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  1. *I have not read dragonsteel or more than the 3 chapters of LoP, and this really doesn't need that knowledge* I was reading an interview from The Book Smugglers when I came upon this quote: DragonSteel has dragons on it right? The planet is called Yolen right? I think its awesome if this is a nod to an inspirational author. That's pretty much it, nothing to add about the cosmere outside of that for the moment. *Edit* Maybe everyone else already realized this and I'm just behind the curve.
  2. What are the chances I win? Awesome photos of chalklings will be flying back your way if I get my way
  3. I would like to announce that this post made me go read chapter 37 to the end last night. Also I feel the need to announce that I used way to much time reading all of both the announce forums :-)
  4. That would be my bad, I didn't realize that other kingdoms had highprinces. I appreciate the correction
  5. Szeth was told to kill 6 Alethi Highprinces, aren't there only 10? I feel like unless his meeting with Taravangian was further out than the events in the next chapters we would have heard at least something from Dalinar's viewpoint. If this is the case, at least Kaladin will have time to learn more about surgebinding before the expected battle. Maybe this is just something everyone has already assumed, but I thought it was worth a mention.
  6. Quick question, less about the contents of the book and more about the book itself... Was there ever a Leather bound edition available? (and if so, is there any place to get one?)
  7. Windrunner At the signing I asked Brandon to write anything at all about the Voidsphere that we didn't already know. After a glance that just said Really? Really?? I asked him to write his favorite witty line from one of his books. Said line was from a character named Topaz. Brandon said that he was from Dragonsteel, so I don't expect much of an answer Aerospace is cool, I'm still just getting into it, I'm only a year and a half into my degree. I may switch to Physics, as that is something that I've been enjoying more than the actual engineering. And Yep on the WoT fan part, read the series a couple of times, and very glad that Brandon was chosen to finish it. I have read all of Brandon's published books except for Alcatraz. (only finished book one) I have some family that teaches at BYU, maybe I can get one of them to get me that super special copy of Dragonsteel when I am with them next Thanks for the welcome!
  8. Hey all! Big Sanderson fan here I'm no stranger to the site, although I'm probably a stranger to any one individual. After a strong admonition from one who I would guess was someone important on here at tonight's signing. (Maybe Mi'ch?) Anyway, WHERE DID GAZ GO? ...and does anyone know who Topaz is? I guess I should post something about myself in an introductory forum, so here goes... I'm: Cody 20 a recreational photographer an aerospace engineer in training about to leave on a LDS mission absolutely horrendous at writing see above and insert spaeling a Jimmy Johns Delivery Driver Freaky Fast (again, see above) easily entertained by Chaos's Theories. Entertained by Chaos theory. (This time ignore above, completely (sometimes) different) Anything else I should mention? It's great to finally be on board