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  1. @Pagerunner What, you mean now I have to think up *more* cool questions to ask him?!?
  2. When I was taking pictures of people, I asked them, "do you mind if I get a pic of you so I can post it on the 17th Shard?" That's probably the simplest way to handle this. (Everyone I asked was fine with it, BTW, probably because the whole point of going to an event in cosplay is to be seen in your costume.)
  3. That's right. I remember because I was at that one.
  4. OK, so if we're posting cosplay pictures from the event, here are the best ones I saw: A pair of Shardbearers with two very different Blades: Shallan and Pattern: You can see how Pattern's patterns are done in two layers, one in front of the other. What this image doesn't show is that the one in front can rotate, thus giving the impression of an ever-shifting pattern. Navani and Dalinar: That was a lot of fun, seeing all the cool costumes. Hopefully there will be plenty more at the next one.
  5. @CaptainRyan Why did you ask if there were 9 Desolations? Vorinism holds that there were 100 of them (or was it 99?), and even if that's not precise, it still implies that there were a lot more than a single-digit number.
  6. Aww, you should have come talk to me. I saw a few different Navanis, but none of them were wearing a red scarf.
  7. @BLU3 So you already got it posted? Great! That means I won't have to. Can you post links to the material on here?
  8. ...or not. Not sure what happened, but the video came out terrible. For the first three minutes, Brandon was walking around on-stage at super speed, and then it just froze entirely. No idea what went wrong there, but something is badly broken and I don't think I can restore it. The audio's fine, though. I'll clean it up and post it soon.
  9. I recorded the general session, but not the Q&As. I'll have that up on YouTube later today.
  10. Wow, that was a great release party! I got a few questions answered by Brandon: Q: You know the principle where someone who has two powers actually has three powers, because of resonance? A: Yeah? Q: How does this apply to Harmony, who has two entire Shards? A: RAFO Q: It seems like the Diagram Cult derives their entire moral authority for the atrocities they commit from the notion that "this is a very, very smart plan." A: Basically, yeah. Q: And they're filling in the gaps with information gleaned from Death Rattles, despite knowing full well that they're coming from one of Odium's Unmade spren. This seams very, very dumb. Have they ever considered the possibility that they could be being fed disinformation? A: Yes, but they figure that the benefits of having access to someone who can see the future outweigh that risk. And even if they are being deliberately given bad information, knowing what subjects they're being misinformed about tells them something useful. Q: You've said before that in Shadesmar, the world is flat, and that this would present trouble for a hypothetical Radiant sailing around the world, because they'd reach a point that corresponds to the edge of the map and their spren would have trouble following. A: Yeah. Q: That "discontinuity line," is the Origin of Storms located on it? A: That's a very good question... but no. Q: If the Parshendi are "Listeners," would it be proper to call the Aimians "Watchers?" A: Some people would say that. I wouldn't, simply because the name is already in use in the Marvel universe. Q: So... ettmetal is Harmonium. A: Umm...? Q: You already revealed that one. A: Oh, you're right. I did. Q: And its chemical properties are similar to Cesium, exploding violently on contact with water. A: Yeah. Q: And people are made of water. A: Yeah. Q: Which means any attempt to swallow it, spike someone with it, or even just wear it as jewelry will not end well. A: Yup. Q: Why would Harmony choose for his god-metal something so inharmonious? A: He didn't choose it. His metal is so unstable because Harmony is made of two powers that don't mesh well. So, a few fun answers there. Did anyone else get any good answers out of him?
  11. Here I am, half an hour early. Tons of people here already! This is gonna be awesome!
  12. BTW does anyone have any information on food? I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people show up without having eaten yet. If there are no accommodations, (and I haven't seen them at other events, but they haven't been here,) I know of a great local pizza place we could order from...
  13. Yeah, that's pretty reasonable for audio. Raw video, on the other hand... my phone takes video at somewhere around 100 MB/minute. There's no way I'll manage 3+ hours of that!
  14. Well I'm not about to use my phone; it would run out of space before the event's over! OK, thanks.
  15. @Argent I'll be there with my computer, to record both audio and video. How would I find you or whoever the appropriate people are to get things set up when I arrive?