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  1. At this point I don't think anyone gets hyped about seeing me at those events, my mug has gotten old in the scene
  2. I liked it a lot. It's definitely my favorite Legion story. It was much faster than the other two, and it took an almost horror feel for a while, which was really refreshing and gripping. It very much had the kind of content I wanted and expected from the final book in the series - aspects and Sandra - even if it didn't have quite enough of them to truly sate my hunger. The ending made me tear up a little (twice, by the way, because I beta'd this one, and reread it just a few days ago in preparation for our upcoming Shardcast episode). This is not something I talk about in the Shardcast, because there was never a good time for it, but the Legion stories have a very special place in my heart. I don't have any mental conditions, but I've always been someone who puts a lot of value in the mind, so ideas like losing memories, or skills, or seeing things that are not there, or changes in perception, all of these things affect me strongly. The idea that I can know or do something one moment and then lose it is terrifying to me. I don't really do with my hands, I am not a physical person, so my mind is very much all there is to me; so losing aspects (sorry) of it is just... ungh! So the ending felt really really good. Also, @Mark Lindberg found this, and I like it very much:
  3. Showing up early to signings and hanging out with other nerds definitely adds to the entire experience.
  4. It was full of lies and I beheld all of them!
  5. Nice, I dig the Farland news.
  6. The WoB must flow.
  7. It's the same place as the Oathbringer stop, I don't know if that's useful to you. We should 100% start the conversation early though.
  8. @Draginon, I've created separate topics for each event in the tour, if you want to update your OP with links (or I can do it for you, if you don't want to bother).
  9. Tor has announced the full Skyward tour, use this topic to sign up for and discuss the Houston stop:
  10. Tor has announced the full Skyward tour, use this topic to sign up for and discuss the Naperville stop: I myself will be at this stop, so I am looking forward to meeting many of you (but not all! It's a lot of you here, I can't afford to meet all of you, it'll eat into my Brandon time...) there.
  11. Tor has announced the full Skyward tour, use this topic to sign up for and discuss the Denver stop: