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  1. I do have a signed book which refers to Adonalsium as him...
  2. Sanderson has also said in the past that not all shards have a perfect pairing like Ruin and Preservation as well
  3. Anyone think that the ‘survival shard’ sounds like Kelsier? Aware of what’s going on grand scheme but smart enough to keep out of it until the times are right?
  4. I agree with Calderis and Oversleep here. i don’t believe that we should look at any shards in a thematic sense, because the Shards themselves are only bound to a single Intent. It is only the dichotomy of Preservation and Ruin that I think throws people to think that there are polar opposites or that other shards will follow similar themes
  5. I always associated ‘Domi’ with Dominion, which made me think that Dominion is less of a malevolent shard than we believe
  6. Mistborn Era 4 is the furthest we will go in the Cosmere timeline. Currently the furthest we are at is Sixth of the Dusk. It is generally accepted that Scadrians are the Ones Above, although there is a possibility that the group are a mix of different peoples (Rosharans, Selish etc) Yolen, as it exists currently, won’t be seen until the very end, and we finally get to see the origins of our Cosmeric Carmen Sandiego that is Hoid
  7. Reckoners is not Cosmere The rithmatist is not Cosmere legion is not Cosmere Skyward will not be Cosmere
  8. Sorry but we do know this for sure- Brandon has said that anything relating to Earth is non-cosmere, which led to this very famous meme... Ruin has been around for a long time in the form of Decay who was part of The Aether of Night
  9. Reckoners and Cosmere have always been desperate I’m afraid!
  10. Has anyone read this? Does anyone know i there is a way to get a copy? I already have the older stuff he published
  11. Language when posting please. Gonna be a grandad here, but avoid the swearing... Also, what Shard did Ati shatter?
  12. I guess the grumping level would depend what Khriss has asked Nazh to do recently!
  13. It wasn’t Vasher, but Khriss and Nazh who put that ad into the paper- good spot though!
  14. The First Gem could be in reference to Topaz, something that has been referenced in the past. We we know that Cephandrius Matroxi is one of the earliest names Hoid went by
  15. You could also argue that, with the 10th Awakening, Susebron is able to gain power from any colour (sorry- long time since I read Warbreaker so please correct) and White is, as school taught us all, a mix of all colours in the spectrum. black could be seen as being the opposite of this, which fits with Nightblood’s ability to literally suck investiture from people like a Cosmeric Vampire I do not believe there is any major connection to Ruin aka Ati.