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  1. As revealed in Mistborn: Secret history, those who hold the Shards are called Vessels.
  2. I'm not sure about that, but I don't love that the Rithmatist is listed as cosmere. It's an understandable mistake but it will just lead to more misconceptions. :/
  3. When I met Brandon in Spokane a few years ago with Chaos, we asked him about Endowment's Shardpool. Brandon confirmed that it does exist on Nalthis and is leaking somehow, which is why the Tears only grow in Hallendran. I can find the specific interview later if people are interested.
  4. I don't believe that there is a trade paperback edition of Words of Radiance. I know there's a mass market, but I haven't seen a trade version. I could be wrong though.
  5. This image was the exclusive for the trade paperback edition of the Way of Kings. Pretty cool, huh?
  6. What symbol does Elend use on his banners and have his soldiers wear?
  7. He and Sixth tried to cross Patji at night, didn't they? I believe he was killed by a nightmaw, but that may just be a trick of the memory.
  8. The graphic novel actually pulled at least some of its dialogue from the book. Not all of it though, as far as I recall. I definitely am worried about future graphic novels, beyond the content of the original novel and the quality of dialogue we'll see there.
  9. Adolin threw it into one of the planters outside the window, if I recall correctly. What happens afterward we will have to wait and see.
  10. Rather, one bot. No system to keep out bots is perfect, so this will crop up now and again. Rest assured this is infinitely better than the short period of time where we were seeing up to ten bots an hour. The staff could barely keep up. In the future, if you or anyone else sees a post by a bot, there's no need to make a topic, just report the post (the little button next to the timestamp at the top of a post) and some member of the staff will take care of it promptly.
  11. This is a known issue, I'm sure Eric will be along in a minute to explain specifics, but the images of the Radiant glyphs have something to do with it. I think the dimensions of the images are too large?
  12. Stay on topic here, downvotes are not relevant to the conversation at hand. I can see upvotes and downvotes and Firerust did not downvote Yata, so I would cease making unsubstantiated accusations. Feel free to continue discussing the topic, but the conversation on downvotes ends here.
  13. The November deadline is basically locked in. It could shift a small amount, but will not change drastically.
  14. We actually don't know whether or not Ashyn has ever had a Shard. As of the "modern" cosmere it does not, but I asked Brandon once and he RAFO'd me, saying that he cannot reveal too much of the history of the Rosharan system without spoiling things for the Stormlight Archive. So unless he has said elsewhere that there was never a Shard on Ashyn (which is entirely possible, I often miss things), right now all we know is that there currently isn't a Shard there.
  15. I've read Shadows for Silence several different times and actually wrote the article for the Evil on the Coppermind. As far as I am aware, there is no mention that the Evil came from the sky in the story itself or in any interview questions.