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  1. I believe entries with both tags will show up first though.
  2. If you are itching to make use of this, we have a few hundred entries tagged with either #needs attention or #review transcription. Some of those have been review/finalized but the tags haven't been removed (so you can suggest their removal), but most are actual entries that needs helpful magical ears.
  3. We've got the transcription for your audio up in Arcanum, @BlackYeti (including your own paraphrased questions), you - and everyone else - can go check them out: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/260-oathbringer-newcastle-signing/ @Overlord Jebus, do you also want to update your opening post with the link?
  4. Important enough for a Super-big RAFO @Volratho, do you mind updating your opening post with a link to the Arcanum event, so people can have an easy reference to it?
  5. Aaand, your audio is done, @Megasif! It also looks like you tried to upload... an image, but maybe you clicked on the Audio upload button (the file name is suggests an image, but Arcanum tries to play it like audio). Maybe you can take a look at what happened there? In the meantime, here are the 19 WoBs we got out of you! https://wob.coppermind.net/events/259-oathbringer-leeds-signing/
  6. For reference, looks like this is the event's page.
  7. Heads up, everyone, the audio for this one wasn't ideal, so you'll see a higher than usual number of unclear bits and incomplete transcriptions. If you can hear something that we haven't been able to, feel free to submit it in the designated thread (or, if you are reading this when we have opened user suggestions directly in Arcanum, there):
  8. @Ookla the maladroit, do you want to edit your opening post to include a link to the Arcanum event?
  9. @Pagerunner, do you want to edit your opening post to include a link to the event in Arcanum?
  10. @Overlord Jebus, do you want to edit your opening post to include the link to Arcanum's event?
  11. I can even still hear Sharder's voice sometimes...
  12. Can I interest you in the newly "released" Chicago OB signing? https://wob.coppermind.net/events/176/#e8475
  13. I know this sucks, but you are going to have to bear with us just a little longer. I think it would be up to @Chaos whether wants to share specific status.
  14. I've been wondering about Harkaylain ever since that scene in Oathbringer (I had done a reread of the previous books recently and noted him as a character of interest then, so the name stood out to me). The name itself sounds odd and distinctive - it doesn't sound like an Alethi, Jah Keved...ian? Kevedi?, or Shin one, definitely not Thaylen. Not Azish either, I don't think, though maybe one of the nations in former Makabakam could work those flowing vowels in. Of course it could be a spren name too. I suspected him for a Bondsmith back in Starfalls, and I think I still like that theory best. Of all of the Bondsmiths are similarly proficient in manipulating the other Realms, and if Shardplate is somehow made of spren (as now seems likely), I could see why the Windrunner would suggest talking to either a Bondsmith or the other Radiant's spren (a word which, frustratingly, could work as both singular and plural here). If Syl's joke about raising some windspren to torment Kaladin is a small bit of foreshadowing for the Windrunners' honorspren being "in charge" of Order's Shardplate/Platespren, then it could all kind of work out. Of course, this is all pretty speculative, but I think there is enough to keep this as a little more than just headcanon.
  15. So, as an Arcanist, I've listened to a fair bit of people talk to and with Brandon, and people diagnosed with depression are (unsurprisingly) eager to share their stories with him (usually) because of Kaladin. Regardless of how you spin off your story, I think the one thing I can guarantee you is that Brandon will be genuinely honored to learn about the impact his work has made to your life. Deeply personal stories like this are one of the rare times I feel we get the real Brandon - not that he is playing a role, but anyone who sits while hundreds of people line up to meet him goes into a bit of a robot mode. So, ignoring your request, I'd say speak from the heart. If you find the situation funny, smile and laugh as you are telling him about it. But if you want to give it a funny twist just for him... I don't know, it's your story, you do what you want with it, but from one stranger to another, I'd recommend you be honest with both Brandon and yourself. It's probably a good bonding experience, and one many people don't get.