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  1. Maybe someone else has brought this up before and I missed the topic, in which case, please point me in the appropriate direction. (-: My friend and I were discussing the final chapter, and he brought up a very good point - could the baby Cryptic (super adorable, btw) that Hoid saves be Elhokar's spren he almost bonded with? As we (sadly) know, Elhokar was in the process of becoming a Knight Radiant when he was killed. We know he was very much inspired by Shallan's sketch of him as a noble king, and that was a part of what led to him (almost) saying the words. Could he have been on the path to becoming a Lightweaver? If people DON'T think this is the case, it raises two questions: how would Hoid have known to look for that Cryptic, and what do you think Elhokar would have been?
  2. That actually is something I've wondered about. We know that the "steel push bubble" isn't something everyone does, but Wax can. And obviously he's very good at flying by because of his ability to change mass mid-air (that's what we've determined, correct?). So, what's Wayne's specialty? Besides being an expert impersonator and a top-notch-Marasi-bother?
  3. Agreed. I'm not saying that a fan-made Ars Arcanum would be 100% accurate, but it would be the most complete set we could get given the information we have. It's really tempting when I'm currently sitting around in the jury duty waiting room with 8 hours of nothing ahead of me... Lol
  4. Thank you! I figured that a fourth book wasn't new info to people based on the lack of a reactions to that fact on the forums. I'm glad the Nicrosol misting wasn't a total fabrication of my memory, and this is the first I'm hearing of a Terriswoman programmer, which is exciting. What else do we know about the next Era? Or is that about the extent of it?
  5. Completely agree with your thoughts here, and it is ABSOLUTELY something I am left wondering. It's a big reason why I'd like to see an attempt at a grand unifying Ars Arcanum.
  6. I don't know if any of this qualifies as spoilers, but I thought it'd be better to be safe than sorry. A few things I thought I knew: 1) Brandon originally planned for Scadrial to be the location of three trilogies, one a classic fantasy, the second a modern fantasy, and the third a space opera/future fantasy. The space opera/future fantasy would be the epic to finally tie together the whole cosmere. 2) Wax and Wayne started as a Brandon-was-bored-writing-a-book-so-he-decided-to-write-a-book book, and because of both popular reception and a love for the characters, he decided to write more. 3) Bands of Mourning ends with saying there will be another book, The Lost Metal, concluding Mistborn: Era Two. Point 3 already threw me off when I read it, and it leads me to my first question: 1) Did I miss the memo saying there was going to be 4 books in the second series? and 2) Are we looking at 4 or more possible Mistborn eras? and closely tied to that question 3) Are we still getting a modern day Mistborn novel? I remember hearing something about it being set in something akin to our version of the 80s and I think a Nicrosol misting was a main character? Maybe? My memories are fuzzy regarding this bit of info. Given how technology may be taking some leaps and bounds given the events toward the end of Bands, I am left wondering if Sanderson deemed it unnecessary to make another era before he gets to his space opera. Thanks to all who can help answer my questions/clear up my understanding!
  7. Has this been attempted yet? I know we have the Coppermind wiki, but instead of having everything on separate pages, have we tried to create a more comprehensive Ars Arcanum that will list all the known powers in the different worlds, their interactions with other powers in their world, and finally theories as to how they might be connected to/they might react to one another? I very well be nerd enough to take on this challenge, but it seems like an awfully large undertaking if this has already been done before.
  8. Let me begin with what I think is an appropriate opening to a conversation about the new books: HOLY CRAP AHHHHHHH THAT WAS AMAZING AND WHAT???? ANOTHER WHOLE NOVELLA THAT HAS TO SO WITH KELSIER AND THE COSMERE????? Best. Day. EVER. Whew. I feel better. Now for the point of this post. I want to talk about theories that have been either confirmed true or untrue by the new books. It is entirely possible that the following two confirmations I'm about to describe have been confirmed by Word of Brandon before the books, but I was made very excited by the very last part of the Ars Arcanum: “On Scadrial, someone with one Allomantic power and one Feruchemical power is called “Twinborn.” The effects here are more subtle than they are when mixing Surges on Roshar, but I am convinced that each unique combination also creates something distinctive. Not just two powers, you could say, but two powers … and an effect. This demands further study.” Excerpt From: Sanderson, Brandon. “The Bands of Mourning.” Tom Doherty Associates. iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright. 1) Twinborn DO gain unique powers, regardless of compounding. 2) The combining of surges on Roshar create distinctly different powers. Now, we've expected and theorized both for a while, but having it stated explicitly is... comforting. Also, it allows for further discussion of what different combinations are what they say about the core of their powers. I'm happy for this thread to discuss both Cosmeric confirmations as well as their implications!
  9. I would suggest Rhapsody in Blue! Gershwin's classic just feels -good- while reading an urban western. Other suggestions?
  10. It's out on iBooks! Woo-hoo!
  11. I am a west coaster who is dearly hoping to get his digital copy released at 9pm. :-D
  12. ...But this is brought up right at the end of Firefight. It's been bugging the crap out of me that they kept calling David's similes "metaphors." When our newly fearless epic calls him out on it, it was, strangely, one of the more cathartic moments of the book. Just felt like sharing this. Go about your day. :-)
  13. Maybe this has been established already, but I am curious about the relationship between Soulcasting and Forging. Forging, IIRC, is essentially re-writing the past of an object to become what it COULD have been, and the greater the deviation from what it currently is, the greater the detail needed in the Forging. After reading WoR, we find out that Soulcasting, at least for Shallan, is a process of convincing an object of the need for it to become something else. Forgery, then, seems to be the Physical Realm equivalent of Soulcasting in the Cognitive Realm. I realize that the shards present in Aon are greatly different from those on Roshar, but there are certainly links. Maybe this is obvious/already been discussed, but I am curious about other people's thoughts.
  14. Hello all! I've gotten onto these boards relatively recently with the big build up to the WoR debut, and now I'm totally hooked. It's been fun hearing all the Cosmere discussion and theorizing as it's happening on the WoR board, and now I want to start branching out! Maybe this is a silly post, but what I'm looking for is some sort of "Previously on Lost" for the Mistborn boards. I'm certainly no stranger to the trilogy or AoL (I've read both 3 times), and I've read every book Sanderson has written, so it's not story stuff I need updates on. What I'm looking for is an update on the most popular theories, what the most popular conversations are, what little tidbits that non-17th Sharders would have probably missed, etc. This is partly just to save time trying to do back reading, but it's so I also don't start a thread that has been done to death/is already well established (I won't post a Twinborn powers thread, for instance). Thanks everyone, I hope that this wasn't too awkward/too vague of a request! (-:
  15. Thanks guys for helping clear this up for me! I guess these are details I missed on my first time through, so, I guess I'll just HAVE to do a tWoK and WoR re-read... (-: