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  1. Out of curiosity, is there a particular reason for the vote on Kidpen? I know most D1 votes don't have much in the way of a logical basis, but this one doesn't seem to fall under a poke vote either since Kidpen had just posted.
  2. This was not what Raven had expected of her first visit to Babylon Restored. It was supposed to be a new life, somewhere she wouldn't be recognized as the indiscriminate killer with a bad temper. It wasn't like she'd killed that many people before. She was only a minor epic, after all, without powers that killed people or even helped her be invincible. However, people had still annoyed her, and it was easier to get rid of them than try to get them to comply. Raven still didn't like people, but she no longer felt an overwhelming desire to snap their necks. Usually. Being stuck in a hotel was unfortunately wearing on her resolve to remain good. ----- That's assuming the Righteous Rulers have phasing abilities, which is a bit of a balance debate. It would be an incredibly useful ability to have as an elim team, but it might tip the scales in their direction quite a bit. On the other side, I realize being able to narrow down the suspects to a single room of people would be incredibly unfair to the elims. Hmm, thinking through it as I typed it out makes me think they probably have one person with phasing and possibly mind control or illusion.
  3. I'll join as Avi. Also, what is Ookla season?
  4. Sweet! So Raven is a recently-reformed minor epic with abilities to fly and conceal things in shadow.
  5. I'll sign up as Raven. This is post-Calamity, correct, so epics can be good again without trouble?
  6. It's okay! We both ended up winning in the end You were still right that Itiah (Spirit!Dashe) would have been much more dangerous. Having Karata converted was a pretty quick way to almost waste an elim conversion. It was just rather unfortunate BR was Aanden.
  7. Thanks Jaddeth and Domi for running the game! @Domi in the Dark, what would have happened if the invasion started? Good job to Devotary, who flew well under the radar for pretty much all of the game! Also, I find it ironic that you, as Galladon/Independent, PM'd me to say it would be suicide for spirits to pretend to be independents if they PM'd. Unfortunately, that made me trust you. Thanks for converting me though! I needed another chance at being an elim (though my record is still 100% death on first day as elim). Crimsn, congrats at surviving so long! I think the only reason I figured out you were Shaor is because it had been revealed in the dead doc.
  8. Secret History spoilers:
  9. Rena tried her best to ignore the hunger, which felt like it was eating away at her insides. There was something more important to be doing. Yes, more important than even food. The children. Rena was not her only name. Most knew her as Karata, the one who cared for the children. All she did was to help the children. Hunger gnawed at her constantly, but she knew it was worse for her children. She knew not all of them would understand why everything always hurt. She wanted to help them. Despite what everyone thought, despite their urging, Karata felt Lord Spirit might have a way out. A way to be free of their pains for once. She thought he might be able to help the children. So she followed him. Though he died, he’d shown her a new way of life that she intended to follow, even if it meant her own life would end soon. Everything she did was for them She did it for the children. Fifth, I blame you! I was going to attempt to talk my way out of this, but not being placed in a doc made that a whole lot more problematic. So, I admit it. I am Karata.
  10. My vote is going to be on Fifth. I was under the impression with the docs that he was Karata or Dashe. By Itiah's admission, it seems that is narrowed down to Karata. After his reveals yesterday, he would have been a good conversion target, since he apparently gained the trust of several different people with important roles.
  11. It seems most of the suspicion on me has to do with my voting patterns. I'm going to attempt to explain again why I've done what I've done. My vote on Steeldancer on D1 was simply to get a lynch discussion started. I do believe a lynch, even on a villager, on D1 can be helpful. I'm not saying it's ideal, but it can be helpful. Prior to my vote, there had only been one other vote the whole turn, that being Coop's vote on Joe. I chose Steel because he tends to be insightful and I didn't recall him posting anything major so far. I never felt the need to remove my vote because there was no real threat against him. At the time I logged off and went to sleep, there were several votes on Joe, making vote manipulation unlikely. I didn't think it would be as much of a problem as it apparently has been, since it's not the first time someone has left a poke-vote in place. As for my abstaining from last cycle, there was no need to start a lynch discussion as I had C1 since one was already going. My brain is not fully functional right now and hasn't been for a few days. I thought it best for me to stay out of it rather than mess things up with reasoning affected by cold medicine.
  12. Does anyone have a current vote count? I'd try to make one, but I'd inevitably be wrong. As of now, I'll probably abstain from voting. I don't have any strong hunches one way or the other (or at all really). ------------- Rena was starving. Hunger wasn't an unfamiliar sensation, even before she'd been unceremoniously thrown into Elantris, but starvation of this level was an entirely different beast. Instead of pangs she could ignore, it was a constant companion. Like a five-year-old that had just figured out how to ask philosophical questions, but every word was accompanied by a punch to the gut. She thought about the newcomers. She thought about their baskets. The baskets. Maybe she could risk it, just once, to get what was in one of those baskets.
  13. I didn't really feel the need to remove my vote. While I didn't exactly want a Steel lynch, there wasn't much of a threat of that happening while I was still awake. No one seemed keen on a lynch at all, unless you counted the votes on Joe. I went to sleep early (because I'm fighting a bad cold), and there were only really votes on Joe, plus mine and Mailliw's votes. After that is when most of the other votes started rolling in. There was also a bit of curiosity as a reason behind leaving the vote. Often letting eliminators use vote manipulation can reveal a bit about their plan and who is on their side. Since they didn't use it, and easily could have, I suspect they didn't particularly care to have a lynch during C1. As for why I didn't vote on people I found suspicious, I stated my reason for not voting on Mailliw already. That reasoning still stands. I also feel pushing for that kind of exchange might be too obvious for an eliminator, looking back on it. I didn't vote for those urging to not trade faction information because I would be among that list, and it does seem perfectly logical for the other gangs to not want that information out there so blatantly. My comment was more just personal musing rather than actual suspicion.
  14. You have to do it manually. [color'=blue] text [/color'], just without apostrophes. Replace blue with the color of your choice (green and red for voting).