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  1. Sorry I can't be a patron right now and no one else seems to have become one either. I did like Stormcast. Could you release the rest on YouTube prehaps?

    If not I understand. Thanks for all your past Stormcasts. 

  2. Awesome! I hope to see you there! Yeah. Can't do that; I've got work. Same here. See you guys at the party! That's pretty ambitious. I'm definitely going to try to have it done Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, because Thursday is the GF's birthday and so there'll be essentially no time for reading.
  3. Wow, it's finally almost here! After more than three years of waiting, Oathbringer is just barely a month away. And due to a recent job change, I'm in the Provo area and I'll be at the release party! Who all is going to be there? I'll make sure to bring along my computer to record this historic occasion for the Shard. Amusingly enough, when Words of Radiance came out, I was living in LA, close enough to go to the San Diego first-day stop and get book number 204. This time, I get the opportunity to try for an even lower number! (Not sure I'll make it this time, though, as some unfortunate timing issues prevented me from placing the order as quickly as I'd have liked. But we'll have to see...) Anyway, I hope to see a bunch of you guys there!
  4. So just a quick heads-up for everyone. As I've done in the last several weeks, I've recorded a Stormcast podcast for the latest chapters. But I mentioned last time that I've run out of free hosting space on SoundCloud. In order to continue uploading stuff, I have to pay. It's not much, but it's one more expense on top of everything else. You know how it is. So I decided I might as well open a Patreon account. If you enjoy Stormcast so far, head over to and check it out. Because the price point I have to hit isn't very high, I've kept the pledge levels to get the new podcasts immediately pretty low. For those who don't pledge, I'll post the new podcast publicly in three days. I'll keep this going for the next month or so (until the release) and we'll see how things go, and if there's enough interest to make it worth continuing after that. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. @Kalinovsky I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe you could turn it down a little at the beginning and the end?
  6. Here we go, my responses to the latest chapters: In which a popular theory regarding Shardplate is confirmed, Stormhunter hazards a guess as to what Shallan's next Truth/Oath will be, and Veil somehow manages to not get herself in a heap of trouble despite plenty of opportunities to do so. Enjoy! BTW I've now used up all of the free space on my Soundcloud account. If I want to upload any more of these, I need to pay for the extra space. I'm still trying to figure out what my best course of action would be...
  7. @Shuffel I'm trying to talk about significant stuff when I run across it. Yeah, I did a lot of laughing at this last one, because there was a lot of funny stuff going on between Adolin, Shallan and Pattern. But I don't feel like that's the majority of what I do. Do you?
  8. In which Pattern shows off his social skills, Kaladin chooses not to Shard first and ask questions later, and Shallan and Adolin bond over weapons of mass destruction. Enjoy!
  9. OK, finally got it processed and uploaded. Enjoy!
  10. *sigh* I can't post this tonight. It's going to take some editing before uploading (for starters, the whole thing came out sideways!) and I don't have time for that before I pass out. I'll look at it some more tomorrow.
  11. Currently in Brandon's panel with Howard, Dan, Mary, and Brandon Mull. Anyone else from the Shard in here?
  12. A lot of interesting talk about the writing process. I'd heard about half of it before from other stuff he's said, but not all of it.
  13. I just sat in on Brandon's interview at LDSPPA, and got his permission to record it and post it here. No time to upload it right now, but I should have it by this evening.
  14.'re right. *facepalm* Then what was Dalinar doing with it in the intervening time?
  15. In which Kaladin asks Syl where little spren come from but doesn't appreciate her trying to talk about his own sex life, the Blackthorn does something monstrous to win his Shardblade, Elhokar finally demonstrates some much-needed new maturity, and perhaps the worst thing possible happens at Urithiru. Sorry this took so long to prepare. I had trouble getting it recorded this morning, which pushed everything else back by a few hours. Hopefully it'll be better next week. Enjoy!