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  1. As noted above, Awakening drains pigmentation, not the light itself. If it absorbed light, no one would ever know, because at the speed of light the object would go back to looking fully normal.
  2. I'll try to find the link, but I asked him once and he told me that Zane got the spike after he snapped as a Mistborn. Don't know if this is worthy of note, but he also said during an AMA that Zane and Gemmel (Kelsier's trainer) had met, but specified that it might not have been an important meeting.
  3. I'm not certain I agree. There's clearly something with the plate. You use a mental command to release the bits of it, and when you die it starts to fall apart off your body. Now, maybe that's some connection that isn't a "bond". Maybe it's a bond that doesn't change eye color. But there seems to be something there.
  4. @Rasarr: Not sure I agree with a lot of what you say (and might suggest your White Sand spoiler, minor though it might be, be placed behind a cut), I nevertheless upvote you for Pax Scadrialia.
  5. What I find especially fascinating is that in a recent signing line he specifically said that he didn't imagine that a pewterarm could lift a car. Interesting that this is the comparison you make.
  6. Store the contents of a Sanderson novel and read it again for the first time.
  7. On Earth a "stone" is 14 pounds... do we assume a "stoneweight" is the same?
  8. How does the Third Heightening compare to allomantic tin? What, if any, overlap is there in the powers? Would a tineye have been able to notice the subtly different colors of the trap door in Mercystar's palace? Is there any real benefit to being a tineye at the Third Heightening? Obviously it's an improvement over just the Third Heightening, since you could also see things farther away, but does tin already give you the ability to distinguish shades the way BioChroma does? One possible advantage; while a tineye might be able to tell that the two reds in front of him aren't identical, he might not automatically know which is the "pure" hue the way an Awakener could. Thoughts?
  9. In order to burn a spike, it has to be one that killed you and took your own power. You cannot burn someone else's. Bands of Mourning spoilers.
  10. Also, it would only be good armor against Shardblades. It is described as soft and pliable. It didn't sound like it would stop a swordblow.
  11. 1. It's unlikely the guards are aluminum. Zahel expressly says, "No one knows what this metal is," yet people clearly know what aluminum is. 2. I have a further question no one seems to be posing. If it can only be made via soulcasting, how did people on Roshar know to Soulcast it? Jasnah couldn't Soulcast jam because she'd heard it described but never experienced it. How was someone on Roshar able to Soulcast something into aluminum without knowing aluminum was possible? I expect simple world-hopping is the answer, but who knows.
  12. Firefly has a good board game. The slogan says it all. Get a crew. Get a job. Keep flying. It's the only game I've ever seen people totally willing to play as "day in the life". I once played it with some friends and we were ninety minutes in, enjoying every minute of it, before someone looked up and said, "Oh, right, victory conditions, we should be trying to win." (Note: Games don't have to take that long, we literally just lost ourselves in the enjoyment of completing jobs and building up our crews and didn't notice how long we'd spent.) It's not perfect. There's almost no interaction between players. But it goes quickly, you spend the other players' turns figuring out what you plan to do, then rapidly execute it on your turn. I concur that this game will not be good, but I've explained my reasoning already, not a lot of point in going in to it again. In short, their marketing is flagrantly wolverine marketing. Between that and the incredibly steep price, this strikes me as a game they know no one but superfans will buy just because it has Vin on the cover, so they're just trying to make as much off it as possible before the horrible reviews roll in.
  13. Bard: Silver is not allomantically inert, you just cannot burn it. You can Push and Pull on it fine, and no one makes knives out of it. It would be functionally worse than many other metals, and have no allomantic benefits.
  14. Quick note: It is bronze, not brass, that Seeks.
  15. Regarding the personal musings (not gonna spoil this cuz I'm just gonna be super vague). Every thought I've had has already been stated. I think I concur with the general sense that we honestly don't know yet enough in-universe to say what would actually happen. However, I hope someone asks this question someday. I expect an answer would end up telling us a great deal about healing in the cosmere.