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  1. That entire series is fantastic. I highly recommend it.
  2. Hello! Welcome to the shard! I have merged your posts into one. I highly recommend your review our rules, as we generally discourage double posting (i.e. posting a new reply when you were the last one to reply previously). If you have something to add, you can edit your previous reply. It's not a huge deal, you aren't going to be banned for it or anything, but wanted to make you aware.
  3. There is that as well. That said, i personally am not sure which he took the name from, though on TWG he did use an avatar that was a picture of the thundarr character.
  4. 1) "ookla the mok" was a character from a TV show called "thundarr the barbarian" from the 80's. 'ookla' was his name, 'mok' was his....race or something. 2) Maybe. It might be for all we know, since i dont believe all rep ranks are currently know.
  5. Yep. Me, and probably others, have now thrown our copies of oathbringer in the garbage at this point. Literally zero reason to read it anymore.
  6. *user was perma-banned for spoiling all of oathbringer for everyone*
  7. As above, this is prefaced with "I am not a lawyer", and as such, you should not take this as legal advice. That said, you need to make a distinction of what you're referring to, trademark or copyright. In general, copyright is more focused on the copying and distribution of some particular work. That is, you're disallowed from distributing copies of someones work without their permission. Copyright generally doesn't extend to "ideas". Trademark, however, protects specific implementations of ideas and thoughts. That is, it will protect names of characters, places, etc. so long as they represent your "brand" As a general thing, you cannot copyright or trademark the vague notion of a story. Ideas such as "one main god being splintered into other gods" can't be protected. "Adonalsium", the "Cosmere", etc. probably can't be directly used within your story, but the same concepts they embody totally can. Note that this doesn't protect you from people claiming your ripped off the idea from anyone else. All that being said, the most important thing to do, if you plan on publishing your story, would be to check with your local laws, and probably confer with a copyright lawyer.
  8. kaladin

    I, too, am very well acquainted with BS.....wait...hold on....do you mean Brandon Sanderson....Ohhhh! Well, i know about him as well! Welcome to the forums!
  9. Congrats to the new fresh meat team members to the mod team, where we totally don't sacrifice the new blood in hemalurgical experiments!
  10. Worth noting that we also have a writing group you can join. It's the reading excuses subforum. http://www.17thshard.com/forum/forum/38-reading-excuses/ You can join the writing group, and sign up to put out work that's reviewed by the group, and gives feedback. Creator's corner is fine for just dropping off a 1-time thing, though
  11. I personally generally tend towards audio books these days. I actually prefer regular ol' reading, but i almost never have time for it, where as an audio book is much easier for me to "slot in" here and there, whether it's listening during a drive, or multi-tasking with cleaning the house, it's just more convenient to do it, rather than blocking time to sit without interruption reading.
  12. I agree with @Argent, polls for the sake of "more polls" isn't really a good idea....
  13. Just off hand, it sounds like maybe there was a DNS lookup error? Not sure, that's just conjecture based on the OP, but I didn't really see a specific error message. That said, if it WAS a DNS lookup problem, the issue was either at your ISP's end, or your DNS cache. If it's your DNS cache, you can run a command prompt (on windows - Start -> run/search for 'cmd' -> right click -> run as administrator -> in the black box type " ipconfig /flushdns" without the quotes). If it's on your ISP's end, you're screwed until they fix it. Yup
  14. Yeah, that's an unfortunate problem with gamification of things, some people take it way to seriously and think the points actually matter....You see it all the time on sites where gamification is at the core of the site (reddit, imgur, etc.)
  15. I believe "Sharder" is probably the defacto standard simply from community usage.