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  1. Fair enough, though at the very least a Shard’s power qualifies as Clarketech of the highest possible kind.
  2. It’s really hard to draw confident predictions based on physical laws when you have magic in the picture, and especially when you have magical, nigh-omnipotent beings who are able to casually violate said laws with impunity. So who knows? After all, didn’t Harmony pull a ‘Last Thursdayism’ when he recreated Scadrial? If not for the fact that he actually cared about people on Scadrial knowing the truth, they easily could have come to the erroneous conclusion that Scadrial was billions of years old rather than either hundreds or thousands depending on whether you want to consider Harmony’s Scadrial to be the same planet that Ruin and Preservation created or not.
  3. Sure there would, it would just be after Scadrial is put back together.
  4. Unless Trell/Autonomy manages to make good on their threat and destroys Scadrial, and Harmony either decides to help deal with Odium before fixing the damage or for whatever reason discovers that after all this time he needs the power to build things up in order to put Scadrial back together.
  5. Well, regardless, the fact still remains that unlike Ati or Leras, Sazed does at least appear to have retained considerably more of himself than they did even after nearly half a millennia of holding Harmony (at least I think that’s how long the delay between Eras was?). But anyway, I still stand by my basic thesis that if anyone is going to take up the Shard of Cultivation, no one has a better claim on it than Sazed/Harmony does. If only for purely thematic reasons. It’s not for nothing that I like referring to Ruin, Preservation and Cultivation as the ‘Change Trinity’.
  6. The problem with that is that it is a logically inconsistent proposition. You cannot simultaneously feel an absolute compulsion to preserve as well as an absolute compulsion to destroy, because those two states are mutually exclusive. Logically, there would have to be at least some degree of dilution between the intents of Preservation and Ruin within Harmony: he can destroy and he can preserve. Presumably he would feel each compulsion half as strongly as he otherwise would have if he held only one. But it doesn't make sense to me to say that these two conflicting intents render him unable to act at all, because inaction can be every bit as opposed to a given intent as action is. It gets you into a paradox somewhat analogous to asking a genie "I wish you would not grant me this wish". Personally, I prefer to think that the reason Harmony is 'paralyzed' like this is actually due to the fact that what he wants to do actually violates the intents of both his Shards; like I said, Cultivation as an intent fits Sazed's personality far better than either of the other two do in my opinion. The way I see it, the only logical way to look at it is that if a person holds two or more Shards whose intents are in opposition to one-another, the result would have to be a dilution of each intent. The fact that Sazed is able to both preserve and destroy even after holding the Shards for several centuries seems to support this view; he is able to, with considerable effort, act as he sees fit. Preservation and Ruin individually were not able to do that. So looked at this way, if I'm right, if Sazed acquired Cultivation as well, the compulsion imposed by each individual intent would only be 1/3 as strong as it otherwise would have been, which would presumably make it even easier for Sazed to act, not more difficult. And I still can't help but feel that since Ruin, Preservation and Cultivation form an undeniable set within the larger set of Shards, they could very well meld together. I can even think of a very fitting name for what Sazed would potentially become if it actually did work out this way, albeit in a rather ironic sense. 'Potency'.
  7. Or it would complete him. After all, Adonalsium was able to function just fine, and those three Shards more than any other are intimately tied to each other. Plus, Cultivation as an intent fits his personality better than the other two in my opinion. I prefer to think that if he acquired all three ‘change’ Shards, they would meld together perfectly into a cohesive whole; he currently only holds two out of three Change Shards. Actually, in a vacuum Preservation and Cultivation are just as opposed as Preservation and Ruin; Cultivation and Ruin are both Shards of change, but with polar opposite ‘directions’ so to speak.
  8. I think any Elantrian would probably qualify; from what we’ve seen, they have the potential to rival if no far exceed any Radiant or Mistborn in terms of raw power, at least while they’re near Elantris. Though I suppose this is offset slightly by how ludicrously impractical AonDor is to use when you don’t have as much time as you need.
  9. I love the idea that it will ultimately be Sazed who finishes Odium off, preferably immediately after acquiring Cultivation from its current vessel. He does need it after all.
  10. No, I meant that the fact that all evidence overwhelmingly suggests no afterlife sucks, not your point of view.
  11. What Dreams May Come. Nice!
  12. I think he pretty clearly implies that they were; in her internal monologue, she does say something along the lines of people not approving of the king sleeping with his bodyguard or something like that. BTW, I agree with your view. It sucks, but then again reality often does. lol.
  13. I wonder whether natural law would also fall under the purview of Honor? Admittedly, natural laws are just st descriptions of how nature consistently behaves, but still.
  14. Fool! Groveller, it is I who rule here! Alone I am your rightful master. And I command the Sphere! I will destroy you. You will not so much as touch me.
  15. Purely just a fun post, since Brandon has said outright that fans are free to assume whatever they like about precisely what the Beyond is since there's no canonically 'correct' or 'incorrect' answer regarding it, but what's everyone's favourite pet-theory regarding precisely what the Beyond is? Personally, I like to think that it's something like the afterlife scenario in Peter F. Hamilton's Night's Dawn Trilogy. Basically, when a sapient being dies, and they are able to accept and embrace their own mortal end, their soul's 'travel' through a non-place also known as the Beyond to the end-point of the universe (the time the universe 'ends'), the Omega Point, where all souls merge together to effectively become the God of the next universe to be created by them. Incidentally, if they aren't able to let go of life, they effectively stay trapped in the Beyond, leeching off of each other's memories and experiences until they reach the Omega Point the long way... unless a breach into the Beyond is accidentally made, then they basically become the Fused. Great series by the way, though in my opinion not as good as his Commonwealth Saga. Obviously I don't think this is what Brandon has in mind, though given the implied cyclic nature of the Cosmere universe, I think it would have a certain fittingness to it, that and it's just such a clever idea of what happens in the afterlife. Anyone else have any novel ideas of the Beyond they'd like to share? Like I said, purely just for fun. @NeutroniumAlchemist, you'll appreciate this I'm sure.