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  1. Brandon once posted this snippet from Oathbringer Book 2 on Reddit: Now that Lopen has grown back his arm, I'm even more convinced that this is him speaking. Clearly, Kaladin is reunited with Bridge 4 by book 2, otherwise they would not be able to use the surges.
  2. That's a bit disappointing. It looked like a really sneaky easter egg.
  3. 4 of Dalinar's flashbacks from Oathbringer have been released as part of the Unfettered 2 anthology. Is there a place to discuss these chapters?
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/5dpic4/oathbringer_spoilers_stormlight_three_update_5/da6f2fo/ Thoughts?
  5. During my latest reread of WoR I noticed a connection between a few existing theories that leads me to believe that we're going to see Nalan chasing down Adolin very soon. Theory 1: Ym is an Edgedancer I'm not sure where I first read this, but there's certainly a lot of evidence for it: Ym uses Progression (Regrowth), so he's either an Edgedancer or a Truthwatcher. He lives up to the second ideal of the Edgedancers, "I will remember those who are forgotten." E.g. him helping out street urchins. His spren looks like what you'd see if you could only see Wyndle's crystals. We see Wyndle through Lift's PoV, and Lift has the special ability to see and interact partly with the cognitive realm, which is why Wyndle looks different from Ym's spren at first glance. His Interlude chapter arch has Vedel twice, the patron of the Edgedancers. (Lift's own chapter has Nalan + Vedel.) Theory 2: Nalan is only going after (proto) Edgedancers We have only seen Nalan try to kill two people, Ym and Lift. The moment you accept that Ym is an Edgedancer, it strongly suggests that Nalan is only going after members of that specific order. Perhaps he thinks their combination of surges is particularly dangerous. Theory 3: Adolin is on his way to being an Edgedancer His shardblade is described as having vines, so used to once belong to an Edgedancer. He is one of the few Shardbearers to talk regularly to his Blade. He lives up to the Edgedancer ideal we know: "I will remember those who are forgotten." e. g. holding on to his mother's locket and remembering her before each fight, and protecting a prostitute who was being bullied in Sadeas's camp. Theory 4: Adolin 'snapped' when killing Sadeas and is now on his way to becoming a surgebinder A few quotes: What does that remind you of? I think there's a strong case that something inside Adolin just broke, and he can now start to instinctively use stormlight, the same way Dalinar or Kaladin did before speaking the first Ideal. Wrap-up So we have a Herald that tries to kill Edgedancers, but makes sure to keep his killing legal, i.e. as 'justice' for some crime that the proto-radiant has committed. And Adolin is a proto-Edgedancer who has just begun to access some of his power, who has just committed a capital crime in Alethakar. (We might think he was justified, but according to the letter of the law, I'm quite sure Adolin was in the wrong) I think that in Oathbringer we're going to see Adolin leave the others for one reason or another, and find Nalan closely on his tail. This should be quite the battle, Herald vs. champion duelist.
  6. I was in the middle of a reread and I caught something i hadn't noticed before: Sounds like Marasi spent quite some time Pulsing...
  7. I meant more that tan doesn't come on a normal dark brown -> grey spectrum.
  8. That's incredibly well spotted! I agree, it doesn't look like standard awakening, as that tends to turn objects grey.
  9. I'd always thought House Venture had just one kandra, Tensoon, though it could just be that Elend isn't fully informed.
  10. Any chance of these events being streamed or posted online otherwise?
  11. There's a street named Kenton Street in Mistborn 1. Make of that what you will.
  12. Other than Scythe, I don't think there's any mention of magic on Darkside. I wouldn't read too much into that though, since the Sand Masters don't consider them to be 'magicians' either.
  13. What exactly are Skycolors? There's very little information to go on, but from what I infer: Skycolours are individual to people. Different people have different colors. Skycolours can be seen in the eyes. I'm not sure how prominent and/or permanent they are, since I can't recall any specific mention of Dayside and Darkside eyes being different from each other. Skycolours can light up a room. Skycolours can be 'used' somehow, and can serve as a fashion accessory. Violet skycolour = magic powers somehow? At this point all I can guess is that Skycolors are like cones of light that shine out of Darksider eyes, lighting up their surroundings, though I can't see why they are then called Skycolors. Could they instead be like a spotlight beam that follows each person around permanently, shining from some arbitrary location in the sky? I've listed all relevant quotes below.
  14. Thanks for setting up this forum Chaos! One thing that's always confused me about this book is what exactly Slaughter and Despair are. Are they Shards? If so, how are they sons of what seems to be another Shard?
  15. That was me! The specific quote is: Q: On Threnody, Silence notices a 'tug' when cutting a wraith with her silver knife. Is is analogous to the tug a Shardbearer feels when cutting people with a Shardblade, i.e. you always feel it when cutting something from the Cognitive Realm while in the Physical Realm? A: Yes, that is a valid analogy.