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  1. Just have to chime in on a little technical point. One of you (sorry, can't remember who) talked about progressing from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age where they had superior metal technology. This is actually a (very common) misconception; from a metallurgical perspective, bronze is better than iron in almost every way. It's harder and stronger, it's easier for a smith to work, it doesn't corrode as easily, etc. The reason the Iron Age came after the Bronze Age on our world wasn't technological progress, but resource exhaustion: when tin became too scarce--at least in a form that could be easily extracted from its ores by Bronze Age technology--it was difficult to produce lots of bronze, and so they had to fall back to iron, which was much more common.
  2. I was in an office building, going down the hallway, looking for Brandon Sanderson's office. Eventually I found him, and asked him if I could interview him. He said sure, but not right now because he's really busy; could I come back in a couple hours? I was fine with that, but as I left, I remembered thinking, "that's strange, that didn't sound like his voice at all." But I didn't really follow up on that, because dream. A few hours later, it was time to go back for the interview, but just as I was heading out, the world got invaded by aliens. And then I woke up. Anyone else have weird dreams involving Brandon, the Cosmere or other fictitious settings of his, or the 17th Shard?
  3. I'm very amused by the discussion of Ingenuity and possible synonyms, because I've been claiming for a long time (long enough for this to have been valid terminology) that Brandon is the Shardholder of Creativity. Awesome to hear it more-or-less officially confirmed!
  4. I can see all the episodes; I just can't actually play them. I hit Play and it says "connecting to" (or whatever the server name is) forever until I hit cancel.
  5. Using Podcast Addict on a Blackberry KeyOne phone running Android 7.1.1.
  6. Not sure what's up with my podcast player, but i was able to listen to it in the browser, so... *shrug*
  7. As in the podcast player app on my phone.
  8. So many fascinating lies!
  9. Is anyone else having trouble listening to the podcast? I can't pull up any episodes in my player, for something like 4 days now. (Other podcasts play just fine.)
  10. @Argent Yeah, and to be completely fair, the only reason I remembered the thing from Harmony on Ruin's nature is because I just recently re-read Hero of Ages so it was fresh in my mind. Not thinking of the Stormfather's quote, though... that's just unforgivable.
  11. @Jess I'm glad to see someone remembered the Stormfather straight-up saying that Odium was lying about being Passion, because the podcasters sure didn't! I kept waiting for one of them, any of them, to bring it up, but... nope. Also conspicuously not mentioned, during the discussions of Ruin as a Shard of entropy, was Harmony in the Words of Founding explaining that Ruin was explicitly not just a force of entropy, but an intelligent, maliciously rational presence that was fully capable of building up one thing to use it to destroy several other things. I usually like these discussions, but this one left me disappointed by how many times the podcasters ignored relevant in-world sources in favor of vague, esoteric WOBs.
  12. Wow, the con sounds like it was all sorts of fun! I'd have loved to have gone, but it was right in the middle of my honeymoon, so...
  13. OK, doesn't look like it, so... enjoy!
  14. OK, as I feared, my recording's sound quality turned out pretty terrible once the place got noisy. It looks like @firstRainbowRose posted her audio already, and it's a lot cleaner than mine. Has anyone posted the Legion reading yet? If not, I'll poke at it a little and put it on YouTube.
  15. That quote says exactly the opposite of what you're saying: the rhythms *can* be blocked by a coppercloud, but a Soother would not be able to screw up a Listener's ability to attune the rhythms.