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  1. Are there really 16 Surges?

    Roshar itself was in the system, but 10gas giants, and 10 Heralds that go off planet regularly stinks of Investiture manipulation. Also Scadrial didn't exist at all prior to P&R showing up.
  2. Is there such thing as a blind Tineye?

    Tin heightens all senses to a large degree. When Vin seeks out information from Spook in Mistborn, he says There's lots of sensations from Tin. People moving, cold fromn the stones, etc.. The main reason we hear about vision, is that it's the brain's fastest cognitive process. We rely on vision to make use of our motor functions 90% of the time. As such, we read about it a lot. To address the O.P. Tin can't grant what's not already there, as has been previously stated. Savants however appear to be able to circumvent these shortcomings.
  3. Why Ambition?

    As I'm aware of it, Bavadin is the shareholder that Rayse has teamed up with in the past.
  4. Are there really 16 Surges?

    I have to agree. We've seen magic from Sel, Nalthis, First of the Sun, etc... none if them have 16 as an important number. I believe this idea stems from Scadrial where many of us were introduced to the Cosmere; and seeing as the number 16 is obviously prevalent on Scadrial, upon learning there are 16 Shards of Adonalasim, the obvious conjecture is "16 is important in the Cosmere". Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case. 16 is probably only important to Preservation: his attempt to Preserve History perhaps?
  5. Healing from a shardblade?

    I really don't think anyone rating the Heralds for any reason is seriously taking Feruchemical steel and Feruchemical pewter Compounding as the end game it is. All this back and forth about Rioting and Soul Casting and Larkins is irrelevant. In the first second. In the first heartbeat. In the first instant of battle. Somebody dies. Immediately. TLR full bore Tapping his metals will end whomever he wishes fast as a thunderclap. This fight is over before any Herald begins to think about aggression. "Hey Gancho! What's the last thing to go through a Heralds mind? His nose!"
  6. Hoid uses Brass to avoid questions?

    Brass shavings don't take up much room, as we see in the Interlude. I admit that there might be since interference between magic systems if brass was ingested, but I really don't think there should be interference if it's on his person. We see Shallon Lightweaving whole disguises after all, and I see no reason the Yolish equivalent to be inferior. My point is brass is only a "key" to Scadrian magic, and there is no reason to not go into battle armed, if Hoid takes the time to tote a sword around (which we've never seen used) you can bet your spheres he's got metal for his magic, Allowmancy or otherwise.
  7. Hoid uses Brass to avoid questions?

    Why wouldn't he have brass, I argue. While I admit we dont have confirmation that Hoid swallowed the Lerasium, but he did, he's a Mistborn. Hoid definitely can Soothe per WoR, so again why wouldn't he Soothe at every opportunity?
  8. Really? Lol I use it all the time
  9. What do the first two Ideals do?

    I would also argue about Lifts adeptness concerning her Surges. Like Kaladin she had access c to them right away, but we see that there are subtle nuances to the Surgebinding. The both of them crash helplessly despite their "godlike" power My point is, neither even as of EdgeDancer are epitomes of their Surges yet.
  10. How did Sigzil know Kaladin's nickname?

    Twice blessed
  11. Silverlight shard?

    "There can't be a perpendicular...well there could be." This says to me there isn't a perpendicularity on Silverlight. There could be, but there is something large and obvious in BS mind that stops it. "And it gets all weird." Like, say Sel? There ARE perpendicularity there but they're inaccessible due to the Dor manifesting on the CR. Which might lend itself, to make one say "there's no perpendicularity on Sel." When it fact there is. Could there be a similarity between Sel and Silverlight? Also, the main question Argent asked is ,"is anything on the Physical end of Silverlight?" "Youd have to go someplace physical, and it gets all weird..." Being that Silverlight resides in the CR, and assuming that you have a perpendicularity there, you should be able to enter an area relatively close to Silverlight in the Physical. Jasnah dosnt appear on Scadrial when Transporting for instance. What if instead of "dropping" straight down into the Physical Realm, a worldhopper instead falls into a "chute/slide" that redirects them elsewhere into the Cosmere?
  12. Vivenna

    Vasher already bears the sins of living for centuries, not to mention his role in the ManyWar. He already has plenty on his conscious.
  13. how was aimia invaded in the first place?

    Or with acid
  14. Vivenna

    Ehhh. That answer could be interpreted as "yes, after Warbreaker, but BEFORE SA." Events in the "past" makes wording these questions tricky.
  15. Dalinar's Shoulder

    Does no-one remember Dalinar glowing when he saved Elhokar from the Chasmfiend? He displayed strength beyond what Shardplate provides, and were still debating wether or not he's drawn in Stormlight?