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  1. Nothing magical about it my friend.
  2. Are we going to judge the morality of wielding a Shardfork while were at it? Seriously though good topic.
  3. Small tangent:what happens if Susebron is hit with Nightblood? 2opposing massively Invested beings coming into contact. Investiture repels other Investiture, would NB simply bounce off? I mean NB has a thousand breaths, that's a lot more than the average Awakener, but the GK has fifty times that at any given time.
  4. Is Aluminum resistant to Investiture in SA, as it was in MB? I mean in its anti rioting capabilities. For instance would Kaladin have trouble Lashing a piece? Could it stop Shardblades? If it's "surge-repellent" does that mean it's more difficult to Soulcast? What about Soul Casting aluminum into something else? Idk why im trying to determine if this is an end-negative system of draining Investiture.
  5. That's the one. Thanks for locating it.
  6. There's an Unmade, I can't remember which, but he's described as the Winds of Death, or Screams of Death or some such. Pretty sure it's in the Diagram. I'm to tired, so ill edit this after work with better identification.
  7. I just want to point out something about the Thaylen language. The removal of vowels severely limits how many sounds you can produce, phonetically, in any given language. Anyone trying to read this post out loud, without the vowels, can grasp this concept. So it's really would not be surprising to me that names from Thaylen are coming from a limited pool. You are going to see a lot of repetitive combinations of "sounds". I'm going to plagiarize Game of Thrones for an example: Rhaegar, Rhaego, Rhaenerya, or Rhaeneys, etc. So all that being said, Mrall and Mraize having a similar structure didn't surprise me at all.
  8. Wood does flex, glue can give away, fletchings sway in a breeze. There's no reason an arrow couldn't bend a bit mid-flight. Take Vasher teaching Vivienne Awakening with cloths/ropes. It's the same principal in play (though the aforementioned are much more flexible).
  9. I recal something similar, but the line i recall says obtaining gold isn't cheap, or something to that effect.
  10. Indeed. Makes me think they have more to do with buoyancy levels than intelligence.
  11. Also correct, but I'm talking about the Chasmfiend, not the skyeels. I'm going to go look now lol Edit: okay I see what you were saying about the caption on Chasmfiends. I must've misread your post. So all three creatures have the same tiny Spren floating like school's of fish around them.
  12. Doesn't the Santhid have the same Spren as the Chasmfiend floating around it? I seem to recall the illustrations in WoR depicting them both with those little arrow point spren in schools all around them.
  13. I followed your thought process. Something like a second-self or consciousness in your mind. Or perhaps a better example would be: Yourself looking back at your memories, perhaps when you failed to be true to yourself. Essentially, you're the same person now as you were then; but your different to, and have a different perspective of the events going on. I mean, how many times have we looked back at the past, and wish we'd seen things differently so we could do things differently? I'm having difficulty putting it into words lol
  14. with Calderis about the Stormfather. However the Alethi are now in Urithiru, presumably Shallon's role there will be research into voidbringer. Is there any reason to assume we arnt going to have a wealth of knowledge to dig through?
  15. I need an "I've already paid for mine" option