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  1. Totally can picture this. But what are these videos everyone is refering too. Sorry Newbie to the Cosmere.
  2. As for the 4th one. I think Szeth (who's my fav character) will gaina backbone and somehow stop just in time not to kill Dalinar. I thought he was going to do this with Gavilar.
  3. Not sure if it was said already and I only just finished reading WoK like 2 hours ago but I think Renarin is going to be a background character that comes to the foreground at a pivital moment. Kind of like Spook in Mistborn.
  4. If you want a well written fanfiction on there is a story under Wheel of Time called. A New Beginning: A Different Ending to A Memory of Light and the WoT She wrote it because she hated the ending and how it left somethings hanging.
  5. Not good at picturing actors for characters but this was awesome in my head.
  6. Thank you so much for this. I can now understand what Cosmere is. I watched a Q& A with Brandon and he was talking about it and yeah. THANK YOU!
  7. I love the Valdemar books especially Vanyel and Mags.
  8. Hello Not good at writing these things, or posts at all. My posts are usually a sentence or two. hehe. I've only read the Mist born Trillogy and Alloy of Law. I didn't know there were other books. I love Wheel of time and sad it's over but that's why we have fanfiction. I love fantasy books and before Robert Jordan and Brandon my fav author is RA Salvatore and Mercedes Lackey. For Valentine's Day, My husband went and ordered Way of Kings for me. I don't know the order of books. All I know is there's one character that is in each and every book. I watched a book signing and Brandon said that. Super pumped for more Mist Born and more Wax. Totally digging the way Wax and Wayne interact. I used to be an Admin on a forum for Super Junior M. The forum shut down. Yes I'm a K-pop/C-pop Fan.(you may run away now) I look forward to talking to everyone and nerding it out.