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  1. Welcome, MindCanaries! (Do MindCanaries live in the birdhouse in your soul?) Glad to have you. You should come edit the wiki. It's where the real party is.
  2. Though Brandon doesn't really care about pronunciations, he specified at a signing that Jasnah is pronounced like the Greek or Hebrew "J" as a "Y" sound. So: "YAHS-nah". Also, when he says it (transcribing interviews teaches you these things ) it's "KAL-uh-din", not Aladin with a K in front. And he says Szeth as "Szeth". Not sure how else to explain it. It starts with an "s" sound but turns to a harder "z" sound in that same syllable. None of this is earthshakingly crucial to know, but, hey! There you have it.
  3. Haha. My dad used to put on Squirrel Nut Zippers to torture my mom and sister. I liked it though. Currently listening to? Te Mando Flores by Fonseca and Electricidad by Jesse y Joy. I'm... studying for Spanish... really. UPDATE: My roommate put on dubstep. So I guess that now!
  4. Dear Esteemed Sir, First of all, your avatar is awesome. Don Quixote? By Pablo Picasso? This, my friend, is a double Iberian win. (Sorry... I just came from Spanish. Can you tell? ) So: welcome! You should come and edit the wiki. It's fun, promise! Also you should check out the theory threads. They're guaranteed mindblowing. Cordially yours, Chachel
  5. Oh, you people. I'm in JoeST, KChan, and Chaos's circles. I'm a profile photo of a black bear's head. Find me, the thrill of the chase will entertain you. (Ok, so it'll take you 2 seconds.) -Chach
  6. As a fellow ex-AP art student, I can commiserate with how cramming and painting go in a sentence together. Anyway, I also love art and reading (as do many of the other people here, I can attest). As a wiki admin I feel that I should mention that the wiki needs some more love and attention (read: content) and also it would be really cool if you're into fan art at all, to contribute pictures to articles because most of them sorely need them. Welcome, welcome! -Chach
  7. Welcome all! Theorize away. You could even edit the wiki. It's fun. I promise.
  8. Geist does sound really cool, and as a general rule I think borrowing from other languages to fill English's inadequacies is a good thing. However, the problem with 'geist' is that the primary meaning understood in English is 'ghost', and that is not the meaning we want to convey. After all, Shardholders both corporeal and non-corporeal. Sorry, we're sticking with Shardholder.
  9. Aw, thanks. Congrats yourself. Your theories are mindblowing on a regular basis, so Mad or not you deserve promotion. Also I'm very exciting to join the ranks of staff as well. Thank you admins.
  10. Hello darniil! Welcome! Thank you for taking some Coppermind articles under your wing; I know a mindboggling about of work still exists to be done on it, but every edit helps. (Well, at least, your edits have been helpful so far. ) Anyway, feel free to PM me any questions about the wiki. And thank you so much for helping with the wiki! -Chach
  11. The fact that Seons didn't exist before Odium implies-- not necessarily means, mind you-- a causality. I think that the Splintering of what Aona and Skai held led to the creation of Seons, meaning that the Seons are Splinters themselves. I'm thinking they're Aona's Splinters because as magical servants they represent Aona's intent well.
  12. Yes, just thought I'd put in my two cents: I also agree that Shardholder, while not canon, is the most accurate, most concise term we have. Therefore we are using it.
  13. Ha. "RAFO. I’m going to go to dinner, guys." Cracks me up every time.
  14. Hey, sorry, I've been out. Welcome to the wiki, FirstSelector! You've been doing wonderful, wonderful things with the projects you listed on your user page. Yeah, my life is a little crazy right now (but in a good way ) but I do need to format the Brandonothology page: ...and also I'm working on chapter summaries for Warbreaker and Way of Kings, as well as trying to flesh out the basic information in the Way of KIngs pages. So if you ever run out of projects (ha!) I'd be glad to point out a few dozen more. Anyhow. Thanks for all your edits, FirstSelector!
  15. Hahahahaha! I forgot about the old main page. Ah, and didn't there used to be an old "click here" redirect page to get anywhere, or am I making things up? I love the intro in Spanish. Who made it?