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  1. game

    Ingeniuty. Because then I would know what kind of investiture it is related to. WYR be able to store physical weight or your senses?
  2. @minima Legion is also great And I can understand that you want to read them in english, same here. I also feel like something is lost reading a translation, because every translator has to interpret up to a certain point.
  3. Hello and welcome to the shard! And you definitly should read his other books as well. They are as good as those Cosmere related. If you want to spend more time outside of books you could maybe start with Alcatraz as they are short compared to Rithmatist or the Reckoners Series. But on the other hand Rithmatist is only one book. I don't know, just read them
  4. game

    Assuming you mean Brandon Sanderson and not some random guy that's easy: definitly Brandon. Although I'm not sure if that will ever happen. WYR be a Rithmatist or a Steelrunner?
  5. @Rand al’Thorres And a piece of general advice: Don't try to understand each word. Just continue reading. As long as you get the sense behind a sentence it's fine, because you understand the book. And don't give up. It gets easier with every single page you read. When I started reading in english I kept something to write next to book and if an unknown word appeared often then I wrote it down to look it up later. I was a good way for me, because I could continue to read and and learn new words.
  6. I find it hard in general to decide between Brandon's books. They're all great. The rest are just personal preferences, but in the end I loved every single one of them.
  7. @Draginon Have you thought about looking for professional help? If she is has what you looked up, then you'll need and even if she hasn't maybe a neutral party could clear the situation. What you describe doesn't sound good, it sounds really bad actually, so maybe you have reached a point where you can't solve it on your own anymore. But aside from all of this: *hugs* If you need an open ear, just write something.
  8. During year 1 after the war (how Damaya got her spren)
  9. Cool! Then maybe our characters could set out together or know each other or something like that.
  10. @I am Witless To come back to your offer to teach: Would it be possible that Damaya spent some time with you? Maybe starts at your place or something like that?
  11. I'd like to have a statue for Syen aswell. I know she wasn't really a hero, but it would be nice if there was something remaining of my girl. I think of a place near the back of the hall, in a remote corner. It should depict her with her bag and some medical supplies in her hand. Her face smiling and friendly, her body language open and welcoming. I imagine Essun sitting next to/ on her feet. I'll add a picture, but I didn't find anything fitting so far.
  12. I like Shallan, too. She gets a bit more difficult to read in Oathbringer, but I like her character development - although it is hard to see what she goes through. And I have to admit that sometimes she annoyed me. but I hope that will change with the fourth one I preferred the Rithmatist over Steelheart, simply because I loved the idea of chalk lines as a weapon.