypothesis is the case. If the Soulstamp was applied in MaiPon and could be brought anywhere, then there would be able to be stamped objects in Elantris, which Brandon directly says there isn't.
  7. Forgery is actually subject to the same distance problem AonDor has. I assume they're just close enough to MaiPon that the power drop off is less severe than it is for AonDor, as they move away from their homeland (since as far as we know there's no amplifier for Forgery like Elantris is for AonDor). As far as I know, there's no info on whether or not Bloodsealing weakens with distance, but I wouldn't be surprised if it also was subject to the same issue. So they don't function more effectively, in my opinion, than AonDor does in Teod (except I assume both Dzhammar and MaiPon are closer to the Imperial Seat than Teoin is to Arelon). Do you recall where you heard this? I've only seen the initial confirmation that Forton's potions were Invested, I didn't realize anyone had asked follow up questions.
  8. Some things also indicate that they don't all necessarily need to be from the same world. Brandon wrote in someone's book that Sixth has tried chouta and hates it, which indicates to me that at the very least the Ones Aboe also have contact with Roshar.
  9. I've noticed this as well. I'd assume that the "fruit" as they see is is not true fruit, but something similar enough that once the world got covered in ash people continued calling it fruit as it was the closest word they had.
  10. Have you read Warbreaker at all? Warbreaker Spoilers If not, I would definitely recommend it, especially if you want a better idea about what's going on with this sword.
  11. Well we know that the sas refers to Sadeas's princedom. I think the question is probably whether or not nahn refers to the district the army was in when Kal was branded or if it refers to Amaram's district since he was branded under Amaram's authority. I suspect the latter, as it would have been awkward to get a new brand every time the army moved districts.
  12. Mod moment: I just want to say that conversations like these can become emotionally charged very quickly, so let's all be certain to be careful of others's thoughts and feelings. I don't anticipate any problems, but it's always good to take extra caution. All right, all done. I've only seen a bit of discussion on this, but I don't think it really holds any water. That essay was written almost a decade ago. Brandon's views have continued to grow and change in that decade. Checking out this post, I think that it basically closes the door on claims of homophobia, particularly the bit at the end. Definitely a good way to view the world, taking a look at how oneself can be better rather than trying to decide if others are doing something wrong.
  13. Well, thunderclasts aren't people, so it's not necessarily true that their proportions match those of a person. I believe the hand size reference comes from this line in the prelude. So, six feet for a hand length isn't a bad estimate. As always though, the Coppermind can be edited by anyone, so if you find an error, feel free to correct it and the admins will check it over for accuracy.
  14. Well, I'm sure that the people who actually fund the site can probably speak to it better than I, they're all members of the staff, but it is mostly privately funded, although we do have a donate button. I'll let those people speak for themselves if they wish, but as with everything on the Shard, such as writing articles, graphic design, or podcasting, these people are passionate fans of Brandon Sanderson's books who want to create an awesome environment for people to be able to discuss them.
  15. Nope, that is extremely unlikely in my opinion. The change was announced a while ago, it is available in new editions of the books and if you own the ebook it can be updated. Sending out an insert to the tens of thousands of people who purchased the book would be a massive undertaking.