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  1. OK, doesn't look like it, so... enjoy!
  2. OK, as I feared, my recording's sound quality turned out pretty terrible once the place got noisy. It looks like @firstRainbowRose posted her audio already, and it's a lot cleaner than mine. Has anyone posted the Legion reading yet? If not, I'll poke at it a little and put it on YouTube.
  3. That quote says exactly the opposite of what you're saying: the rhythms *can* be blocked by a coppercloud, but a Soother would not be able to screw up a Listener's ability to attune the rhythms.
  4. I don't believe so.
  5. A few of those, and a few where he was talking about personal matters.
  6. OK, the pre-signing Q&A session is uploaded to Arcanum.
  7. OK, I have approximately 2.5 hours of audio here, comprising the general Q&A session, a reading from upcoming the 3rd Legion book, and the questions people asked during signing. The first two sections should be pretty clear, but once people started standing in line to ask questions, things got really noisy in there and I don't know how intelligible the audio will be. Someone else set down a phone on the table to record at that point, much closer to him and the people asking questions than I was, so hopefully we'll be able to get a clear idea of what was asked and answered. There were a few points there where Brandon looked up at me and said "this is off the record." I'm going to go through and edit those out before posting the audio, so it'll be a bit before it's up. I had the opportunity to ask a few Scadrial questions. Q: "I write these words in steel, for anything not set in metal cannot be trusted." I get how Kwaan could have figured out that Ruin was messing with records, but how could he have possibly known that metal was immune? A: (paraphrasing) It was actually not too difficult to figure out, but I don't want to go into the details of it here. Q: Will the Well of Ascension fill up again after another 1000 years, or did Harmony do away with that? A: The people living there in his time believe that it's no longer a thing, and they have good reasons to believe that. Q: Harmony was able to make it so the koloss reproduce like ordinary people. Why didn't he do the same for the kandra? A: (squirming a little) That kind of gets into details I don't want to discuss, but... I'll say this. It was a conscious choice. Q: When a metallic Invested object is melted down, it doesn't lose its Invested nature, such as the spike-bullet in Shadows of Self. A: Yes... Q: So if Wax were to take one of his ironminds, have it melted down and then alloyed into steel, and attempt to burn that, what would happen? A: (paraphrasing heavily here) This is getting really deep into the mechanics of the magic system, but basically it wouldn't work, and he'd get the "there's a reserve here but I can't use it" effect, which is what you'd see in a lot of similar cases. Q: If a Listener was on Scadrial, would they be able to hear Allomantic pulses like a Seeker? A: RAFO Q: OK, similarly, if a thieving crew had an Aviar of the same breed as Kokerlii, would it be able to function as a Smoker for them? A: Yes. (This surprised me. Why RAFO the one and answer the other?) So that's what I've got for now. I haven't listened to the audio yet. I'll post it to Arcanum after redacting a few things at Brandon's request and possibly trying to clean it up a bit.
  8. I'm here right now, with my computer and microphone to record the Q&A for the Shard.
  9. OK, just got in a couple questions. Hiding the first one, as it's an Oathbringer spoiler: Q: Kelsier told Vin to burn off all your metals each night before going to bed, to avoid toxicity problems. A: Yeah. Q: Well, cadmium is really nasty stuff in that regard. But also, if you try to do that, you'd end up with less hours of the night in which to sleep. How does Marasi deal with that? [Note: this question is the basic premise of my fic, Bedtime.] A: You measure carefully and then deal with the consequences of being an Allomancer. Also, I got to meet @JoyBlu and @OrangeJedi, which was cool!
  10. @JoyBlu once again your photos end up upside-down. That's weird!
  11. Ok, I got there with my GF (who I'm slowly getting into the Cosmere) and there was a big line, and my number is high enough that I figured we could go grab some food first. So I'll be back in a while.
  12. About to head over. I'm wearing black slacks, a leather jacket, and an Oathbringer UNITE THEM tee, if anyone wants to say hi.
  13. Surprised no one's made a thread for this yet, since it's happening this evening. Will anyone else be there?
  14. @Pagerunner What, you mean now I have to think up *more* cool questions to ask him?!?
  15. When I was taking pictures of people, I asked them, "do you mind if I get a pic of you so I can post it on the 17th Shard?" That's probably the simplest way to handle this. (Everyone I asked was fine with it, BTW, probably because the whole point of going to an event in cosplay is to be seen in your costume.)