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  1. Fantastic choices, Ashborn! I found them so fitting. And I cracked up at the Tindwyl/Mulan song for Elend! Such a great list!
  2. I am new to this site as well but I just had to say hi after I read that you just graduated college with a Bachelor's in History. As a tour guide with a degree in Historical tourism from the Central American nation of Panama, allow me to welcome you into this community as well. Also, your comprehensive table of content sound great and the kind of thing I would love to do when I have more time in my hands. We history nerds should band together and make our own Keeper club to compile records from the Cosmere in a cool manner See you around!
  3. I hadn't seen anyone offer a theme song for Ruin yet so allow me share this piece of art: Divide It's technically the theme song for the Big Bad of the RWBY series but if you switch the singer from Salem to Ruin and imagine he is singing to Preservation, it sounds remarkably fitting, especially if you also imagine the main characters like Vin, Elend and Kelsier as Preservation's allies/agents to better match the lyrics. The result is very omnious song about an extinction level event, just like Ruin likes it! Enjoy!
  4. I couldn't find a poll for this topic and I love the Graphic Audio adaptations that have been done for the Mistborn stories so I thought it might be a good topic to put out there. Regarding my personal favorite, while not my favorite Mistborn novel as a whole, my favorite adaptation from Graphic Audio is Shadows of Self. The voice acting for everyone was top notch, hearing Sazed soothing voice again was a joy to listen to, the music was so fitting for the pacing and Wayne's collection of accents was beyond entertaining. Even the disturbing parts were phenomenally done, like the part with the chauffeur that encounter the Bleeder and thinking it was a Mistwraith of old, he started shouting in despair that he lost his soul. And the voice acting for that final scene man! I wanted to hug Wax so hard. So yeah, Shadowws of Self is my favorite one, though Final Empire and Hero of Ages come close, in that order. How about everyone else?
  5. Never mind, just found it. Lol, still a newbie on this site. Sorry!
  6. Hi Llarimar. If you don't mind me asking, how do I activate the poll feature when I am trying to make a post? Thanks.
  7. Thank you for that information. I will certainly keep it in mind. And yeah, I imagine the energy required to perform this task will burn through the reserves she has been accumulating for much of her life in those seconds but even if I make a sequel I won't really need her to perform such a feat anytime soon after that so I think I am good. Would probably physically strain her a lot though, even if its just a little over half human terminal velocity...hmmm. Thanks again.
  8. A very well crafted argument. Thanks for sharing. You're welcome, although in case you are not aware, there are several apps you can download in your device to play the audiobook and increase or decrease the speed of the narration to better fit your pace. I do that all the time as needed to improve my experience.
  9. Yeah. Have you listened to the ending in the Graphic Audio format? The music, voice acting, the crying, everything was of the highest quality. I wanted to hug Wax so hard.
  10. Have you listened to the Graphic Audio version of shadows of self? The disturbing parts were really highlighted there, especially the part were the poor chofer encounter the Kandra and thinking it was a Mistwraith of old, he started shreaking in despair that he lost his soul. That scene transitioned so well to the Graphic Audio version it easily became the most disturbing thing I have ever seen Brandon Sanderson produce.
  11. Thanks a lot! Everyone has been very welcoming so far. I know right?! Still, I wish I knew more Cosmere fans in my country. Full feruchemist as well but probably not for the reasons you think. You see, I am historical tour guide so the idea of filling tons of different aspects of Panamanian history into my copperminds and then accessing them at will for tours, classes and more would be amazing, and really useful in my line of work.
  12. Very intriguing theory. Sounds logical to me and it has loads of fanfic potential as well. Thaks for bringing it to my attention.
  13. Oh, I didn't mean to say that Aslydin would be a feruchemist, I meant that since one of her parents was an elder and they were killed in the attack maybe they could use feruchemy. Thanks for the quotes though. Can't say I remember someone that looked like a Terriswoman when I read Warbreaker though.
  14. Hello eveyone. I have been working on the outlines for a Mistborn fanfic for some time now and while I have much of the ideas organized, there is one important plot element that I would love to include but I am unsure if the Mistborn Era 2 tech would be able to provide what I need to make it plausible. So here it goes: the story would be set in the 50th year anniversary for the Catacendre and follow the first Double Steel Twinborn on record, who as it happens, is one of Spook's many granddaughters. Without going into too many details, I need her to be able to use her compounding to walk on water for about 20 seconds. Now, I have done some research and according to the math, that would require her to go run at 30 meters per second/108 Kilometers per hour. I think it could be done since research shows that humans speed cap has been theoretically placed at around 45 km and we are talking about a double steel twinborn compounding to very fast effects. However, I have also read from a WoB that such Twinborns would also have a cap in their speed due to air resistance. Does anyone here have any idea if the speeds I am talking about would be too much due to the air resistance and if so, what wild west level resources/clothing could be used to help her handle that 20-second sprint? Thank you for your time and for bearing with me.
  15. Ok, so I have no idea if someone else has already posted a similar theory before but well, here it goes: After re-reading Mistborn: Secret History, I decided to read more of Hoid's known appearances on Scadrial and that's when I remembered that he spent much of WoA in the Terris Dominance. Given that he has been trying to gain access to more and more magic systems for some unknown purpose, I imagined that he was trying to somehow get Feruchemical powers from the Synod now that he also had access to Lerasium level Mistborn magic. However, as we know, Ruin sent the Inquisitors and the Koloss forces to wipe out the Keepers and steal all the Feruchemical abilities they could while at it. Now, here is where the theory starts. We know that Aslydin was the daughter of one of the Elders, maybe even a full Feruchemist at that and that he was killed during that attack. Well, what if Hoid, in trying to get a spike with Feruchemical power ended up saved her using what was clearly another magic system and that spiked her curiosity enough to question him as much as she could while they were on the way to the pits with the other refugees, before Hoid parted ways with her? Then she could have shared that information with Demoux one day and eventually they learned how to worldhop. As for why Demoux might be looking for Hoid with help from the 17th Shard that has been opposing Hoid, well, maybe they eventually learned that the Feruchemical spike Hoid stole had the powers and lifeblood of Aslydin's father, which would make it personal, even if they have another reason. That's where I have gotten so far. What do you think?