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  1. I don't do much reading or posting in the General Brandon Discussion, but I thought the cards were really cool. It reminded me of my question for Brandon in the signing line for "A Memory of Light". (A more complete/ accurate quote is probably still around the forums in the event's topic.) I asked Brandon about Hoid represented as a magic card, and he responded that of course Hoid would be a Planeswalker. He was unwilling to give any sample abilities that might make it onto the card, saying something like he wouldn't know how to balance abilities for game play. So I asked him about CMC. I said Hoid would obviously be Blue, but would he be Blue/White, or Blue/Black or something? Brandon thought about it and said he'd probably be UUU5, so I said something about him being on Bolas power levels, and Brandon said yea.
  2. The bookstores in Pittsburgh were out as soon as they opened apparently. I accidentally slept in, drove the 45 min to Sewickley, got there at 10:20ish (they opened at 10:00) but they were all gone. Apparently they only had 3. I called the only other bookstore in the Burgh on the list. They were also out. The guy on the phone got a lot less pleasant after I asked what I was looking for. I had the feeling that one of us had just thrown a fit at him a few minutes before. If all the bookstores got that few of them, they are going to be hard to get a hold of. Anyone get one? what's all in it? SOOO CURIOUS!
  3. I Love Codex Alera. (huge Butcher fanboy) Like his Dresden Files they really pick up after book 2. I think #3 and #6 are my favorites but there is plenty of awesome to go around. If you've never seen a video of Butcher at a writer's panel give the story behind the Codex Alera's inspiration, you should browse the Youtubes. It is hilarious, he is a really great storyteller. (as to be expected in a writer of his caliber)
  4. I've always assumed that all Obglators were male and therefore all of Rashek's Inquisitors were male. Brandon has said that there were female inquisitors fighting Vin in her climax over Kredik Shaw. (She just didn't care all that much to think of them as anything other than inhuman.) It would make the most sense that Ruin scoured the Final Empire of Mistborn as the subjects to create these Inquisitors. We see no Mistborn except Vin and Elend after Ruin's release. (Who Ruin sees more as semi-independent subcontractors than rivals). Marsh mentions that he has the most spikes. It seems likely that many of the Inquisitors were newly created by Ruin, and it's far more efficient to use a Mistborn as the body of an Inquisitor rather than in the creation of a spike (that can only seal one attribute at a time). The Mistborn trait seems to not favor either sex, so about half of Ruin's additions should have been women. Elderly Mistborn or children were probably more likely than women to be used as the Atium or duralumin spikes for misting Inquisitors like Marsh, but perhaps a few women could could have met this fate as well.
  5. Browsing Yotube I found a video of the reading and the group Q&A . The reading is from Shadows of Self. Wayne/Marasi PoVs.
  6. Rereading the series after finishing Broken Eye , I have a hypothesis about what was up with Kip's mum Lina.
  7. I don't think Radiant-Soulcasting needs to use the "correct" stones that a fabrial would for the same effect; as evident in WoR. That being said, intent and perception are important in the cosmere, and if at the time Jasnah believed them necessary, they would have been. Like 11thorderknight, I think Jasnah was just being careful (Elsecaller attribute) to openly only Soulcast in ways that the current configuration of her Soulcaster would allow. While performing slight of hand castings, like she did the bread and jam, she chose to ignore the understood Fabrial-Soulcaster restrictions. Of course, I have a large multilayer theory on what Jasnah was going through in WoK that I may someday write up in an essay-ish big-wall-o-text style post as a thread that I espouse but haven't seen posted anywere...
  8. I am with Rshara. From it being described as simple for Eylita to draw off Luesh's tattoo, and also as triangular with three diamonds. I doodled it on to my hand while re-reading WoK right after reading WoR and was like.... 'why is this symbol familiar'... 'OMG it's the Mitsubishi logo' and laughed manically for 15 min. I got infatuated with a theory that it was a wink and a nod to the Mercedes-Benz logo that appeared in The Wheel of Time. I was trying to ask him about this theory in my question to him at the DC signing... but I got kinda flustered and fanboy-shy. I also have a theory that the three diamonds represent the three shards of Roshar.
  9. I'm not much of a shipper, but I will quietly enjoy my mountain of Shalladolin brownies. I completely agree on the Shalladin statement cutting on Kaladin thinking that "her unhealthy coping mechanisms are the most beautiful thing he's ever seen." Because that statement of yours is great, and statements like that is why I have tuned into all 28 SRWoR postings. (avoiding WoB's dealing future SA books in this unspoiled post.) Furthermore, I feel you should be careful what you wish for... Should Renarin get his own book, it stands to reason that his flashback sequence will chronicle the painful experiences that cracked his soul in the 1st place that lets him form the nahel bond.
  10. Ruin had multiple reasons for "spiking up Marsh" into his Champion. One logical reason Marsh got the most spikes because he was one of the few remaining Lord Ruler inquisitors created from seekers. I imagine most of the inquisitors encountered my Vin and Elend post-Ruin's release were crafted from all the Mistborn he could track down as per Chapter 72 HoA Epigraph. I would assume all elderly or crippled/retired Mistborn met their end as fuel for duralumin/atium spikes. A second reason is that Marsh was a very big man. Even taller than Kelsier who is always described by Skaa as very tall. Of course Ruin would choose an intimadating man as his Champion. A third is, that yes, he did want to use Kelsier's brother. He was already intimately familiar with Kelsier's crew. Kelsier himself was trained by Gemmel who, if you have read "The Eleventh Metal" from The Steel Hunt/ Shard Hunt, is obviously an unbalanced individual allong the lines of Zane and Vin's mother. Kelsier and Vin were his secret weapons all along, at least until he got bored and revealed himself to Vin in Yomen's shelter. When he helped Vin kill Rashek it was in accordance to Ruins gambit. He was already his Champion. I had more to say but I gotta run. maybe I'll edit this later...
  11. When I listen to these, and the shipping dominates an episode; I find myself compelled to watch the Youtube video "I Ship It" by the Not Literally girls. (The Refrain) You're on the canon ground, I'm up in crack ship space. Let's start a shipping war, don't care if I get hate. Don't like my pairings, well, then you can hit the bricks. This is my OTP, I'll go down with this ship! I ship it! I ship it! I love these Feather. Thanks for the hard work in editing. I had a heck of a time un-FUBARing my audio files from the DC WoR signing table. I can't imagine myself doing it before continuing my 1st read-through. The only thing that tends to bother me is... Renarin is a MAN NOT A PUPPY! haha
  12. I really like the thought that Ivory kinda just threw her into the deep end. I think it makes sense not to bother to train an incompetent Elsecaller. The order seems to have both of the incredibly dangerous Shadesmar surges. The part 3 chapter epigraphs note them as the "true masters of that realm [shadesmar]" It is besides the point, but I think Sylphrena was the one who forced the bond at the assassination attempt on the bridge not Kal(adin). Kal will once again regain (adin); when he stops peeving me off and grows up. Yet again. Being the (begrudgingly incredibly competent) man-child that he is, I don't know how Syl puts up with it. Haha. Syl makes Kaladin bearable. (Not unlike a few couples within my own friends and family.)
  13. Among the same class of weapons as the Honorblades, certainly. But by definition, an Honorblade is forged with the powers of the Shard "Honor" and gifted by Tanavast himself to the heralds. (according to what we have been told) Nightblood was awakend by Shashara while of the ninth hightening and given 1000 Nalthian breaths. If anything Nightblood is an Endowment Blade.
  14. Apparently the other 8 tracks are marked private. I hate this program. I have been fiddling with it for an hour. Any suggestions? Edit* It all works now and is available to the public. I thought it was all available but I had only made track one "Public". Sorry, First time using that site. The previous links are all fixed.
  15. It should be a playlist of nine 8 min videos. I had formatting issues. No? The link sends me to the playlist.