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  1. Name: Alyru Felron Investiture: Twinborn (Chromium Compounder) Special skills and weapons: A small steel dagger, a few metals vials, and six chromium arm bands. Weakness: Terrible eyesight, head tends to be in the clouds, can be a bit too blunt. Physical characteristics: A tall terriswoman with short brown hair, tends to wear a black coat and trousers. Family: Daughter of a terris scholar named Nouxil Felron, has two older sisters. Her mother was killed in a train accident soon after she was born. Home planet: Scadrial History/Biography: Alyru was born to the Terris scholar Nouxil Felron, and lived a relatively normal life until her Allomantic and Feruchemical abilities appeared, and she quickly became a subject of curiosity in the Terris community, due to the Spiritual nature of Feruchemical chromium. One day, she was asked to burn one of her chromium metalminds, and soon after, Fortune or not, a strange event sent her flying into the Cognitive realm and ended up washed up on the shores of the Alleyverse. @Archer
  2. The Spike with Spook was specifically for the purpose of connecting Spook with Kelsier, no?
  3. Narrator Gancho turned into a Fused, Odium's doing
  4. Suddenly, all the shards appeared
  5. Granted. However, Fortune dictates you will always arrive during a world wide catastrophe I wish to live in Era 2 Scadrial
  6. Granted, but you must have a special curse for each boon, that multiplies in intensity every time another boon is added. I wish to be transported to the Cosmere universe
  7. nothing exact, I don't think
  8. Granted. However, you must act like each species you are currently dominating I wish to understand Hoid
  9. granted, but you can never eat it I wish to be able to take the shard of Cultivation
  10. Like - if you could just seal up Stormlight within a spike? Or a spren?
  11. Gadol literally translates to "big" in Hebrew. (Gadol was that one Bridge Four member in TWoK)
  12. there's a good chance
  13. Granted! However, you can never eat them again I wish to be able to use every magic system in the Cosmere
  14. Granted, but you will be stuck on a Shardworld with no Duralumin I wish to become a god
  15. Granted. You know one word from one chapter in Dragonsteel Book 2 I wish to be able to use every surge without Yelig-Nar, Honorblades, or Sprenbonds