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  1. Not officially, but we know from the Stormfather that Honor was dying before the Recreance and his ravings to the Radiants influenced them. The last vision that's based on a historical event is of the Recreance. This suggests he didn't live too long after the Recreance which was as you say was ~2,000 years ago. I don't think Kelsier was born by the time Honor died.
  2. It is weird that the Stormfather remembers Nohadon specifically when he doesn't remember much well pre-Honor's death. Makes me think they were bonded.
  3. I like this idea. Hoid is hinting at his own past. A parallel I found in thinking about how people lived in darkness in Hoid's story was the Singers. They are made more dangerous by having their souls restored, but now they can truly live again and understand the world, unlike how they were before where they were in slave form. They couldn't take god's light into their hearts, because they couldn't connect to spren and let them into their gemhearts. Now they've been healed. I don't think this is the important secret truth Brandon implies that Hoid is hinting at, Hoid's role in the Shattering fits, but it is a connection I noticed.
  4. In The Traveler quote above Frost indicates that Hoid is trying to restore something he lost. Hoid says it's not JUST about the dead. It seems like Hoid's quest is about bringing back a loved one. A person, one would think. However, the epigraph letters I reference above indicate that Hoid was really closely linked to a special gemstone that is now "dead" in the words of Frost. Could this be what Hoid is trying to restore? As the "First Gem" it sounds really special, it may have even been a sentient, sapient object. Not a person, but an entity that was important to Hoid for more than just the power it gave him. I got this idea while listening to the Shardcast that discussed the WoB about the weapon used against Adonalsium being the same thing that gave Hoid immortality and that it was "expended".
  5. Could the thing that gave Hoid immortality be the gem whose name he was using as his own in Dragonsteel? Sidenote: could the gem be what he is trying to bring to life again that Frost refers to in The Traveler? My first reaction when I read that WoB about the weapon not existing in it's current form and being what made Hoid immortal was that the question was too broad. "Magic" guys. They used magic to kill Adonalsium and Hoid is immortal because of magic and magic is different than it was pre-shattering, in other words not in it's original form. But, Brandon said it was expended, which is more specific and made me think of the gem.
  6. I admit the name connection is convincing. Kelsier is a cognitive shadow which is the Cosmere version of a ghost and he got his connection to the physical realm back via Hemalurgy which requires the spike to touch blood when it is initially inserted. I really don't want this to be true. I want at least the Stormlight front 5 to be free of Kelsier. It's not that I hate the character I just don't need him secretly involved everything. Stormlight doesn't need anymore meddling world hopping main characters from other stories. We've got that covered Hoid, Vivenna, Vasher and Nightblood Plus all the secondary characters that joined the 17th Shard ... and a Kandra running around somewhere. I think Mraize is being groomed to be the leader of the Roshar subgroup of the Ghostbloods. Iyatil is like a higher up visiting from Corporate headquarters training up the manager of the Roshar branch of the Ghostbloods. They seem like some kind of interplanetary trade syndicate, their symbol is the three realms merging or a perpendicularity which is used for worldhopping. The way Mraize calls Iyatil his babsk like he's an apprentice merchant also makes me think that. That's just the impression I get, they don't seem like the Skybreakers, Sons of Honor or Diagram who have specific goals related to preparing for, triggering or preventing desolations. It seems like they want more power by collecting and using investiture from throughout the Cosmere. Not sure what they wanted Ash to tell them. Maybe the location of the Honorblades?
  7. Not sure which thread I should post in, but as you said in the old thread we know Honor is bad at future-sight compared to Odium. I think that's where the Rosharan superstition comes from. It's definitely not of Honor and might be of Odium. Not worth the risk. I do think Cultivation is better at it than Odium, because her Intent is more concerned with the future, Odium seems to be more time-neutral. I guess she's doesn't like sharing that power with surgebinders/Radiants. I'm not sure exactly what a normal Truthwatcher's surge of Illumination would allow them to do, but it is apparently significantly different from what Renarin can do. In general, it's a bad idea to trust too much in glimpsing the future because we've seen both The Diagram (interpreting death rattles) and Renarin be wrong. Even Odium says things like "Dalinar wasn't supposed to Ascend" and has the black spots for Renarin. Mistborn Spoilers:
  8. We don't have much on their origins other than that they were "We were made, then unmade" from Sja-anat and we know they are currently Spren and intentional splinters of Odium. If Odium took a person and Unmade them into a being of pure investiture wouldn't that being be classified as a cognitive shadow? Now they could be like the Stormfather, who is both a spren and a cognitive shadow of Honor/Tanavast. Odium could have taken existing spren, a cognitive shadow of a person and a splinter of his own power and combined them all. I get confused as to who the Parshendi gods are, is it just the Unmade or is it also the Fused? It seems like it's both, but they aren't the same thing and that makes it hard to figure out their origins. The first quote above sounds like the Unmade, the second one sounds like the Fused. The second quote sounds like people that allowed Odium to unmake or change them. Ulim refers to the Fused as the Parshendi gods in OB interlude I-6 "Look, your gods need bodies"
  9. Each week I'm like "I hope they have another one, but what could it be about? They've covered so much." then I see the episode title and go "Oh yeaaaahhh". I agree with Ian that random people have some they aren't telling anyone about, like Liss, Some probably are buried under crem or underwater. I think there are too many missing for that to account for all of them though. Some group is probably hoarding a bunch of them. I think that group would have to be a group that doesn't use them much at all or we would know about them by now. My best guess is either the Shin or Skybreakers. The Shin are peaceniks and we know they hoard Honorblades. The Skybreakers would have known about the Recreance at the time and may have snatched up as many dead shards as they could either out of practical or sentimental concerns. Bonded Skybreakers already have a blade and can't use the dead blades without hearing screaming, so they would just sit on them. If the Skybreakers are hoarding a bunch and Nale has gone over to the Singers then I would expect to see Fused running around with them in book 4.
  10. The WoB below isn't a total confirmation of your idea, but gets at the idea of something else created the Universe as a whole and Adonalsium playing a much smaller role. Doesn't mean Adonalsium was strictly limited to the Cosmere. Could be that the Creator god left some residual power around somewhere else and it either gained sentience or was picked up and became Adonalsium, then it went and made the Cosmere. For the purposes of the story I don't know that we'll ever need to worry much about the rest of the Universe outside of the Cosmere, other than as a footnote that it exists and maybe Adonalsium came from there. Adonalsium was still VASTLY more powerful than any combination of mortals, so whether it was the god of everything or the god of everything in a star cluster of 50 -100 stars it is still a ridiculous mismatch.
  11. I think it is related to what is different about Rock that allows Rock to see Spren like Syl even when they aren't trying to show themselves to him. He is special in a way we don't understand yet, it probably has to do with his ancestry and being born and raised very near Cultivation's shardpool in the Horneater peaks. Not all horneater's have the ability to see spren when the spren don't want them to, but some do. They are called alaiiā€™iku.
  12. That's a cool way of thinking of it. I feel like the WoB I posted above previously suggests that Ati's resisting so hard for so long had a softening effect on the Shard, but I do like what your idea. He thought it was a monster, so even after he softened it, it was still monstrous in how it manifested. Like how Ati appeared to Kelsier as a weird spider infested puppet man. This WoB kind of supports that idea. Sazed was able to view these two powers as canceling each other out and being at peace and so they did. They could have been "Discord" or something similar where he's multiple personality disorder oscillating between wanting to protect and destroy. Ultimately coming to a similar conclusion of not being able to do much, but instead of having a hard time taking action in the first place he would decisively take a destructive action and quickly change his mind and take a separate action to protecting cancel the first one out, and vice-versa. OB spoilers:
  13. I agree a vessel can't change a shard much only nudge it a bit. Ati got to a point where he was OK with creating life to eventually destroy it. But when he was finally free it wasn't like he was giving the world a slow death. He started detonating ash mounds and causing tidal waves. The reason the planet wasn't destroyed right away was because Preservation's power was still being used to resist him and he was missing some of his power due to TLR hiding the atium. Odium by itself is the most dangerous, but I think the idea of going around killing all the other Shards is more a thing of Rayse. Another Vessel might have been content to take up residence on a planet and make the beings living on it hate and fight each other. If another Shard came by they would probably attack it, but left on their own they may have been happy to play in their hate-filled sandbox. If Rayse had held Ruin he might have said "Let's go break everything in the Cosmere" and not bothered creating a new planet with Preservation. I do think all of these Shards are dangerous separated from other attributes. Preservation called TLR "perfect" in M:SH one way to preserve a consistent society is by having a permanent ruling class led by an "immortal" emperor and violent oppression was small price to pay for that consistency. That said, Ruin and Odium are particularly destructive forces.
  14. I think Division could accomplish something akin to what we see in the vision. How literally to take his imagery? Fairly literally in broad strokes, but the details of the city and surrounding areas are so crude vision it's hard to say. What is described in the vision reminds me of some of these of a nuclear bomb being detonated underground. The earth falls inward and is thrown up in a bunch of dust outward in a wave. Something like what happened to create the shattered plains, but larger. Like a magical explosion that radiates outward and tears the ground apart. "It is unknown what caused the landscape to form this way, but during Kaladin's dream he saw the entire area as a symmetrical pattern, radiating outwards from the center as if something massive had struck there.[3]" I like your idea for creating a "Sprenularity" of sorts. I'm not sure if that's possible, but I'm not ruling it out.
  15. He may be wary of acting directly on Roshar too much for fear of opening himself to a counterstrike by Cultivation. He can't kill her right this minute and he's not sure exactly where she is. She could pop out and hurt him if he's not careful. His gambit of accepting Dalinar's challenge and choosing Dalinar as his champion backfired and now it is risky for him to show up in "person" as Taravangian tells Odium As for the Dawnshards, we know one of them can be used to bind. Since There are multiple and they are not all alike. I think he might want to get the people of Roshar to destroy the world like the people of Ashyn mostly destroyed Ashyn. (People still live on Ashyn in pockets). We don't know much of anything about the Dawnshards, but my guess is that they amplify surgebinding to a large degree and could devastate a planet. I suspect Urithiru will fall next book and I think this death rattle hints at that. Probably due to the Sibling not being there to keep the Unmade out. Then maybe someone finds the Sibling and the Radiants retake Urithiru.