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  1. "What are you doing here Mom!?" Squeaked the mouse.
  2. While the mouse got squished irrelevantly; Butt too got bit irrelevantly.
  3. Butt sat on the mouse. It got squished something fierce.
  4. Hey Axelius, that Gaz comic, storming good, thanks. This was accepted as Axelius became irrelevant as long as he/she held the Shard. Dalinar cursed Persnickety Blueberry and her incompetence. He fixed everyone who Persnickety Blueberry globbed up.
  5. A certain narrator laughed heartily. whattheHoid got the narrator, Kidpen. She knew that Kid had been trying to grab Shards all along and decided to place random shards around for Kid to follow with a pair of gloves by each shard so no one hurts their hands.
  6. Now Persnickety Blueberry's sense of self was all akimbo. She rang for Dalinar again. He picked up...
  7. Persnickety Blueberry shrieked in terror. The strangely cobbled together, Butt, Arnold, and Uncle Brandy tackled Maui as Persnickety Blueberry was their only hope of getting back to normal.
  8. @Army of Sheep Here Here!! It would be sweet if that were the case. But we will see Vasher and Nightblood cross paths again which will be just as sweet as your proposed scenario! ( I hope so anyways!)
  9. 'Storms! I am never going to get this right! I should've listened to Dalinar's instructional videos better! Why didn't I save them!!?" said Persnickety Blueberry.
  10. Everyone was hacked to little pieces, but hadn't died. Luckily for them, a Bondsmith passed by. However, she wasn't very good with the surges granted with her Radiant position. She spiritually adhesioned everyone, but she got people mixed up. She called up Dalinar on her video fabrial.
  11. "Why Gaz!? I loved you like a brother! Why did you turn to the Darkside?!" Wailed Vathah. "They've got free drinks! And these Voidspren are wild! I still love you, Vathah! No hard feelings!!" Yelled Gaz.
  12. Ah so this would be why presumably Does an evil person taste different to Nightblood?
  13. Gaz was regretting his line of work and that he managed to cram in 10 bricks per hat. There were a lot of bricks. Vathah just laughed.
  14. @Army of Sheep I don't think Vasher has the missing Blades, but that's a pretty sweet scenario!
  15. I agree, I have a sneaking suspicion that Taravangian has stumbled upon at least something about Radiantspren. Also he is now the King of Jah Keved and if I remember correctly, that is where the Half-Shards were developed. I can't imagine Taravangian not gathering intelligence about the Half-Shards and the general state of Jah Keved.