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  1. Yeah, I think the implication here is they know the planet is round but not necessarily that it spins. It's actually a common misconception that even here on Earth that early societies didn't know the shape of the world; the ancient Greeks figured out in something like 300 BCE.
  2. Sel definitely has some level of foresight, as Wyrn was able to send Fjon to Tedradel to kill Hrathen in the end.
  3. Oftentimes you can even bring it to any major bookstore and they’ll exchange it for you for free because they get a no questions asked exchange.
  4. We just have reference to the fact that the Black Lake existed and that it was moved underground. If it didn't work like the Well did, it's interesting to understand why. I'm not really speaking of common heritage, as that appears basically biologically unlikely, I'm more hoping for confirmation that there's more to it than Brandon not caring about how biology works. That being said, the Unkalaki one is the one I'm least interested in of the three. Anything about Ambition-based magic would be cool to know.
  5. I've got a few you could try. You've stated that Ruin's Perpendicularity (the Black Lake) had been moved underground by the time of Vin's birth. Was that lake somewhere deep beneath the Pits? How was it impacted by Kelsier destroying the atium crystals? Did people need to actually enter the pool to transition between realms or did they just need to be in the Pits themselves? Was there a full manifestation of Investiture (magic system) on Threnody before Ambition and Odium's fight? If so, was it related to Ambition? We've seen a number of human/singer hybrids (Unkalaki and Herdazians) and even human/Aimian hybrids (Natans). How is such a thing possible biologically or is there some outside influence there? Those are ordered in my approximate interest level from most to least, but feel free to pick any or none that are interesting to you.
  6. To focus discussion in one place, I'm going to close this topic. Feel free to continue speculation over there!
  7. I'm not sure what you mean by the cosmere decal being official. It's the symbol on the cover of Arcanum Unbounded, so it's been canon for a while now. You could try shooting Team Sanderson an email about when they'll be back in stock, but unless Peter happens to stop by, no one on this website works for Dragonsteel Entertainment, so your guess is as good as ours. I'm sure it won't be too long, they probably sold out for the holidays.
  8. I'm going to close the thread so we can have the discussion all in the same place.
  9. I understand what the OP said, no need to explain the Shardblade swap to me.
  10. I wrote a large part of the Shardblade article. I’m not sure who put in that Taln’s Blade was stolen by a Taravangian but I’ll get rid of that, as it’s incorrect. As for the issue with the Shardblade that Taln showed up with, it is unlikely to change. It’s difficult to tally and tabulate unnamed Shardblades, but this system is the best I could figure out and Taln was the last one to hold that Blade, even if it wasn’t bound to him. It doesn’t seem misleading at all to me.
  11. Topic moved. Please be more careful with future topics.
  12. I am certain it’s Yelig-nar. The motif that he is given is black smoke/wind whenever he appears onscreen. It’s just waiting there for Amaram to swallow the gemstone.
  13. Very interesting theory. I particularly like the theory about where gemstones tend to collect, as that should be predictable like you indicate. We really don't know much about Rosharan mining at this point, so I'm curious if they end up digging into the actual granitic bedrock or if they're just digging around in the crem for gems like you indicate. One interesting thing I noticed from the Kaza interlude is that there are a lot of gemstones around there with the greatshell corpses, yet they seem to not have moved far from the bodies. Perhaps the location of Akinah is already near one of these barriers that the gems are moved towards? Very interesting theory!
  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if Team Dragonsteel has developed some sort of symbol for Nalthis, like they did for the other cosmere worlds that appeared in AU. We didn’t get a story set on Nalthis, but I bet the symbol exists. Perhaps that will be what we see on the cover (although that begs the question of what will eventually appear on the cover of the Nightblood leather bound, but that’s probably 15+ years out xD)
  15. From a financial perspective, it was a huge success. Brandon is aware of the graphic novel’s flaws and has his own issues as well.