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  1. I like the first part (which, ironically, is the second piece). Given how little we know about the Shards in general, I can't afford to be as picky with the theories I espouse, just because there isn't a lot of evidence to go around; but this seems reasonable. The second part, I think it fits better than before - or at least I understand it better. There's still a little bit of mental gymnastics I need to do between b and c, but overall it works better for me. Reframing the whole things in the context of "this is how this Shard is reaching for divinity" helped a lot.
  2. Interesting. I don't think I agree with much of this, but I find it very interesting, and also very valuable. We don't think about the nature of Shards much these days, so any shake-up to the paradigm is a good thing to have. High level thoughts aside, I wonder how you came up with these categories. Did you just look at the Shards we have available, examine what and how they interact with the world, and group them based on similarities? Because every time I see a group of four categories, I try to put them on a push/pull & internal/external kind of table, and while I haven't quite been able to make those fit (in the 3 minutes I spent trying), I was able put them on an internal/external & people/cosmos (or animate/inanimate) one, like so: Innate(A): The Shard affects the Vessels own self. This is an animate & internal Shard. Relational(B): The Shard affects the Vessel's relationship with others. This is an animate & external Shard. Intervention(C): The Shard affects how the Vessel interacts with the Cosmere as a whole. This is an inanimate & external Shard. Mandate(D): The Shard affects the Vessel's internal relationship with the Cosmere. This is an inanimate & internal Shard. Now, I'll be the first to admit this categorization is a little contrived. If I had been able to put these on a push/pull scale I would've been far more sold on the entire idea, but maybe putting your categories on a scale like this one will offer you a different way of looking at those categories, maybe refine some of them a little. In particular, I am not very happy with my own categorization of C and D - both feel more focused on the inanimate (which is fine), but both also feel external. Which, of course, mirrors how I find your C and D more similar than any two other categories. All this being said, I like the identification of how different Shards seem to affect their Vessels differently. I don't know if I am ready to agree that the Shards are inherently different in such ways (e.g. some change the way the Vessel is, while others change what the Vessel does), it may be that all of the Shards are capable of affecting their Vessels in all of these ways, but we see just one manifestation; Ruin, in the hands of another, maybe could've driven populations to seek the destruction rival nations and worlds, instead of focusing on a more universal, global kind of end of days. But the different interactions, the different categories, are good to pinpoint.
  3. I've moved this to the Oathbringer Spoiler Board, as a lot of the Fortune discussion will inevitably lead there.
  4. @robardin, try to avoid posting multiple times in a row (e.g. double-posting). You can edit your previous post to include any additional thoughts you may have missed the first time around.
  5. I am not sure what you mean here. In the Cosmere, Compounding has a very specific meaning, and my tired brain is having a hard time ignoring that. Do you mean Ascending to multiple Shards? Holding them like Szeth does with Ruin and Preservation?
  6. I've moved this to General Brandon Discussion. Technically it's even strongly related to Brandon, so it might better belong to something like Entertainment, but I think this works a little better, assuming people want to bring up non-spoilery aspects to Brandon's writing.
  7. Discord ( is a chat app, usually tailored for gamers, but recently all sorts of communities are setting up their own servers. If you are familiar with applications like IRC or Slack, it is similar to them. I am very fond of it because you can run it from your browser pretty well - or get a dedicated client for whatever platform you have. The 17th Shard has a server where we hang out and talk, you can find a link on the homepage if you are interested. As for your next piece, I assure you we all hope to have it here as soon as possible too! P.S. You can quote & reply to multiple posts by using the MultiQuote button on the bottom left of each post, it looks like a plus. You select all the posts you want to quote by hitting the button, then smash that Quote button to the bottom right of your screen.
  8. Yeah, it's probably the highlighted femininity. Still a fantastic piece though!
  9. Because Brandon just doesn't know how to do only one thing at a time.
  10. Oh, these are yours?! We've been talking about them today in the Discord server (and in the past, when the Dalinar & Navani piece became available, and then when the Kaladin one did), and the reaction overall has been along the lines of "this is amazing!" You should join us there, get some praise in real time This is also definitely one of my favorite Shallans. Something about her feels off relative to most of the other fanart of her I've seen, but I can't quite put my finger on it (is it the pose? the confidence? her age? her face? the fact that she is an absolute babe? I don't know...), and I still absolutely love the piece.With your recent Kaladin I am very eager to see what you choose to draw next!
  11. It is one of the meanings of the word, though a more obscure one. It is also, apparently, among other things, an Irish funeral song. Kind of makes sense, I suppose, if there are spren like joyspren and laughterspren, a keenspren wouldn't be unlikely.
  12. That would be awfully convenient and a bit Mary Sue-ish, I think. Doesn't feel right. But the chain was in a weapons shop, so there's that to keep in mind.
  13. Uh-oh, it looks like you double-posted, @Chaos! I am afraid we discourage this kind of behavior in these forums and I am going to have to go ahead and merge your repl-- Oh. I can't...
  14. Yeah, I guess we dropped the ball a little bit here. It's easy to focus on the big flashy moments (e.g. Dalinar's meeting with Odium) and the easy content (WoBs we can search for and filter), so offhanded remarks sometimes get overlooked. I am not sure if either one of the lines you bring up would've swayed me in either direction - the Stormfather probably lacks the subtlety to see through Odium's lies (though you could argue that his Connection to Honor might make give him an instinctive understanding of his enemy), and I believe Harmony was talking about Ati's Ruin in the Words of Founding; and not only Ati's Ruin, but his Ruin towards the end. Regardless, it would've been nice to mention these things, I don't disagree. I am not sure what we do to prepare better, since it's just us going off our memories, and rereads are not really feasible, but I'll bring it up and we'll see if we can come up with something.