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  1. Hey thanks!
  2. I don't know if this is considered underhanded or not, I often set my kindle location to the UK (I am in the US) to get books early. I got The Core almost a week a head of time. Reading Oathbringer now.
  3. What is "the new arcanum"?
  4. Or powers replicated by a motivator.
  5. That was probably it. I'm willing to give you the credit.
  6. It wasn't stated or even alluded to that I could tell. But my theory is that Obliteration's weakness is being alone. Not in the sense that he can't be in a room by himself. But truly alone. I think he faces his weakness constantly by sticking to his conviction that he must kill everyone in order to save them from their self-inflicted suffering. 5 years ago was when he decided that killing everyone was the only way. This, of course, would leave him totally alone in the world, requiring him to face his weakness in order to go through with it.
  7. Actually I think someone did nail it. I recall someone specifically saying But I can't recall who.
  8. This has been my exact interpretation as well. I actually really like Skaa's theory that Calamity was forced out of our universe by his weakness, but Pathfinder's explanation was my own head canon when I read it. I can also think of reasons why it's perfectly consistent for Calamity NOT to have a weakness in the traditional sense of normal epics. I'd love to hear what WoB will be on this.
  9. According to him, he actually thinks he's saving everyone. In his own crazy way. Apparently he had to face down his fears in order to do that.
  10. Hoid isn't a bad guy in that he's not straight up evil. He doesn't enjoy people suffering and he HAS helped our protagonists from time to time. But he has also said that he would let Roshar burn if it furthered his goals. It's not a question of "good or bad". He is just highly dedicated to his end goal, what ever that turns out to actually be.
  11. We also have no idea how much of its own power a shard invests into a planet. If we make the math simple and say that it is around 50%, then half of Harmony's power is currently tied up in Scadrial. Assuming the Shard attacking Scadrial is uninvested in any other planet (which is fair to assume since it was able to come to Scadrial) then it would be twice as strong as a single "invested" shard. Given that Harmony is generally assumed to be twice as powerful as your standard shard then that actually makes them even. This also assumes that strength is constant across all shards and that Harmony has 50% of his power available to him. Any of those number can be tweaked around to give Harmony either a slight advantage or disadvantage,
  12. I'm on board with Kelsier getting himself a shiney new (possibly slightly used) body. The cognitive healing aspect perfectly explains the scars. Regarding Sazed's naughty bits: Sazed didn't regrow his parts because he didn't see himself with them. The same reason that a certain slave couldn't heal the brandings on his forehead. Sazed COULD have healed himself however if he had been aware of Vasher's mental tricks.
  13. I expect Harmony simply doesn't do it out of respect.
  14. Removed my previous post as it was potentially too spoilery. Some shards are better at future-sight than others. Harmony hasn't shown much skill in that regard as of yet, but he is rather young as gods go. Another shard described it as trying to look through layers of shattered glass. The further ahead you look the more fragmented it becomes. There are some intricacies to the power that Harmony holds. Without giving away too much, he is not as free to act as you would traditionally expect from a god, and he is....influenced, in a way. I think that what he did here is indeed "messed up" in a literal sense, meaning that despite Harmony being overall a benign force, he can't be entirely trusted to accomplish things in the most gentle ways.
  15. Was looking through some old WoBs today and stumbled across some that are relevant to this thread. The first discusses how two people storing attributes into the same metalmind would store them in separate parts of the metal. Which I think supports the idea that investiture doesn't spread out equally through the metal mind. The second is Brandon's 2012 answer on aluminum compounding. Stating that it doesn't do much. http://www.theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=977#78 http://www.theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=977#65