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  1. Ah yeah. For some reason, I thought that the Red Rip/Scar may have been in one of the already-known systems. Seems very far removed from the other Shardworlds so that's interesting too.
  2. I have the same questions but gosh, Cosmere fiction can change a whole lot of things. I mean, Cosmere has literal magic so survivability within a gas giant could be a legitimate possibility. Wish I could jump about fifteen years into the future to where some of these questions might be answered. Speaking of, I really wonder... you know how Harry Potter had books published that contained SOLELY theories? I wonder if the Cosmere will have some of those eventually.
  3. Thanks to all the people I'm too lazy to quote who answered my star chart question. I looked at the image posted in that thread one of you linked and wow, that's really neato.
  4. Regarding that constellation chart, do we know why the constellations have images (like the knight with sword, a female face, etc)? Are they the Cosmere constellations? (like we have a bull for Taurus, that kind of thing) And stupid question that I'm sure I know but can't recall right now: what is the Scar? Kinda surprised to see Sel and Nalthis so (relatively) close.
  5. Definitely nothing like that on my Kindle. I'd love if one of you could scan the pages, if at all possible.
  6. What do y'all mean by endsheet and constellations? Is there some extra map page that I'm missing somehow?
  7. Bavadin is a male. I'm interested to see who controls Autonomy now. I was surprised when I saw the 'she'. That was more meant to explain where Ati/Leras got their inspiration for human life-forms since they created Scadrial, and then created life on the planet in the form of humans.
  8. I wonder what crazy stuff Szeth will get up to since he's falling further and further into the abyss.
  9. Maybe because Khriss seems to give out information freely, and doesn't seem to have an overt goal like 17th Shard does (in this instance, finding Hoid.)
  10. Honestly I was really bummed when it was said that the star charts would be Cognitive Realm charts so I'm really excited that it seems to still be an actual star chart, although not a galaxy chart.
  11. Since Scadrial is an artificial planet, are any of the other Shardworlds artificial? Are there any cosmic entities similar in importance that are artificial? Stars, etc.
  12. Being a trade hardcover, I don't think it will get a paperback release. Pretty sure that's not how it works regarding comics.
  13. I figured that to be one of the handful of comments to signify that something fishy is going on with the Kertzians (like them having both the forehead scarring for being a Priest AND the scarring for being a Warrior, at the same time.)
  14. Well yeah. I'd say the God Beyond itself is one of the biggest mysteries in the Cosmere.
  15. I can't find the exact part right now (read it last night) but there is a bit where a phrase is repeated twice, something like "to return to return" in the middle of a sentence.