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  1. Your profile background is the same as mine... good choice.

  2. I reckon you won't see this for awhile, but I imagine when you do, you might smile. Happy birthday brother, the rest of your bloodthirsty cohorts (and occasional combatants) miss you dearly

  3. I believe Rubix said this in the Reckoners RP before. Also, this is likely my last post on the Shard for two years! I'll see you guys in a while!
  4. Thanks! I'll miss you guys too. I'll still technically be around till tomorrow afternoon, but I figured I could post now. Thank you guys for everything. This RP has been a blast and has helped my writing grow a ton! You guys are awesome, keep it up! Just a list of where my characters are going: Altermind-Coma Edgerunner-Twi Chimera-Cog Everyone else is up for adoption I believe. Twi is in charge of handling that if there are issues with taking them up. Flashpoint and Electro are the only major ones left I believe.
  5. One final present I have: Presenting, Soul Devouring and Spitting with Maill. Ecthelion III DEAD Elbereth Neutral Merchant Mailliw STORMFATHER Silverblade Noble Elenion Duke Arraenae Beggar Master Elodin Merchant The Young Bard Jeskeri Eolhondras Bodyguard Straw DEAD Magestar Jeskeri? Amanuensis Jindo Legionnaire Orlok Pirate Stink Citizen Pirate Conquestor Noble Jaime Veteran Emerald Citizen? Dula Antgrgmn Legionnaire Wilson Jester Araris Beggar The Silver Dragon Noble Burnt Spaghetti Noble Kipper Eliminator-not sure which faction Aonar Bodyguard Alvron LORD OF SHADOWS Renegade Conversion role Lopen Retired Pirate Sart Jeskeri Noble Above is a list of roles that I have had claimed to me or have proven or deduced. 95% is correct. The other 5% might not be. Also, should you wish to learn what the Jeskeri do, I have informed the Neutral roles of that. You will have to convince them to side with the village, at least enough to tell you about the Jeskeri. Thanks for the fun time guys! I needed one last throwback to my old games. Have fun.
  6. As Esheo makes a gift of his death, so shall I make a gift of my departure. To each of you, I leave a gift. Maill's Will: To Ecthelion, I leave the pleasures of Omi’s love. Hope you’re enjoying the afterlife. Elbereth, I give you secret knowledge and approval of your writing. I’ll miss it. I leave my gratitude to Silverblade and Elenion gets my aggressiveness. Rae, I leave you my smirk. Elodin, I leave you House Lekal’s koloss. Bard, I leave you my love of PMs, Devotion. To Eol, I leave you my Aviar and codes. Straw, have fun with death. I’ll be there soon. Magestar, accept my Derethi respect. Aman, I leave you temporary custody of the Odium panda(minus the Mashadar). To Orlok, keep the coups going. You get my positions and my slaves. Stink, you get to call yourself the Stormfather for the next two years. Conq, you get my water fury. Jaime, I leave you the Mashadar from the panda. Emerald, welcome back. Keep playing. Ant, I hope you show up. Wilson, I leave you the MEC suit and flamethrower. Oh, you get the Reckoners Jacket too. To Araris, I leave the goal of beating my number of games played. Silver Dragon, learn from the Shadows. Burnt, I leave you my soul devouring smile. Kipper, you get to take the title of Silverpike and Info Broker. I leave my lightning to Aonar and my lion to Lopen. Alv, you keep my eternal respect and shadow. Lopen, I also leave you Survival. To Sart, I leave my death percentages. Try to break them. I leave my faction destruction to Ren. And to Joe, i leave the goal of most games played as well as the title of Second Silverpike and Chaos Master. I have enjoyed all my many games here and I hope to return to a great community in two years. Thanks guys! Don't worry, this isn't my last post of the game, just wanted to make sure I got this in.
  7. I'll miss you too, Kipper. Your first game I thought you were a cocky little chull. I'm so glad I got to know you and can completely revise that opinion of you. I wish you luck as the master of information while I am gone. Thank you guys for the well wishes. I'll miss all of you too. Play well. Shard Zero was a blast, even though we weren't actually on the same side. not this time. Thank you! I'm glad you decided to join us here!
  8. Geez. 11 of 50 something?