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  1. The original Voidbringers were Ashyn refugees. They were Surgebinders and hey worshiped Odium. Now, we've seen in OB that the Fused are clearly wielding Surges and are being powered directly by Voidlight from Odium. It's not a stretch to imagine Odium did the sAme with humans
  2. @Factfinder dude, so many upvotes. You nailed it IMO. Ill be your Herald come confirmation.
  3. Shardbearers are above the law. You either execute them or let them go. And Kal was the defending Elhokar in the end.
  4. The Emisary to the Parshendi states explicitly to Venli: "your friends are dead and gone to the Beyond. Nothing and no-one can bring them back." That's pretty well drawing the line; the Fused displace whoever is in the body.
  5. I very much agree. I've been toying with the idea that Shallon or "maskShallon" as you say is something of split personality. This has been brewing in my head, ever since we learned Shallon had Patternblade as a child. The regression, without breaking oaths and killing Pattern, dosnt add up.
  6. Shallon is a special case. Oaths said, but repressed into the subconscious...it's almost schizophrenia. Shallon didn't really break her Truths, but at the same time the person walking around as "Shallon" dosnt know them. I've been toying with the idea that the Shallon we the readers know, is actually a split personality of "Little Shallon". Comments from Pattern "This isn't the lie, Shallon. Can't you tell?" And other things about the timeline when Shallon got Patternblade as a child arnt adding up. I havnt fleshed my theory out yet, waiting to re-read OB and dig into her chapters first.
  7. There's actually a note about insects some where in OB. I think it's Nazh who mentions that cremlings do indeed cover a broad spectrum of creatures in the eastern lands, insects are pretty much only known to scholars as a small variety of creatures in the eastern mountains near Shinovar. Which is interesting considering the implications of the first desolation.
  8. Well yes, in our world. Also IRL, Chickens are not green with a hooked beak and usually don't ride on people's shoulders. Almost all of Roshar is unused to most life we'd find common on Earth, hence the use of blanket terms: cremlings are insect, chickens for birds, and now possibly minks. It was actually part of my notes that minks were mentioned repeatedly in OB, but I can't find references in WoK or WoR. At least I didn't make any note of it. The trouble is we don't get any description of minks, just the locations where they were seen. Almost all of them are in small, enclosed spaces or high up somewhere; and while we know cats love those sorts of spaces there are many species of small mammals with the same behaviors. We should probably get a WoB on what "mink" means to an Alethi (not Rosharan, cause that would include Shin).
  9. I'm not sure Cap'n Kal is 100% accurate here, but I do see your point and it'll bear considering. We do however see instances of people performing great acts of strength with Stormlight. Dalinar uses brute force to stop a Chasmfiend in WoK. Kaladin breaks Shardplate with a spear. These are impressive acts of power. I Really wish Sigzil would do some math and figure how much Stormlight increases strength...
  10. Stormlight does increase strength. It does not grant skill. By the end of OB I'm pretty sure Rock has bonded a spren, which might eventually grant him a Shardblade. As we gathered from Rocks wife (can't remember her name), Rock is the eldest living child of his parents. By their customs he's now Nuatoma, and IMO is being set up by Brandon to unite the Horneaters, possibly clearing up the Perpendicularity on Shadesmar.
  11. No. Edit: I decided the laconic fell flat. Adonalasium Spren exist, but to our knowledge don't form Nahel-bonds.
  12. I had the impression from somewhere in one of the books: that Emul and Tukar are political opponents in every matter because of an extended war between the two over religious doctrine. Supports the idea that Tukar has had Tezim as a leader for some time.
  13. I gotta say that response was well thought out; and although I disagree, you've raised evidence against what I perceived happened. I'm of the opinion that Dalinar used Adhesion to repair the damage to the murals. We see during his trip to Azir how he Connects with the soldier to speak Azish. There's no reason to believe Tension was involved, so it had to be Adhesion or a resonance. I believe the Surge is called Adhesion and not Pressure for this reason. It utilizes Connectivity to influence the Surgebinders surroundings. Obviously in very different ways Windrunner vs. Bondsmiths. The mural cried out on a Cognitive level to Dalinar that it should be one Connected piece. The flaw you pointed out in my thought process however, every use of Adhesion so far has been temporary.. hmm. Ill. have to think more.
  14. I was hearing Iron Maiden
  15. There isn't enough tinfoil in the Cosmere....