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  1. Yeah, I was sitting there, going "I know I am forgetting someone..." I am pretty proud jofwu's wife (Erin?) now know about the magical ears of her husband. I really feel like I've enriched their relationship.
  2. Aaand, JordanCon is over! Boy, was it fun. Might be literally the best 3 days of my life, and I do mean this literally. But instead of recapping all three days (which I might still do, as a single review), here are some highlights of this last day (which also happens to be my birthday): After going to bed at nearly 5 AM on the previous day, getting up at 9 for a panel was not fun. Would I do it again? Probably, I had tons of fun last night. Walking to my first panel (Learning from Mistakes, featuring Brandon and four other authors) I happened to walk behind Brandon for a little bit, so I, out of nowhere, said obnoxiously loudly "And this is why I think Vax is a planet!" He turned around quickly, saw me grinning, shook his head, rolled his eyes, and continued walking. I behaved. Between panels I puppy-eyed Brandon into doing something for my birthday. He offered to answer my questions while he was signing stock. Bless his generous soul, this man is going to drive me into the ground with kindness. More on that later. Brandon's reading panel was a pretty standard lecture (I only remember he talked about Apocalypse Guard), followed by a revised reading from Skyward, followed by Q&A (ask an Arcanist to make a snippet out of Brandon's reaction when he realized he had picked me to ask a question), followed by a reading from The Traveler. I... I may have made noises, you guys. Noises commonly attributed to fangirls. Noises whose pitch can appropriately be described as "high af". 14 year old girls envy my squeels. Discord user chickenbites has one such noise, go bother him if you are curious. Signing line went alright. I forgot to get a photo with Brandon (second time this happens to me; though I did get photos with the rest of his team, so that's nice), got a couple of questions answered, and continued making Traveler noises. After the signing Brandon went to sign stock, I tagged along, and got like 20 questions in. Bug your local Arcanist to snip the audio so you can transcribe them. The last one is a fun one. I only mildly regret not having the time visit Atlanta's... less reputable establishments. I spent a ton of time with @Pagerunner (who is just as eager to insult me as you all imagine), @yulerule (who tried to sell me some theory; I don't buy it), @thegatorgirl00 (who, I am pretty sure, almost died like 17 times during this con, when people were either misquoting Coppermind articles, not checking Coppermind articles, or using Coppermind articles that are not fully up to date; give her many hugs, it's been a stressful weekend for her, as I've had to physically restrain her from ripping one poor guy's throat with her bare hands), and, um... a guy whose name I thought was Polonian Fire, but I can't find him. (Editor's note: @PallonianFire) He was an active Sharder some time ago. Good people. There was much late night Cosmere chat. I am beginning to lose my train of thought though, so I'll say that I'll probably get to photos tomorrow. Sleep now.
  3. I am just gonna go ahead and double post here. Sue me. A few tidbits from day 2 of JordanCon: Pagerunner's recording of the RAFOlympics is now uploaded to Arcanum. It looks like it's fully snippeted and needs just transcriptions, so now is your time to show off your volunteer cred! This is where the meat of the JordanCon information is going to come from, though there wasn't anything like a new Shard or something. I haven't listened to the audio myself, but I also have a recording, if we need to cross reference stuff (though my recorder was right next to his, so maybe it won't be so useful). Behind the Scenes with Team Sanderson, a panel featuring Peter, Karen, Isaac, Kara, and Emily - pretty much everyone in Team Sanderson who is not a Sanderson, plus a Sanderson who is not Brandon - has been uploaded to Arcanum. Feel free to give it a listen. I wouldn't say there were any news in it, but it's certainly a fun panel. I went to Isaac Stewart's Creating Stormlight Glyphs workshop and recorded the audio of it. There were some live demos on his iPad, and I've kind of got videos of those, but I can't share anything until the JordanCon organizers have approved it. I've also got all the materials from the workshop (which include the glyphs for "Happy Birthday", the translations of all the glyphs on this scroll, and a couple of other minor things), so I hope I can share those with you guys. May take a little bit of time though. I've got a ton of photos of both random cosplayers I ran into (this time the photos include one of just the cosplayer and one with me in the photo as well, so you don't need to look at my happy face quite as much), as well as photos of all the contestants in the costume contest (though I didn't take one of all the winners collectively). The latter were taken from the audience, so a bit away from the stage, and with a few heads in the way (including Brandon's!), but it's kind of okay. I managed to get close-ups of some of the contestants after. I don't think I have time to share any of these quite yet, but I imagine I won't have much to do on Monday. And some bits more directly relevant to the Cosmere: Isaac mentioned that the Nalthis essay and star chart (similar to the ones Khriss put together for the other Shardworlds in Arcanum Unbounded) are happening (in fact, they may be already done, but he was coy about it), but they don't know when they'll release them. Warbreaker's 10th anniversary next year is a good candidate, but it may happen even earlier. He himself is outlining a Niki Savage story (I am not sure if he said short story or novella), but that's obviously a long way off if it ever happens. No details. Also from the mouth of Isaac the Incredible, "spren fishing", mentioned in the Shadesmar map in Oathbringer is, and I paraphrase loosely, the act of forcefully attracting spren in Shadesmar for your own purposes. The example he gave is how Adolin's natural fear there attracts fearspren naturally, which is okay, but if someone else were to, I don't know, intentionally put themselves in situations that would provoke a fear response just so they can attract fearspren (so they can study them, for example), that would "fishing," Isaac briefly mentioned that it would be unethical to the spren because it would essentially be non-consensual. Peter offhandedly mentioned that the Sunmaker was about 500 years before the current Stormlight story, and the Hierocracy pretty much immediately before that. Recreance, about 2000 years ago. One thing I'll mention from the RAFOlympics is that Brandon confirmed we've seen the kandra worldhopper (whom he referred to as "she") in Oathbringer, on screen. So go nuts. That's all I got for now. Reading and signing are today, so we'll probably get some juice there. Brandon played MTG until like 2:30 last night, and I confess I was hoping to ambush him on the way out, but he looked so tired, I just couldn't. Sorry, you guys, there is a heart in my chest after all, it's not just an endless void that can be filled only with WoBs.
  4. There have been a lot fewer opportunities to ask questions than I had hoped for, we are not even getting our own questions in. So, don't hold your breaths, yall.
  5. I am sorry I haven't been updating you guys on what's going on here at JordanCon, but I've been super busy running around, hanging out with people, and harassing Team Sanderson. I might post a more detailed write-up tomorrow, with some cosplayers I snapped photos of (you'll have to bear with me begin in virtually all of those photos, sorry), as well as a group photo of all (most?) of the Sharders we have here... but we'll see, it's 2 AM once again, so maybe I'll just want to sleep in. We'll see. Until then I just wanted to drop by and share a conversation between me and Brandon that I intentionally did not record - mostly because he said that recording him would increase my chance of being RAFO'd. So, I've been telling people about this ghost WoB that I thought I had, that nobody - including me has been able to find. I thought that Brandon had told me once that the reason Odium dealt with the Selish Shards the way that he did - by stuffing them in the Cognitive Realm - was being they were the first Shards he had Splintered, and he was not yet experienced enough to know what he was doing; because his primary objective is to not only get rid of the current Vessels, right, he also wants to make sure that nobody else takes the power. And so playing off on the friction between the powers of Devotion and Dominion, one solution to the second part of his objective was to stick them in the Cognitive where this friction would make it nigh impossible for anyone to take on that power. And then, as he grew more experienced, we see Shards like Honor being Splintered in a much more permanent way, where the power itself is distributed between multiple minds, the spren, so gathering it all is much more difficult. So that was what I thought he had said to me once, and I gave him this rundown today, and asked him whether all of this sounds like it could've been something he had said to me. And he said yes. He also seemed to imply that maybe the Selish solution isn't as permanent as Odium would've liked, but that's very much my impression of the way he spoke, so let's not build too many theories on that. So, it's not as hard evidence as we would all like, and I might still try to get him on record to confirm at least the inexperience part of all of this. But it is something. It mostly confirms to me that I did not, in fact, have a dream where I got a WoB, as @Pagerunner suggests. Or, if I did, I dreamed up actually canon. And I am not sure which one like better...
  6. @Jofwu I don't hate the idea. @hyperman500, as you see, we already have a ton of questions and not enough pestering time to ask all of them. I'll look them over, but realistically I think we are all looking at probably no more than 2-3 questions per person
  7. I thought you were wondering if it was Taln's breaking that made the Everstorm possible.
  8. So, good news, I am no longer in the overflow hotel! I land in Atlanta around 12:30 PM on Thursday, so I imagine I'll be at the hotel no later than 2 PM (though check-in is technically not until 4 PM, we'll see if I can check in early). I think the con is the only thing on my schedule, so I can meet & greet anyone who pings me (I'd recommend Discord, for instant notifications). Until then, feel free to look over my list of questions (link in my signature) and offer thoughts and prayers suggestions. This the same list as the one I used for the Oathbringer tour, so (depending on when you read it) it might be a little out of date, but most of the questions are probably okay.
  9. Well, the Elantrians did have those plates with Aon Tia. When touched - which I assume Invested them - they would transport people around, so there's clearly a way to make use of a physical representation of an Aon (that's what the country of Arelon kind of is, anyway). Identity might still be a problem, but - thinking back to those Tia plates - I am reasonably sure anyone could use them, not just the Elantrian who originally created the plate. In this sense, it sounds like they work a lot like metals in Allomancy, actually: there is a physical component (an Aon or a piece of metal), whose physical structure determines what form the drawn Investiture will take (i.e. different Aons, much like the different metals, produce different effects), and it is when you draw the Investiture through that component that you get the effect. The problem with swallowing and burning a drawn Aon is, I think, that the Allomancer would still need to power it. Which might work, right? If you are burning a steel disc with Aon Ashe engraved in it, you are drawing on Preservation's Investiture, presumably where the disc is in your stomach. So it's possible that the Investiture you are drawing might be enough to power the Aon. You can powerful magic systems with Investitures from other magic systems, after all. So I think I am meaning towards this being doable, but less exciting than what you envision. I think the Allomantic burn and the Aonic effect would just happen independently of each other. Then again, this is also similar to Compounding, so maybe you'll get a weird form of... maybe not Compounding, but some other intermagic interaction. Who knows? But it's fun to think about.
  10. Oh, it's Jemma Young! Welcome, welcome, hope we don't scare you too much, we find artistic types particularly delicious!
  11. Or you will be joined.
  12. Earlier this week announced that the third and final installment of the Legion series will be coming as both a standalone novel (Legion: Lies of the Beholder) and as a part of Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds, a single volume that delivers all three Legion books under one gorgeous cover. In preparation for this, Dragonsteel Entertainment has slashed the prices of the first two Legion books significantly. The original Legion hardcover is down to $8 (from $15), while its sequel, Legion: Skin Deep sits at $12 (down from $20). If you are interested in preordering either one of the new releases, Subterranean Press launched their preorders just a couple of days ago. These include the incredibly rare (and expensive, and gorgeous, and out of stock already...) lettered edition, as well as the more common but still limited edition exclusive hardcover (which is still in stock). Both can be found here: If you are interested in the collection instead, it looks like Amazon is the only vendor offering it at the moment:
  13. I am coming (as all three of you already know)! Not only will this be my first con, but that Sunday is also my birthday (which is a big part of the reason why I am going)! I am flying in on Thursday, landing... some time in the afternoon, and flying back out Monday morning. Unfortunately I was too lazy to book my hotel & flight early, so I am in the spillover hotel, but looks like to be less than a mile away, and with shuttle buses running between the two, so I think I'll be fine.
  14. Mind pinging me (either here or on Discord) so I can add it to my list?
  15. Aw, it's not on Goodreads?