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  1. Ela was tired. It was too late for her old bones, and the matter at hand was too complicated. She needed sleep, but the future of her people could be at stake. She may not like most of them, or really any of them, but they were still Terris. Besides, she'd like to stick it to the Lord Ruler before she laid down to sleep for the last time. To do that, she needed to convince her fellows to be smart. "Let's not kill another ally, shall we?" she said in her standard almost angry tone. "We need to be smart about this. These things of the Lord Ruler, curse him, are tricky. It's good I don't like any of you anyways, since any of you could be working for that foul creature that ruined my beautiful garden. I'd happily stab you myself if I knew who you were." ---- I'm not so sure announcing who we plan to kill would be a good option. For one, it's way too easy to lie and say you're going to put in a kill vote on person A, while you actually put in an order on person B. It also opens up the way for some really good distancing tactics for elims, considering there's no way to verify their choice. They could just say their action wasn't the one that went through. It's also important to carefully consider all of your action options. The roleblocking could be key in stopping elims from filling their metalminds and/or making actions. The protect will also be useful if you're confident the one you're protecting may be targeted, and they're also village. It's important we get a few villagers voting on that one so the elims can't get a guarantee each one will go to protect themselves. The double-fill is another one village should consider using to help prevent elim from stocking up on charges. As (rand, araris? can't remember) said, getting more charges on certain types would be more helpful than others. It is very unfortunate Coop was a copper ferring, and I can only hope we have at least one more or a full feruchemist to help make up for it. (And don't forget the other two action options, kill and PM)
  2. Itiah. I haven't developed any real suspicion yet, so this is almost purely based on other people's reasoning. It's also motivated by not wanting to lynch the new person on the first day for something that's pretty neutral.
  3. Yes, thanks! I'm thinking I need more sleep because I'm struggling this game with following details Anyways, Xino since they've posted.
  4. Era squinted up toward the red sun, and made a rude gesture toward it. Yes, she knew the way the sun used to be was often too bright, but the colors under the red sun were all wrong. The world was wrong. The people around her blabbed on about Spiked nonsense. Her dislike of pretty much anything came in handy this time, as she didn't like or trust really anyone. Era mostly distrusted those who hadn't even arrived. Like Ereheman Tresni. Who's to say they weren't off getting Spiked as these people rambled? @xinoehp512
  5. Sorry! I suppose I should read a little more closely. I thought you said only one action total in your initial post.
  6. From how I read the rules, several orders can go through in one night, with a restricted number on each one (1 kill, 2 roleblock, 3 protect). So it would be good for at least a few villagers to send in each kind of order, with the hope that it will help village and block elims from gaining the advantage.
  7. Not exactly. It would be a risk (and probably unlikely), but if it worked out right then the pewtermind could be full to four charges in two cycles rather than four cycles. They just wouldn't fill at all during the day.
  8. While I agree that's probably a good option, I also feel like that could be very bad in the case elims have say, a pewtermind. It would give them better chance at double-filling their strength, giving them more lives. In general, I think we should be cautious, yet determined when it comes to the night actions. Enough of village should put in actions (balanced hopefully) in an attempt to keep the eliminators from controlling them.
  9. Era scowled at nearly everyone she passed as she made her way to the Synod meeting place. The talk of spiked made her grumpy and turned her gut sour. She was too old for this... subterfuge. She looked at the young Irion talking with the new one... Tarin, was it? She gave them a particularly nasty look. She didn't trust anyone too happy or too new. The one peddling rugs near the.. steel squid? Where had that come from? Era grumbled about young folks and their odd art choices. Anyway, the one peddling rugs caught her eye. The rugs seemed decent quality, at least for the supposed Final Empire. Rugs in her day we're much better, softer, than anything she could find now. Curse the Lord Ruler.
  10. Era sat up, her bones creaking their protest. More joints cracked as she stood and attempted to stretch. Her whole body protested moving, like it knew she had lived past what was expected. She walked - no, hobbled - across the room to open the curtains. It was still dawn, and the mist was just beginning to burn away. Era missed the world before mist and ash. Before the tyranny of the Lord Ruler. The era when Terris was free and beautiful. Maybe she should just let herself die so she could be at peace. Surely death would be better than this new era of suppression and depression. But it was not yet time for this Era to pass. She had lived this long because of her fighting spirit, despite her body’s limitations. She would keep fighting until someone forced her into her grave or until her people were free once more.
  11. .... There was a previous one of these? I chose the name because it's the last three letters of Elandera. Guess I have some reading to do
  12. I'll join as well, this time as Era. Fifth, I'll do my best to RP whatever personality you can come up with for it! Edit: Also, I love the reference in the intro!
  13. Good game! Xino, Snipe, what prompted you guys to kill me when you did? I want to thank you for that, actually, because I otherwise would have gone inactive. I went camping in a spot I thought would have reception, but I don't. Congrats to the elims, and good try CadCom and Walin. It was really unfortunate we both died the night we finally found the handmaiden.
  14. We're down to 8 players, and we've only killed one elim. It's quite likely there are at least two Mordor members left, and at least two Gondor Spies. I agree with Walin, the poison has been most problematic for the companions.
  15. With those votes, it's now Rath (6), Walin (3). I'll be leaving my vote, as now we have a confirmed lynch as long as no one else switches. While I'm not sure how much I trust Walin, the claim is worth confirming. If Rath flips elim, it'll be the first real edge we've had all game.