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  1. I like this theory quite a lot, and I think that it explains quite a bit of the trickiness with the Recreance. I think it a not-unreasonable assumption, based on what we have seen concerning Skybreakers and the epigraph about the fourth Windrunner oath, that not all of the Knights would have achieved the Final Ideal of their order. Since there are "ways," as you point out, for a spren to separate from their Knight prior to the Final Ideal, it seems reasonable to conclude that their spren nevertheless went along with the plan. As for point #9, I think that the free will of the spren is an important part of Honor's built-in regulator for the power of the Knights. The Nahel bond can't be a two-way agreement if only one party has the ability to walk away.
  2. The "Ancient of Stones" as referenced by the Diagram is almost certainly Talenel. It references how he "must begin to crack" and start a Desolation. However, I do agree that there might be something to the Sibling having a particular relation to stone. After all, Urithiru was wrought from the stone directly. It is worth noting that Shinovar pre-dates the construction of Urithiru, and thus so might their religion.
  3. I like this theory quite a lot, though I am also suspicious of the timeline. Regardless, I think it is quite clear that Melishi is involved with both B-A-M's imprisonment and the Sibling leaving. There is an interesting connection to Syl's backstory. When her first Knight died, she was hurt and went into a long slumber. The Stormfather uses almost exactly the same words to describe his Sibling. Perhaps Melishi died in the attempt, in a way that was particularly damaging to his spren. However, your argument about B-A-M not going willingly is quite clear. I find it extremely unlikely that the Sibling, who requires a massive gemstone pillar to house their Investiture, would fit into a sphere. Thus, wherever they are trapped is probably quite large.
  4. My phone is home safe and sound! The recorded successfully saved the audio files, but I will check that it saved properly this weekend.
  5. This is pretty interesting idea, but there is a small problem. If we look at WoR I-10, it appears as though the Shin Stone Shamans can communicate with the spren of stones: Now, this is far from conclusive evidence, but the tense structure seems to imply that the "promising" happened relatively recently. We might reasonably guess that the Sibling went into hibernation about the time of the Recreance, so that this quote means that it was possible to talk with the stone spirits after the event. If the Sibling was indeed revered by the Shin as a "god" for being connected to the stones, it would be strange indeed that their "god" would have vanished more than two thousand years ago.
  6. I have actually been kicking around the "Navani becomes a Bondsmith" idea for a while. I more or less agree with your points, plus adding the part where Navani herself thinks that (OB Ch 104) "had some practice holding a kingdom together." I would not be surprised to see Navani going on a grand quest to get Urithiru running so that the grand coalition doesn't fall apart, and this attracting the Sibling. There's also the symmetry between her and Dalinar's "forbidden" relationship (supposedly offensive to the gods) and Honor and Cultivation's "forbidden" relationship (actually offensive to other gods).
  7. Perhaps, though it's still relevant here. Urithiru was the stronghold created by Honor and Cultivation for the Radiants, and a big part of being Radiant is Shadesmar. Actually, that painting could be for both Perpendicularities - it's just difficult to find and use Honor's.
  8. I agree entirely. As for the blue disk, I think that it is instead a representation of Cultivation's Perpendicularity. Recall that (Elantris spoilers):
  9. While I agree, I think that there should still be some commonality, given that it is the same Shard. At the very least, they should both reflect the Shard's Intent somehow. Taldain's magic has always confused me in that regard, but it kind of works for FotS; the trappers are a solitary bunch, and getting the Investiture requires a high degree of keep yourself alive. That's... really interesting. A related question is how much Investiture you need to go from temporary, unstable Perpendicularity (like Elsecalling) to stable. So maybe Autonomy just has to set down a minimum amount, give it a bit of a personality, and move on. I would imagine that we're beyond Splinter-level power... maybe someone should ask how long a Perpendicularity powered by a single Divine Breath would last.
  10. Of all of the scenes in the cosmere, I want to see the one where Hoid and Jasnah discuss the fate of Roshar. On that note, I wonder if she will retain him as the Queen's Wit? She hardly needs it...
  11. She also swears by Adonalsium, which is suspicious. I would guess that the Heralds took up the Oathpact very soon after the Shattering, and maybe even knew about Yolen. I won't go so far as to suggest that Yolen was the planet that was "destroyed by Surgebinding," but it is certainly suggestive.
  12. That seems pretty reasonable, Argent. It matches how Pattern was reduced to simple words and humming with Shallan in the early days after their renewed bond. Alternatively, the listener-spren Nahel bond might be piggybacking on built-in stuff for listeners, so perhaps they are Connected differently.
  13. I agree, full stop. I was in the process of collecting my own thoughts and doing a literature search, only to discover that not only did you use the same quotes, you gave the Dustbringer spren the same name I did. I also agree with Windrunner's point that the only sentient spren are involved with Radiants.
  14. No problem, your commentary was essential and I always like to cite people correctly You bring up a really good point. The highstorms certainly existed, but they were originally of Adonalsium, not Honor. However, I find it quite plausible that Honor created the Stormfather as a large spren to live in the highstorms and recharge spheres.
  15. This is why I specifically asked at the signing; I thought it was so obvious due to the fact that we had to have a big piece of Cultivation nearby. In the original thread, some people guessed that the Sibling is like stone and root of the Shin religion. This is reasonable, but I don't have good arguments one way or another. I'd be really interested to hear if you figure something out.