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  1. I guess you'll have a rematch, then.
  2. Ok. I don't have time right now to come up with a character, but I will put one on here as soon as I do.
  3. Welcome to 17th Shard! It's too bad Archer posted here first, I wanted your Breath... you can have an upvote instead. Which books have you read of Brandon's?
  4. I'm fine with that.
  5. Nalizar looks around. Well, he thinks, it seems that everybody has left. He lashes himself in the direction he saw everyone else go.
  6. "Hello, Veil," Nalizar bowed. "I feel we shall be friends. I am a Windrunner, also of the Third Ideal, although I also have this sick Grandbow, as you can see here." He gestured to the huge bow strapped to his back. "I don't really know most of the people here yet, so I mostly stay quiet and wait for some combat or something."
  7. I'm new to this thread, but I can pretend that Fartomancers aren't cancers
  8. Totally
  9. Can I just use my Alleyverse character (it's on my profile's 'About Me' page), or do I need to create a separate one?
  10. Nalizar strode over and butted into the conversation. "I never even really knew him, except through the Ghostbloods, so... anyone mind telling me who you are and who I need to attack?"
  11. Thunderstruck by AC/DC OR Immigrants by Led Zeppelin
  12. What are everyone's thoughts so far?
  13. There is also 'Days (alight)' and 'Nights (afire)' from Emperor's Soul on Sel. Edit: I'm not sure why, but my computer has started double-posting whatever I put in... hopefully it stops soon, I do not mean to double post on purpose.
  14. I don't know if this would be possible. While Honor and Cultivation have been opposing Odium, that does not mean that their Intent would always do so. I feel like these Intents are right on the line of outright clashing, and it would be nearly, if not completely, impossible to achieve anything with the three Shards.
  15. I agree with Mraize. Down with the New Ghostbloods!