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  1. Anyone considered red-shift being the cause of Taln's Scar? I mean, is there a WoB that clarifies Taln's Scar is red "supernaturaly" or is a simple mechanic of physics? And if so, is the cause of that red-shift Investiture related? What if a Shard is going AWOL with their (super/sub)-cluster of invested stars/Solar system?
  2. ....and gained the capacity to Breathe in Stormlight and gained it's ability to regenerate his missing arm.
  3. Sure, but the the main issue therein is that Allowmancy needs the "key" to tell whatever Investiture your using what form it's sopposed to take. I never TLR was burning Steel, only that it was in his stomach, using it to give the form for the Investiture he had to Tap. Am I misinterpreting something?
  4. Steel and Iron actually are some of the faster burning metals I believe you are thinking of Nicrosil Tapping, and we HAVE seen it on screen in Mistborn. TLR Taps his Nicrosil and augments his Steelpush to pummel poor Vin. However the actual mechanics of what he did hasn't been explained. Best guess, he had actual Steel in his stomach, and simply Pushedwhile Tapping
  5. Could you link me to this or explain? *an interested soul*
  6. As I understand it, the metals weren't necessarily stored in alcohol. Vials of metal have alcohol in them, but that's to wash it down, presumably because the cinnamon challenge is already to much for the average human constitution. However there's no reason to assume that the alcohol is added until just prior to a Mistborn's night of adventure. Therein lies a question for our chemists. It has already been pointed out that alcohol has a lower oxidation rate than water: would, say an 8 hour span(?), cause a sufficient amount of decay in the metals to produce a noticeable effect in the ions?
  7. By definition, that'll never be FTL
  8. Wax's case with the bullet was a matter of perception, Cognitively. A bullet, is a bullet. A gun is a gun. They are however made up of individual pieces. If we were to apply the same concept to Newcago; the Feruchemists perception of where he is storing it could affect exactly where that Charge is. If he sees himself as Filling Newcago, I can't see any reason that sage Charge couldn't be tapped anywhere.
  9. OP has me wondering if it's not a manipulation if the Metabolic processes. Increase in mental capacity, from a physical change/increase (no matter how small) implies a dump of something in the brain.
  10. Roshar itself was in the system, but 10gas giants, and 10 Heralds that go off planet regularly stinks of Investiture manipulation. Also Scadrial didn't exist at all prior to P&R showing up.
  11. Tin heightens all senses to a large degree. When Vin seeks out information from Spook in Mistborn, he says There's lots of sensations from Tin. People moving, cold fromn the stones, etc.. The main reason we hear about vision, is that it's the brain's fastest cognitive process. We rely on vision to make use of our motor functions 90% of the time. As such, we read about it a lot. To address the O.P. Tin can't grant what's not already there, as has been previously stated. Savants however appear to be able to circumvent these shortcomings.
  12. As I'm aware of it, Bavadin is the shareholder that Rayse has teamed up with in the past.
  13. I have to agree. We've seen magic from Sel, Nalthis, First of the Sun, etc... none if them have 16 as an important number. I believe this idea stems from Scadrial where many of us were introduced to the Cosmere; and seeing as the number 16 is obviously prevalent on Scadrial, upon learning there are 16 Shards of Adonalasim, the obvious conjecture is "16 is important in the Cosmere". Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case. 16 is probably only important to Preservation: his attempt to Preserve History perhaps?
  14. I really don't think anyone rating the Heralds for any reason is seriously taking Feruchemical steel and Feruchemical pewter Compounding as the end game it is. All this back and forth about Rioting and Soul Casting and Larkins is irrelevant. In the first second. In the first heartbeat. In the first instant of battle. Somebody dies. Immediately. TLR full bore Tapping his metals will end whomever he wishes fast as a thunderclap. This fight is over before any Herald begins to think about aggression. "Hey Gancho! What's the last thing to go through a Heralds mind? His nose!"
  15. Brass shavings don't take up much room, as we see in the Interlude. I admit that there might be since interference between magic systems if brass was ingested, but I really don't think there should be interference if it's on his person. We see Shallon Lightweaving whole disguises after all, and I see no reason the Yolish equivalent to be inferior. My point is brass is only a "key" to Scadrian magic, and there is no reason to not go into battle armed, if Hoid takes the time to tote a sword around (which we've never seen used) you can bet your spheres he's got metal for his magic, Allowmancy or otherwise.