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  1. Rithmatist cover released

    standalone non cosmere.
  2. Q&A with Brandon Sanderson

    Alrighty then for some questions: 1. Could a shard blade holder potential drill a hole through the planet by using his blade like Dalinar? 2. Would a breath imbued object stop a shard blade? 3. Is there any ramifications to the holder of a shard blade for using a blade in a manner that it wasn't intended? 4. Is it possible for a non-native being to use a shard blade? 5. Is Hoids base magic system Lightweaving? 6. Are there any ramifications beyond leaving one's world behind when they world hop to other worlds? IE physical ailment, aging, time travel lag X1000 7. Is there a magic system that best allows people to world hop between worlds? 8. Are there any world hoppers that we should recognize as world hoppers in anything other than tWok beyond Hoid?
  3. Legion

    Looks like they are doing 2 shipments too, so my copy won't get shipped until next week.
  4. Stormlight Archive 2 has begun

    I believe it means he's 75% done with planning/outlining the novel, though I could be wrong.
  5. Steelheart to be released Fall 2013

    You are correct of Mi'ch and Josh. I don't know about Zas though. Gotta love it huh? Thanks for reminding me how uncool I am peter
  6. Check it out Hoid is here and in woman form Check her out!
  7. I would like to announce Part 2

    Congrats man!
  8. Legion cover art released!

    I hate the cover. I'm going to have a hard time even wanting that to take up my important section shelf space near all the other Sanderson works. Extremely disappointed.
  9. I would like to announce Part 2

    Congrats man. That's exciting. This is also cool, one of my entries into a cost about creating your own coreling for the world Peter V Brett has created. My link I think Brandon needs to do contests like this.
  10. Question and Answer

    It was right around the time that he took over WoT.
  11. Variant (spoilers)

    I thought it was an interesting read though the ending was weak.
  12. Short Story Index

    Ok, it just looked inconsistent to how the others looked so thought I would point it out. Peter, wouldn't company be capitalized here since it's referring to the Phone Company by name albeit in a shortened manner? But in exchange, the company had demanded a steep price.
  13. Short Story Index

    Jason paused. "Elton Flippenday?" he asked flatly, feeling the docking clamps send a shudder through the ship. "What happened to my standard alias?" He should capitalized.
  14. I would like to announce Part 2

    I would like to announce 3.75 hours of sleep is not enough. Baby tried coming early again and we managed to hold her off for a while longer still.