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  1. Since I have the other three... yes I’ll be buying it!
  2. Why couldn’t it have been Odium that sent it? Like he did to T?
  3. It IS possible to bond two spren... maybe he was the EDGE case
  4. Unfortunately as I remember it, each time you burned it you’d overwrite your spirit web and become a new misting until you burned its pure form and then you’d just be a mistborn. I would cut a part of it off to preserve it (see what I did there??) and then burn the rest to become mistborn. Then I’d see if I could figure out a way to use the sliver to become full born somehow.
  5. Gender roles with the the bifurcation of men's & women's arts in the Vorin religions. How that effects power structures. That is something that can be re-looked at through all three books as well.
  6. Thanks and I hope you enjoy your purchase! Just keep it away from pets, children, other people and their dirty hands, etc...
  7. That's a hard and pretty subjective question. They are beautiful. They feel good, they look amazing, they have lots of extra art and fun stuff inside. $100 is a lot though. I've been buying them as they come out once a year, so I'm using my Birthday/Christmas $ to buy them. I think it's worth it, but it's a lot of money for a book that is going to look pretty on a shelf and rarely get read/opened (I re-read my kindle versions, not the leatherbound editions!), so depends on how you want to spend your hard earned $
  8. A Fullborn who picks up enough breath for the 5th heightening so I don't have to worry about getting Atium for my immortality! if I had to choose just one... man hard to choose. I'd love sail the skies like a Mistborn or a Windrunner/Skybreaker but there is something to be said for being able to eat as much as I want and store all the excess calories and not get fat as a full feruchemist...
  9. Have to be double gold... infinite healing? there isn't much that beats that.
  10. They are on semi-opposite sides of the Radiabt chart as well
  11. IMO, She isn't a scientist/engineer of fabrial design as I think you see her. Like others have said, she advises, and finances, and casts vision for her ardents. I see her much more as a tech company CEO, who understands tech to a degree, but couldn't actually engineer the stuff he/she wants built or designed. Leading the teams and casting the vision/goal of the work, but not actually doing the work themselves. We each have our view of the characters, and I guess you're reading her differently than the rest of us... *shrug*, not a big deal. Unfortunately when that is the case you're not going to get a lot of "me too reactions!"
  12. Two words: Elon Musk very few geekier and very few who are as aggressive in pursuing their goals and achieving them than him.
  13. 1) Healing 2) Memory 3) Wakefulness
  14. Unless there is a WoB that I haven't seen, at this point we have no idea what happened to/with Shallan pre-killing her mother that would have broken her to the point of being able to bond Pattern, that is still RAFO. I have an inkling of some hints in OB, but I can't for the life of me remember them right now, and they weren't definitive even if they were hints. Just more statements of something dark before the mother's death.
  15. Pretty sure it's quantum entanglement. From a Realmatics perspective... I'd say that though their physical aspect is trapped and split, their cognitive aspect remains one, so it just mirrors actions. The one that confuses me a bit is the inversers like the lifted platform. Not sure how a combined cognitive aspect results in opposite physical effects.