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  1. Hey there! Thanks for the @ ! I don't think I have enough time right now to commit to joining back up here, but thanks for the welcome! I'll definitely let you know if it works out for me again in the future!
  2. Okay, shoot. So 2 Faction heads are down. @I think I am here. or @Fifth Scholar, I'll repeat Bard's question. Dashe was supposed to have scanned the Wildmen. What was the result? It'll help us a lot to be able to narrow down if the remaining Spirits are there or in the Barons. Elandera. Bard is right in his statement about Fifth and mine's PM. I'm struggling now. I can't tell if Galladon is more likely to have started in the Barons, Independent, or Wildmen. Wildmen makes the least sense to me because that would give the Spirits a kill role along with access to the Children's protect. I think the most likely option is an Independent. Which currently points me to Droughtbringer. But idk. Does anyone have any solid leads? I'll also share that I was roleblocked last night, which Dahad can confirm if they so choose. Though I don't think that would be a great choice, as Dahad is our only real way to stop the Spirits from winning as fast as they can. If he is able to roleblock the Spirit who makes the Conversion, then we've got at least another cycle. So, unless Dahad has already claimed in a faction, probably don't reveal here.
  3. @Young Bard You have Lopen and Shqueeves red colored. You'll want to change one of them. Hey, hey, I've grown over the past couple years, I haven't dumped any info into the thread yet.
  4. I believe Fifth. I have good reason to believe that the Dashe scan is legit. Shqueeves. Regardless, like Coop said, we've got a day left. Let's lynch a Spirit, but let's also use it to find another one. MetaTerminal.
  5. So. The assumption that I believe was prevalent was that Independents are proven village. Joe just confirmed that if a Spirit were to start not in a faction, they would count as Independent and thus be able to PM. Please don't assume your Independent contacts are Village just because of their messaging capabilities.
  6. You mean the ones we use the regular lynch on? Uh, not really? Since they're already becoming Hoed. Another way of doing it though would be to have the Wildmen attack whoever is second on the vote tally.
  7. Apparently Coop was attacked by (most likely) the Wildmen. What if we were to propose kill candidates for the Wildmen? WE could vote in purple for those we'd like the Wildmen to kill. Obviously, it would ultimately be in the hands of each Wildman, but we could try to use that as a secondary lynch. Thoughts?
  8. We'll have to agree to disagree on who information is more helpful for. In my experience, the eliminators typically have more information than the village does, so any the village can get is helpful. There definitely is information we don't want the Spirits to have, of course. My suspicions? Sart: Mostly because of the post where he agreed with me(weird reasoning, I know, but it felt weird) and then no posts since. Steel: just off in his posts. Elandera: I can't remember what it was that struck me anymore.
  9. Gotcha. There's no need to know who's who. Unless you want to find the Spirits, of course. Do I personally need to know every role? No, of course not. Do I want to learn some and help facilitate a discussion so that all the factions can work together to find the Spirits? Yes. So, Bard was a poke vote. That's all. Drought, same thing. The other three were my actual suspicions.
  10. Does Agro mean agressive? If so, I'm sorry to come off that way. I don't mean to be aggressive. If there isn't conversation though, we might as well throw away the thread, so one of my main goals is to start lots of conversation here. If that's aggressive, then fine. Inconsistent? Sure, I guess. We all typically are to those who can't see our thought patterns. Information hungry?
  11. I don't even remember whose idea it was to have you run a store. Domi! Being in this cursed city ruins my memory. Alright, you run the store, I'll make the shoes, and I'll keep the scythe close.