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  1. Althea nodded. It didn't really matter anymore. The manison already was beyond repair. If he wanted to throw something on it, at least that meant they could rebuilt directly, without the need to rip the old one down. She turned around and hasted through the manison, ensuring that everybody had left. Sending those away, that were still hiding somewhere into safety. Then she went back to Night and reached out for Shadesmar again, intending to elsecall them away as soon as neccessary. It had been important for Night to leave last, so they would wait until the last moment. @MacThorstenson
  2. Althea took a deep breath and inhaled some more stormlight, realizing that her reserves were running low. She was careful to leave a few spheres for an emergency exit, she would have to make do with what she had. Then she took a few steps towards Mac, but was carefull not to stray too far from Night. Looking upwards, she saw first cracks in the ceiling and suppressed a sigh. The curtains were still aflame and it was only a matter of time until the stone was hot enough to start bursting, until most of the wooden beams had caught fire. Already the air was hot, slowly getting difficult to breathe. Combine that with the cracks in the ceiling - the building was already lost. “Mac.” she called over to him. “Why do you want to destroy the building? What do you gain from it? Why is it worth all of this?” she made gesture including the room, the debris lying around and also those that were still left. Which thankfully weren’t that many anymore “Can’t you just leave and we leave as well? Then we can make sure, that nobody is left behind, as is our duty as original hosts of the ball.” @MacThorstenson
  3. The 'p' was sad, that nobody wanted to hear, so it looked for an alliance with the 'b'.
  4. @MacThorstenson
  5. Stew pulled out his cards. "Time for a duel"
  6. And they all bowed down before its might.
  7. Hello and welcome to the shard! Which character did you like best so far?
  8. Hello and welcome to the shard! Which book are you planing to listen to next?
  9. Hello and welcome to the shard! Which book are you planing to read next? If you've only read the first Mistborn books so far, you should be a bit careful while browsing the shard. There are tons of spoilers around.
  10. I liked that one a lot. A young woman learns ancient magic to step into the footsteps of her father. Five Great Charters knit the land, Together linked, hand in hand, One in the people that wear the crown, Two in the folk that keep the dead down. Three and Five became stone and mortar, Four sees all in frozen water. The next one: The Rithmatist
  11. Thank you. You're right and there is this rational part of me that knows this, but sometimes there is this urge to simply take my laptop and hit him square with it. And this meeting left me speechless. Being hindered in my own job is one thing, but something like that, I don't know. And I'm not sure if the fact, that my boss closes her ears is the worst part of this mess. Yeah, I'll stay calm and professional and simply be better.
  12. And I lost again
  13. "So what do you think of waiting to see, if he decides to leave? Before we start fighting each other?" she asked, ignoring the part about stopping her attack on Mac. That she wouldn't do. @kenod