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  1. Taln is Arnold Schwarzenegger, change my mind
  2. Thx Calderis this was beginning to devolve into something it was never meant to be. Point of the post in two sentences was “is renarin voidbinding?” And “could surge alteration be tied to species?”
  3. No. The connection that I am drawing is that seeing the future is tied to voidbinding, and Renarin’s spirit web has not been replaced with that of his Spren. Thus I draw two things, One- Renarin is voidbinding in some sense of that term because he can see the future Two- the fused are not operating under the same functions as renarinin that they are without one surge and they replace the spirit web of their host. In response about Venli, I am merely speculating that her surges would be different from a human of her “order.”
  4. Szeth could it be out of the realm of possibility that out of the millenia of fighting, that whenever humans saw singers using surges that they labeled it “voidbinding” as an umbrella term? I personally don’t care which variation of surges should be properly titled such, I am merely trying to explain why renarin has special surges, speculate what surges Venli should receive, and answer why whenever someone glimpses into the future everyone points at Odium.
  5. Ahhh no Szeth, I do mean what Striker was talking about
  6. So what I was thinking here is that maybe the differences between voidbinding and surge binding aren’t as large as they seem, and that the difference is the parts of the spirit web that a spren affects, not the difference between spren; as we have not ever seen or even heard of 10 different sapient spren in Shadesmar, thus the difference lies in the species that the spren chose to bond. The perception of the spren and the bond tweaks the surge granted the individual. In the parshendi’s case, they view the spren in a more spiritual manner, granting them more spiritual versions of surges, while the philosophizing humans view the spren more cognitively and are granted cognitive versions of surges. In Renarin’s special case, it was the spren’s perception of itself that changed, and Renarin’s Bond was changed in kind.
  7. Hey, remember reading in one of the posts on this site that in the Arcanum voidbinding has 10 forms. This got me thinking though, because in OB Moash said that he had seen 9 types of fused. What if voidbinding is not the surge system granted by the fused, but the surge system granted when a high spren enters a parshendi gem-heart, and the fused system is different entirely? Venli would be a true voidbinder, and Renarin is simply a human with the voidbinding surges?
  8. James Islington’s A Shadow of what was Lost and An Echo of Things to Come Excellent fantasy 2/3 of a trilogy Author inspired by Brandon
  9. Aight so essentially I’m wondering if you could influence Fortune with the metallic arts based on a couple WOBs I’ve found (please keep in mind this is my first foray into the Arcanum) Questioner[PENDING REVIEW] In terms of discussing Identity, I know that in Emperor's Soul,they talk about Identity, and the Parshendi talk about losing their identity, and then I was just rereading Bands of Mourning, and one of the kandra talks about how the spikes are their Identity. Are all of those things connected somehow or are they different forms of Identity? Brandon Sanderson[PENDING REVIEW] They are connected, although the Parshendi losing their identity is a little more metaphorical. But yeah, the idea of these things is Identity is an innate attribute in the cosmere that is related to your soul, your spirit, and it is one of the things that Hemalurgy can fiddle with and Feruchemy can fiddle with. It's kind of important to how the Metallurgic Arts play out, but it's important to all the magics. Identity is involved in why you can't use another person's metalminds, right, that kind of thing. And those are all related. The Parshendi is more metaphorical. So here I noticed how Sanderson talked about Identity as an “innate attribute” and how it could be influenced using hemalurgy or Feruchemy, and it somewhat reminded me of how he spoke of Fortune in the following WOB, how he talks about it as a “property” Chaos[PENDING REVIEW] Odium said to Taravangian, "You did this without access to Fortune or the Spiritual Realm?" How does one access Fortune without the Spiritual Realm or Feruchemical chromium, as almost all future sight tends to utilize the Spiritual Realm in some way? Brandon Sanderson[PENDING REVIEW] So, that line is mostly just me saying... [long pause] I think you're picking apart those things too much. Chaos[PENDING REVIEW] Right, that makes sense. Hey, Odium said it, so I didn't know... Gotta take that seriously, so. Brandon Sanderson[PENDING REVIEW] So, yeah, don't read too much into picking apart those two things. You can read it as... Honestly, that is me making sure I am being clear in the text. Chaos[PENDING REVIEW] That there are those are two different things. Brandon Sanderson[PENDING REVIEW] Yeah those are two different things, but they are just interrelated. Fortune is a property, and the Spiritual Realm is a place, but not a place. Do you know what I mean? To use Fortune, you're always involving the Spiritual Realm, but in the Spiritual Realm, you're not always involving Fortune. so would it be possible to spike yourself foresight, or store it somehow in a metalmind? Would love to know if I’m entirely off-base here. source source
  10. Hey just a question, do we know if kelsier and marsh have met back up with each other, because I feel it would be a fairly interesting family reunion.
  11. Ok, kind of a crazy theory, what would happen if a mistborn went to Roshar and bonded a high spren, achieved the third ideal, and formed their spren into a godmetal bead which they burned? Would the spren die? Would they gain access to surges without any type of spren-blade?
  12. 1: He’d heal 2: He’d only need one once he figured what was happening
  13. But wait with the metal swarm idea couldn’t Kal lash anything that touched him in the opposite direction? This would put Vin in a seriously tough spot because Kal has more weight and could take advantage of her being off-balance
  14. Yes, I’d agree with Rand al’Thorres, I think that Odium had Moash kill Jezrien because he is grooming Moash to either become his Champion, or at least a primary actor on behalf of him a la steel inquisitors in Mistborn, although it might have to do with increased functionality of the honorblade. Perhaps what they stole from Jezrien was what tied him to Honor’s investiture pool?