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  1. So what are the effects of savantism for all the metals? AFAIK we know about Tin (as seen by Spook) and we know that pewter can be very dangerous but we don't really know the effects. There's a WoB that states bronze savants can pierce copper clouds, so presumably copper savants can create more powerful copper clouds. So what do we think the effects of savantism in the other metals would be?
  2. Interesting. And in a way, if it only changes the multiplier from 5 to 6 say, then it is still a significant difference.
  3. As we know, if a person has the ability to use the same metal both allomantically and feruchemically, then they can compound that metal (i.e. burn feruchemical storages to multiply the ability stored in the metalmind). So then my question is, would a more powerful allomancer gain more out of compounding than a weaker one? So, would a natural twinborn compound their feruchemical storages by a lesser multiplier than a feruchemist who had burned lerasium for example. In short, does allomantic strength affect compounding efficiency? I welcome your input.
  4. As far as I'm aware, we don't know what the main effect of lerasium is. It'd likely have to be burned by a mistborn, resulting in the mistborn becoming stronger whilst also producing whatever that other effect may be. I think Brandon may have hinted in a WoB that he didn't want to say too much so as to not spoil future books. So perhaps, we will find out.
  5. Well that's because Vin is already a very powerful mistborn. So by having the lerasium it is essentially taking whatever power Elend got by burning it and adding it to her existing power, so of course she is more powerful.
  6. Well then since it's kinda related, how powerful do we think Elend was? We know that he was more powerful than an inquisitor, enough to send the inquisitor flying in a pushing match. But we don't really have anything to quantify how powerful he was. Is there a WoB on it?
  7. Thanks for that
  8. I agree that that seems the most reasonable solution.
  9. So we know that Elend is a ridiculously powerful mistborn, as he swallowed the lerasium bead, and thus can control vast armies of koloss or push/pull with allomancy more powerfully than an inquisitor. So then why is it never discussed that he can pierce copper clouds? Seeing Elends power, particularly in his fights with inquisitors, I had always perceived lerasium strength mistborn as at least three times the strength of an average mistborn at the time of the final empire. So surely he too would be able to pierce copper clouds? Was he able to and it just never came up? Or am I overestimating the strength of a lerasium mistborn? I welcome your input.
  10. So we know that when a regular person burns lerasium their connection with Preservation is increased drastically and they become a mistborn. However is this the same effect we'd expect to see if an allomancer were to burn lerasium? Presumabely a misting would become a powerful mistborn, or would they instead just become a very powerful misting? This seems unlikely as we know that the difference between becoming a misting or a mistborn is in the strength of your bloodline and thus your connection to preservation. So presumably when their connection to preservation increases they too would become a mistborn. However, what about a mistborn? Would they become a stronger mistborn? Stronger than a regular lerasium mistborn since they already have the basis for their power? Or would they, since they can already burn all metals, be able to experience another effect whih is the true power of lerasium and the connection to preservation is simply a side effect? I welcome your thoughts on the matter.
  11. What would happen to a mistborn if they were a savant in all the metals? We know that savantism can become dangerous, but would being a savant in all metals weirdly balance eachother out? In a similar way to how Spook's pewter negated his tin savantism? Or would the effects on ones spiritual DNA be too much and the mistborn suffers woth big issues both physicslly and spiritually? Are there any WoBs on this? Do we know more? I appreciate any further input.
  12. Well apparently there's a WoB that addressed that and says that with correct knowledge and skill you can perform hemalurgy without killing the person. In the same way that you can perform surgery without killing the person if you know what you're doing. So presumably this would solve that issue.
  13. Yeah, that seems logical. So then would we assume that if an inquisitor say were to have stored up a whole load of health and then have all their spikes pulled out in one go whilst massively tapping and compounding health, that'd be too much damage to repair without any consequences?
  14. But we don't really see any negative effects after Kaladin get's his arm cut off by the shard blade. Is this because it is not as impacting on ones soul as having an ability taken from them hemalurgically? Essentially what I'm asking is, do we know whether this 'scarring' will be that bad based on any evidence? Or is it instead that we assume it will be bad based off the way it's been spoken of? Because we know you heal according to ideals, if you replace that part of your soul to once again fit these ideals, then sure you won't have that exact piece of soul but that's not to say it won't work just as well, is it?
  15. So then it implies that you could chain produce allomancers or feruchemists as long as they have access to F-gold. And you wouldn't have to kill dozens of people for it.