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  1. I don't happen to agree with the theory, but I'm not sure your argument holds water. In most Orders, all KR bond the same Spren. Windrunners to Honorspren, Lightweavers to Cryptics. In the case of Bondsmiths however, they're bonding unique Spren. Dalinar has bonded the SF, another Radiant may bond the Nightwatcher or Cuchuelesh(sp?). I can understand that Bondsmiths have access to the same Surges, but I don't see Sanderson but giving them something unique either.
  2. Totally read the OP in singsong. Jasnah and the Ghosts. Benny and the Jets.
  3. I've been wondering for awhile why Shallon or Dalinar havnt had the Ardents come chat with Shallon about Soul Casting and Shadesmar in general. Not only would this have the obvious benefit of training a KR in her Surges, this would go miles for Dalinar's political situation in the Ardentia and indeed the world. The Ardents obviously are having a hard time accepting the Desolation has returned; the KR have returned; The Almighty is dead; the list goes on. Even Kadash practically begged Dalinar: "Give me something to take back to them."! All of Vorinism has been flipped onto it's head with these claims, and they all originate from Dalinar the Blasphemous Charlatan (in the eyes of Ardents). Dalinar needs to gain some measure of credibility with these religious/political heads, and I can think of no method more expedient than an undeniable demonstration of Soul Casting without the need of a fabrial. Is it groundbreaking? No. Undeniable evidence? No. But it's a good place to start the long work of changing minds.
  4. I'm pretty sure they cleared the room of guards, so the only witnesses were the Kholins and they're on the "in" anyway.
  5. Gave you an update cause that looked a little excessive on our part. I guess keep your posts relevant instead of racing for first comment dude.
  6. Anybody else noticing that there have been alot of appearances of rare Spren in Urithiru? Every bundle of chapters has mentioned shockspren, awespren, or creationspren and almost always is followed with the charachter mentioning how uncommon they are. Seeing as how Pattern confirmed the copycat killer is an Unmade, I cant help but wonder if It's presence on the CR is attracting these rare Spren; and weather these manifestations are being used to "track" the violence in Urithiru. Tinfoil theory I know, but Jasnah's Spren discusses how painspren are called grinders and are apparently "harmmore" instead of harmless. I know it's a long shot that an awespren might be responsible for spying for the Unmade, but clearly a spren Cognitive self can vary greatly from it's Physical self.
  7. I got an even better reason straight from the mouth of Dalinar in OB. The Storm schedules have been thrown completely out of whack, "planting seasons are an unknown now, famine will come to much of Roshar." If the parshmen hadn't started changing forms, this would be an economic disaster on a scale Roshar hadn't seen in millennia.
  8. *Shock Spren*
  9. I read through 6 pages of comments with that question quoted, to find you'd answered it 5 minutes be for I finished I loved that pun about investing btw, even better cause Adolin was clueless.
  10. Nothing magical about it my friend.
  11. Are we going to judge the morality of wielding a Shardfork while were at it? Seriously though good topic.
  12. Small tangent:what happens if Susebron is hit with Nightblood? 2opposing massively Invested beings coming into contact. Investiture repels other Investiture, would NB simply bounce off? I mean NB has a thousand breaths, that's a lot more than the average Awakener, but the GK has fifty times that at any given time.
  13. Is Aluminum resistant to Investiture in SA, as it was in MB? I mean in its anti rioting capabilities. For instance would Kaladin have trouble Lashing a piece? Could it stop Shardblades? If it's "surge-repellent" does that mean it's more difficult to Soulcast? What about Soul Casting aluminum into something else? Idk why im trying to determine if this is an end-negative system of draining Investiture.
  14. That's the one. Thanks for locating it.
  15. There's an Unmade, I can't remember which, but he's described as the Winds of Death, or Screams of Death or some such. Pretty sure it's in the Diagram. I'm to tired, so ill edit this after work with better identification.