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  1. I'm in the middle of a reread of Words of Radiance, and I'm kind of wondering what is going on here. "It turned out that he had finished that meeting only to start another. A man she did not know sat next to Father with a cup of chilled water in one hand. Tall, slendder, and blue-eyed, he had a deep black hair without a hint of impurity and wore clothing of the same shade. He glanced at Shallan as she stepped into the box. The man started, dropping his cup to the table. He caught it with a swift lunge, keeping it from tipping over, then turned to stare at her with a slack jaw. It was gone in a second, replaced with an expression of practiced indifference." Does she remind him of someone? Or can he somehow sense her bond with Pattern? I thought that maybe Shallan reminded him of an old love or something, since Brandon has said that Hoid has had several. I feel like he's been kind of different around Shallan than he's been around everyone else. They seem really close and he seems to actually care about her. Especially when you look at Oathbringer and the scenes they have together there. Hoid respects Dalinar, doesn't seem to be very tight with Jasnah, seems to like Kaladin alright, but he seems to really really like Shallan. Can someone explain this? All I could come up with is maybe he's just surprised that someone so young could have already bonded.
  2. I think that whether or not the stormlight could have any kind of effect on the baby would first of all depend on whether or not the mother and baby identified as being part of each other, or as separate people. The stormlight might not even touch the baby if they viewed themselves as separate rather than parts of one whole. On the same subject, I wonder how radiance would work with apair of conjoined twins. Could one of them be a surgebinder and the other not? Could they both be surgebinders but of different orders? If they cut themselves apart from one another, and they both identified as their own person, would they heal up as separate people? They would almost be overpowered if they were different surges and conjoined.
  3. There is so much wrong here, I don’t even know where to start. Do you not want the good guys to win? I mean, I wouldn’t wanna read a book where the bad guys that we hate win in the end. No duh the good guys win. Journey before Destination bro. We know that in the end, the good guys are likely going to bring Odium down. It’s the journey we care about. It’s actually kind of ironic that you think the story is so predictable, but you didn’t even get most of the facts right. Let alone the speculation.
  4. I'm kind of curious about where the stuff about the final loss you're talking about, came from. Also, the contest of champions is something that could have been done previously. There probably just wasn't any need to because the Heralds and Radiants of humankind won EVERY TIME. Honor wouldn't ever allow Odium a 50/50 chance of victory when Honor was already favored to win. Honor only suggests it now because all of the odds are against the humans. There are no Heralds to lead them. The Radiants are starting from scratch. Odds are tipped towards Odium. At this point in the series, I don't think Odium really thinks he CAN lose. Honor's last ditch plan for humankind is to convince Odium that he might lose, and scare him, so he'll be convinced that chance of victory in the contest is higher than his odds otherwise. I think Thaylen Fields is the first place we see Odium scared and confused. Let it continue. And I don't really know if Honor changed Stormfather too much. I mean, he gave the Stormfather more responsibility, and stormfather started being more of an individual rather than more of a force, but the reason Dalinar is able to do what he does is because of the combination of Honor's remnants, the Stormfather, and Dalinar's will. I'd like to think that Honor has a plan, but I think the Oathpact continuing the way it was, was his Plan A, and the Contest of Champions is his final play. And it's confirmed in the WoB's that Honor is splintered. But Brandon has also confirmed in WoB that splintering isn't necessarily permanent. I'm not sure what you mean with the whole Odium/Honor paragraph. I mean, Honor took a long time to die, for sure. But the splintering would have been more recent because he had to wait for Honor to die. You keep saying Final Loss, and Final Desolation, but this desolation is called the True Desolation, not the final one. This desolation isn't making all of the old ones not matter, it's the culmination of all of the other desolations. They were all leading up to this, when humanity is without leadership from Shards, or Heralds. On when Honor was splintered though, it has to have been before Gavilar's death, but we don't really know the earliest he could have been splintered, since we don't have a death date.
  5. I found a passage towards the end of WoK that goes along with the thermal change stuff, it reads - "Kaladin's hand felt warm. He stopped in the chasm, closing his eyes. You couldn't feel any heat from a sphere, usually, but the one in his hand seemed warm. And then--feeling completely natural about it--Kaladin breathed in deeply. The sphere grew cold and a wave of heat shot up his arm. He opened his eyes. The sphere in his hand was dun and his fingers were crispy with frost. Light rose from him like smoke from a fire, white, pure." That definitely seems to go along with what we've been saying, that taking the stormlight from the gemstones will make them super cold, leading them to crack. Thermal Shock people!
  6. Yeah. Usually Pattern hides on her dress somewhere. But he can't go invisible. I think it's supposed to be because he is more in the physical realm than the cognitive realm. Shallan can actually touch him and feel him, but only just barely. There's a spectrum of how much of a spren manifests in the physical realm. When the A-Team is trapped in Shadesmar and on the ship, Kaladin attracts the windspren and they manifest on the cognitive side, which really shocks the spren crew because, as the captain says, windspren exist almost completely in the Physical realm, so they never see them. There's also the opposite, where spren exist more in the cognitive realm, like Wyndle. That's why he is surprised that Lift is able to touch him, and says she must be partially in the cognitive realm as well. So Pattern and Cryptics must be more towards the physical realm when they manifest there, allowing him to be touched, but also making it impossible for him to just go invisible.
  7. Yeah. Brandon has said that bonding multiple spren is possible, but I honestly don't think it's gonna turn out that way either. I doubt it's really gonna be something we'll see coming. Every time I think I know how things are gonna turn out, I turn the next page and he just throws a surprise at me. So we'll just have to see.
  8. I could see Lift as being bonded to the Nightwatcher. She's going to be one of the primary characters in the second arch, so it would make sense. I really like Rlain as the Sibling Bondsmith. He'd be perfect. I feel like Brandon has to be saving him for SOMETHING. He was kind of in the shadows during OB, and I feel like there's gonna be some kind of big reveal later. I hope his character kind of opens up a bit at least though. With some first person. I could also see Venli bonding the sibling. She'd be a pretty solid choice. We've seen her growing a lot and I could see all of her character development in OB as leading up to it.
  9. I think that the fact that we have to remember is that the cryptics were following HER around. Not Taravangian. In the book, Shallan is trying to get away from them, and she keeps turning around and drawing and seeing them. They follow her into her room, and the hospital room, and if I remember right, she even draws them surrounding her bed reaching out to touch her. It sounds like they are a lot more interested in Shallan than Taravangian because of her lies. I mean, someone who not only lies to others with great frequency, but also lies to herself in an attempt to keep herself sane? That sounds like it would be Cryptic scholar GOLD. Though it is possible that the Cryptics were interested in the lies of Taravangian as well, I don't really see it going that way with him.
  10. Yeah I’d have to agree Calderis. She wouldn’t be able to hide it for very long unless she foun a way around having to breathe the stormlight in. She’s the soulcaster instead of the fabrial. And yeah that actually would be really interesting. I wonder if it would look similar to how invested and gets used up on Taldain.
  11. Haha no ranting is good. I learn more that way. I hadn’t really thought about different degrees of breaking before. That’s really interesting. And with kids, you’re basically saying that they’re spirit webs are incomplete as well, just in a different way. Yeah? I think it’s really interesting to see the broken people advance in oaths, because it almost seems like a healing process. Except instead of a normal spirit web, they’ve grafted on a bit of a Shard. It’s cool, Kaladin as he goes on has to accept his failures and accept that he can’t save everyone, Shallan has had to admit truths to herself that she might have never admitted otherwise, which seems to be helping her overcome her mental struggles, and Dalinar had to accept what he did in his past. It’s really cool. Do you think that maybe that to attract a spren, all you have to do is have breaks in your spirit web that they can fill or heal? That would work with kids, since they’re lacking all over their spirit web, it might even be easier to attract a spren.
  12. @Calderis, I just read the part when Shallan’s in the hospital, and I think we might have actually had it wrong about shallan. It looks like she actually inhaled it. It WAS from a garnet sphere though. I still think the theory is solid.
  13. I'm rereading WoK, and I have been thinking about how most of those that bond spren have serious problems mentally and emotionally. I've seen WoB's where people theorize that to get a Nahel Bond, your spiritweb has to be cracked or broken a little bit to allow room for the bond. Brandon has said that this would be the on-world theory, but that it isn't necessarily always the case. He references Shallan at this point, because she has been bonded to pattern for so long, since she was just a little girl and her biological mother was still alive, and she hadn't experienced all the horrible stuff that would be coming. So, I'm just wondering, what do you guys think the overarching rule would be for bonding a spren? Does the relative strength of your spiritweb really play a part? Or do you think it's kind of just open to anyone based on whether or not they can attract a spren? Kaladin's honor in his actions in his squad attracted Syl. Shallan attracted Pattern by all the lying to herself. Szeth (assuming he's bonded by book four) will attract a highspren because of how he demonstrated his honor when he willingly adhered to the commands of those who held his oathstone, even if he hated himself for doing so, showing that he would make a good Skybreaker. That kind of personality thing? Like maybe it's just compatibility? A side question as well, Brandon has said that Tien was about to bond a Cryptic and become a lightweaver, so do you guys think that Tien had some emotional and mental problems that he was good at hiding? Or do you think he's another exception like Shallan?
  14. Awesome. That all sounds pretty solid. I wonder if the stone shamans are going to go after the honorblade in the next book or something. Szeth said in way of kings that if he was defeated, the shamans would retrieve the honorblade from the person who killed him. Was letting him die and then come back a way to get around that? I kind of hope not, because Vyre getting destroyed by a bunch of honorblade-wielding shin stone shamans sounds like an awesome fight scene. Nale probably at least has some base knowledge of shin customs and protocol relating to the honorblades, considering that they either gave him his honorblade or he had to steal it back from them at some point. By the way, I don't know if you've seen Ant-Man and the Wasp yet, but the villain has got some Quantum Decay going on, and they look exactly like what I always imagine Szeth's after image to look like.
  15. THAT'S RIGHT I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!!! And my bad. Those details always get me. But that's interesting. She probably just lightweaved it when she went into Radiant's persona. It's still kind of interesting that she put the GARNET (Dang details) shardplate on the "illusion".