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  1. Just off hand, it sounds like maybe there was a DNS lookup error? Not sure, that's just conjecture based on the OP, but I didn't really see a specific error message. That said, if it WAS a DNS lookup problem, the issue was either at your ISP's end, or your DNS cache. If it's your DNS cache, you can run a command prompt (on windows - Start -> run/search for 'cmd' -> right click -> run as administrator -> in the black box type " ipconfig /flushdns" without the quotes). If it's on your ISP's end, you're screwed until they fix it. Yup
  2. Yeah, that's an unfortunate problem with gamification of things, some people take it way to seriously and think the points actually matter....You see it all the time on sites where gamification is at the core of the site (reddit, imgur, etc.)
  3. I believe "Sharder" is probably the defacto standard simply from community usage.
  4. Ah. I played shuffle for all of like 10 minutes and never opened it again. Not my kinda game.
  5. Are you talking about cosplay pikachu from ORAS? Because if so, that's one pikachu that you're given as a gift, and change the costume on manually to several different ones. You also can't trade/transfer it.
  6. FYI to all those wanting notifications, if you use chrome, you can get chrome notifications for 17th shard. That's what i have set up. You can even do chrome notifications on mobile, which will send notifications to your phone. I've not tried it with 17th shard specifically, but any notification that i get on the side pops up as a toast notification on my PC, and I use mobile notifications for other sites, so it should work the same as them. Edit: Also, if it doesnt work on mobile like it does on a PC for any particular reason, you could use push bullet to cause it to send notifications to your devices as well
  7. Topic unpinned, as most ooklas are now back to normal! Thanks for participating everyone! To those still ookla'd: Feel free to maintain your disguise however long you want, and continue the usual guessing game for anyone still not ID'ed!
  8. Welcome one and all once again to our yearly tradition! That's right Ookla the Mokovial is now! For those new to the tradition, every year around this time, we have fun renaming ourselves to "Ookla the _____" in celebration of @PeterAhlstrom, Brandon's assistant! For those wondering about the lore behind this holiday, i say shove off! ...Ok, fine. This tradition was started to recognize peter for generally being awesome for all the unseen work he does! The reason for the name change is because way back on the time waster's guide forums, peter went by the username "Ookla the Mok". In order to commemorate him and his old username, we came up with this tradition mostly off handedly and/or as a joke some 5 or 6 years back, and it just kinda stuck! The holiday generally runs until we get bored of it, which usually goes for about a week or so, so until then, try to come up with a creative, festive name!
  9. Honestly, IMO, they should be changed to something generic, just so the description doesn't continue to grow as more books are added, and less upkeep work.
  10. I vote for subforum of the Cosmere Q&A forum. Best place. Or coppermind. Edit: actually, people might forgive that choice because of the "Q&A", so let's change that to the "mistborn" forum. Best place.
  11. No problem! Always glad to throw around my (not very) UNLIMITED POWER around!
  12. I have received your summons. I agree, topic moved! BAM! MOD'D!
  13. Yeah, i don't really pay attention to singles.... And yeah, i'm not expecting any stat changes for alolan forms, but i do expect the movesets to change, otherwise they would be VERY confusing....
  14. yeah, but the 4x weaknesses are fire and fighting. Not exactly the MOST common of moves used, though competitively you'd probably have to watch out for eruption. I can't even think of a fighting move off hand that's common ENOUGH that i'd worry about it. Ground weakness kinda sucks, though, with precipice blades groudon being very common this year in general, plus earthquake is pretty much always a staple. It's only 2x, though. It has some pretty decent resistances with it, though. I'm honestly most interested to see HOW the movepool changes, though. Sandslash isn't exactly the most powerful 'mon, but it has an alright attack and defense stats, with the right movepool it could make a decent helping hand/follow me/fakeout supporter to go along with a new pretty good typing.