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  1. Hey, can anyone tell me what's wrong with my color palette? The colors on it are all weird. I'm having to use "Strong Red" and "Emerald" instead of red and green.
  2. ...Fair. Bort. Moving my vote to Aonar, who has still not posted, despite coming online multiple times.
  3. I suppose I shouldn't argue against myself, but Skindancers are Fae, and though it hasn't been explicitly stated in the text, it seems likely that Scrael are faen creatures as well. If we didn't have Fae enemies, why would there be multiple Village roles with anti-Fae powers? @Drake Marshall @randuir Clarification: do Encanis, Cinder, and Cyphus count as Fae? Given the mystery surrounding the Chandrian, it's conceivable that they are. Also, I'm not sure it matters, but does Encanis count as a Chandrian or a demon? I only ask because you've made the odd choice of calling him "Encanis", and though it's widely suspected that he is the Chandrian known as Haliax or Alaxel, all we know for certain is that he is the lord of all demons according to the Tehlin church. I'm going to put my vote on Bort, who appears to me to be trying to skate by with a harmless joke vote in order to bypass the inactivity filter without contributing much. I'm admittedly also not ecstatic about the fact that that vote is on me. That said, I'm also very keen to hear why Aonar seems to be totally ignoring Rae's poke. If he persists in this, I may shift my vote to give the poke a little more teeth.
  4. I am considering it. I don't know if he's evil, or just a fool, but I fear he will bring ruin down upon us all.
  5. Chandrian, Chandrian is a children's song. From the KKC wiki: And you should probably be informed: Tinkers have a lot of superstition in this world; unlike in others, they are looked upon very favorably. It's considered extremely bad luck to disrespect a Tinker in any way. Most tragic stories start with the lead character being rude to a Tinker; it's a signal that "things are not going to go well for this character".
  6. Oh, come on! I'm Vintish; I'm supposed to know about superstitions. And don't tell me you didn't sing Chandrian, Chandrian when you were growing up. Don't point fingers at me just because you forgot the verse about blue fire which is at the top of the writeup.
  7. Point of order: if there's no moon in the mortal realm -- as there would have to be, for us to have been drawn into the Fae like this -- then the moon should be full on this side. Wow. Okay. Uh. Imma just stand... over here... (edges away from the crazy person who is taunting fate). No, blue fire is one of the signs of the Chandrian. Get your superstitious folklore right. In fact, blue flame is specifically the sign of Cyphus's presence, so it's safe to assume he's in the game.
  8. If this doesn't start soon, I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop. I'm free to play for the next two weeks, but after that I might not be able to. As is, I'm already a little worried I might end up going silent in the late game.
  9. Impartial Mod. We've had issues with people getting over-invested in games to the point of toxicity, so it's now our policy to have all games overseen by a mod who is not involved in the game; they act as a sort of moral referee, with the power to step in and halt the game if things get out of control.
  10. Signing up as Fifth Daughter Resterford -- "Fithy" for short -- A young, cheerful Vintish noblewoman who is living among the Ruh after her older brother Sev "The Necromancer" Resterford slaughtered most of the rest of her family, in retribution for having given him the name "Seventh Son". NOTE: For more on Sev Resterford and his wacky hijinks, see LG18. He's such a rascal.
  11. I feel like maybe they should be 'A' and 'I', because of how similar the Dawnate character is to the glyphic radical for 'I', plus the fact that it's represented in English by 'I' more often than 'E'. Also, don't forget the first letter of Aimia, which still seems to me like it might be different from the 'A' in Alethela or Thalath, making for three total vowels. Could it conceivably be the vowel from "cat" or "apple"? It would make Makabakam awkward to pronounce, but I could imagine it in the other two. Just to make sure, as a non-linguist -- that's something like 'HL' or 'LH', right? So the diacritic would correspond to the H in the English translation?
  12. Huh? Why do you say that? It doesn't match 'z' in any other script, as far as I can tell. Have I been pronouncing the name wrong? I say it as "SAY-la TALL-lace.
  13. Nice! That's nearly all the consonants, and I don't know how much luck we'll have with 'S', since we only have the distorted "capital" form. Not quite. 'A' and 'I' each have distinct symbols (Not counting whatever's going on with Aimia). 'E' appears to be divided between the two, depending on pronunciation. Possibly... but the symbols are fairly involved to be later additions, and remember, Thaylen didn't evolve from the Dawnchant. Both Dawnate symbols and a proto-Vorin ancestor were assimilated into the glyphs, but the languages themselves come from separate families. Maybe so, but my main issue with that character isn't the diacritic, but the figure itself. It doesn't align with our other example of how 'A' should be capitalized, nor does it look like other 'A's -- or indeed, any other character. I could be persuaded to see a highly distorted, backwards version of the 'A' character, but the question remains: Why isn't it capitalized like in Alethela? Why does it flip backwards? I'm basically at a loss here.
  14. Hah. Beaten to the punch. I was going to point out many of the same parallels. It does make sense that these characters would appear in the glyphs; we knew already that the Dawnchant had a large influence on the early glyphs (and until proven otherwise, I'm going to operate under the assumption that this script is Dawnate). We may be able to use this to make guesses at the as-yet-unknown "Calligraphic Phoneme Set". I think it's noteworthy that a Dawnate 'M' appears very plainly in Tsameth, along with a possible 'Th': Nazh may be right that glyphs like these are older, and possibly adopted from another language, but I think he may be a little too quick to dismiss them as "unreadable".
  15. I originally suspected this was the Dawnchant; like you, I thought the image felt older than others. Now, I think this is one of Ellista's "in-between, weird languages" (OB I-1, hardcover pp. 335) where different cultures used a Dawnate script to transliterate their own tongues. A-HA! Thank you! I was having problems with asymmetry, but you've solved that for me. I'm now reasonably certain I've correctly translated the entire sample. Here's the final product: Rishir: Valhav: Alethela: Natanatan: Thalath: Makabakam: Aimia: Shin Kak Nish: Iri: Sela Tales: Note that for all but one kingdom, there is a diacritic of two dots over the final character. I suspect that this indicates that the word should be mirrored for symmetry. If this is true, the different diacritic used in Valhav may be to indicate the additional 'H' before mirroring. Also note that for Sela Tales, I'm mostly guessing, as large sections of the writing are covered up by the coastline. Similarly, I'm unsure about the first letter in Aimia. I've labeled it 'A', since that fits the word, but it doesn't resemble any other 'A' we have. I'll try and put together a translation key with what I've got here, but I unfortunately don't have the time for that right now. EDIT: Oh, one last thing. For the most part diacritics appear over vowels, probably indicating how the vowel is voiced. The exceptions are the two dots at the end of most words, the special diacritic at the end of Valhav, and the '>' over Valhav's 'V'. I'm not at all sure what that last one might mean.