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  1. *sigh* Is this a useful and meaningful reply to this conversation? You can probably find a counterexample to anything I say, but does that contribute? My experience tells me that the vast majority of people on Earth do not discriminate based on hair color, beyond the occasional ginger or blonde joke, and those are rarely serious. Which would've made comparison from earlier at least understandable to most people here, which in turn would make your pedantic reply... unnecessary. Do I need to try to choose a better example - perhaps Hitchhiker's thumb? Earlobe connectedness? Or will you shoot these down for the sole purpose of proving how wrong I am?
  2. I think we can settle on the Alethi noticing skin color (because it's kind of, you know, obvious), but not thinking much of. Similarly to how we don't usually treat people differently based on their hair color.
  3. I was planning on bring my copy for a signature as well, but I don't know if I'll be able to come early. I'll go to work earlier on that day, but even then I think it'd be optimistic to expect being there more than a couple of hours ahead of time...
  4. Weird... It does explain why I wasn't getting showered with mockery insults compliments reply notifications though. Let's go again. Selfie Discord avatar: Obligatory bathroom selfie from a year ago: Brandon signing photo from... some time ago:
  5. I was working on getting this event's transcription into the new WoB archive when I realized the text of the transcript was actually never pasted in this thread (and so forum searches wouldn't be able to touch it). I'll just drop it below. Nothing exciting, it's the same thing that was already in the Google doc. Move along.
  6. I don't think so, they manifest as golden spheres, I think around the person's head. Not all the Heralds need to be There are plenty of nations on Roshar who are lighter, or even light skinned. Plus, we still don't know if the Heralds are native...
  7. Heh, I had to zoom in and make sure my address wasn't legible
  8. There are no pictures of the back endsheets, not yet. I am getting the impression that Tor will show them off before to release, but I don't have a good reason to believe that - just a vibe.
  9. Unbeliever!
  10. Selfie: Those of you in Discord will be more familiar with this one: And a bathroom selfie from last year: EDIT: Oh, I guess I should include a Brandon photo too. Just one. For now.
  11. Unbeliever! You can read all of Brandon's comments on the topic (including the WoB I referred to) here.
  12. Welp, didn't take long to get a WoB on this: Ishar & Ash on the front endsheets Jezrien & Vedel on the back ones
  13. Here's another idea - the man could be Melishi, the Bondsmith who turned the Voidbringers into parshmen. Running with that idea, the woman could be the spren Gavilar mentions in the prologue, the one responsible for the Listeners' transformations (she is vibrant, and the masks could point to that). A bit far-fetched for my normal liking, but I like it thematically.