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  1. It's definitely a mistake. They've already fixed it on the page.
  2. It's almost like Brandon is writing a plot or something.
  3. So I'll miss out again, since he never comes to Ohio.
  4. Well...Brandon is trying to tell a story, ya know...
  5. But not everyone can come to a release party in one specific location of the US...
  6. A HOID card?? WHAT?
  7. Q #1: what is that giant thing!?!?!?!
  8. Whoever is transcribing is a hero for including this.
  9. I'm all on board with the proposed enforcing of this. Long time coming. In my head, the first reporting of WOBs should be in the Events thread. Obviously then people can quote them anywhere they want, but as a semi-lurker, it's very frustrating to know that there are WOBs dropped into separate forums that I don't check every day. I'd almost suggest just going ahead and setting up posts for every Brandon date and then letting posters add their reports to those pre-setup threads.
  10. Woo boy.
  11. Thank you for the WOB on Vathi. Missed that. I think my point regarding Silverlight is that nothing so far proves that it's a city on a planet we've seen before as you posited here (even though you went on to say you think they are two separate groups). I was mainly concerned with the conclusion in sentence 2 leading from sentence 1.
  12. He's already commented on the timeframe of these essays? (I'm still clinging to Khriss=Vathi, so that helps).
  13. "From a planet we've seen before" doesn't equal "Silverlight is on a planet we've seen before." The Ones Above could be from Scadrial, (for instance) but currently reside at Silverlight, because they are worldhoppers. Braize has to be the planet with the splinters, right?
  14. Happy for his pocketbook and family, but... Not sure about this for a bunch of reasons: starting with Way of Kings when we are only 2 books into a 10 book series, pretty unknown company, SAW writers?, further drain on BS's time. Then again, it's just an option at this point so may be years away from anything going on camera.
  15. It being an Aon is itself a little...eyebrow raising. Feels like an odd choice to use that particular one out of the dozens available.